Where is RAM ?

Discussion in 'World 30' started by r2d3, Apr 13, 2011.

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  1. Note for Noobaxes Guess why I changed the font color for your name


    So LoEN recruit 3 players for strategic reasons, 3 players that ( in theory ) should have been able to help out in a war against BH, sadly a theory that was intrinsicly flawed in that 2 of the players were more interested in maintaining their vested interests with RAM Meh Mistakes happen.

    Phoenix recruit 3 players for their 40 pieces of Silver or whatever and it's not strategic, who you trying to kid?

    And on the basis that it would seem to be a raw nerve with you, I'll leave it at that
  2. cececole

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    Oct 28, 2008
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    So, what LOEN has left to is try and bait Paj but calling him out for "hugging"? Yup, that is some mighty strong fighting that is going to lead to your win and the end of W30...NOT.

    The general pattern of the game is: 1. You beat a tribe. 2. They admit defeat 3. You recruit a few of the top players.

    The only piece of this missing here is #2. RAM has not admitted defeat nor clicked disband. That the remaining active players don't admit defeat, doesn't make it any less a reality that RAM is done. RAM players can play on for months in their rebranded tribe but it won't change reality. Reality is RAM is not going to beat pnx and BH. Period. End of story.

    So, some RAM players have asked pnx and BH for invites. Shock! Gasp! Can it be? If they want to play to the end of W30, doesn't that seem like a much smarter strategy than renaming the sinking ship from Titanic...er, RAM ? Better to hop over to a better ship (if they accept you) than cling stubbornly to the sinking one?

    From my PoV--3 players is not hugging. Calling 3 players hugging is just trying to pick a fight with Pnx. But then there has always been this massive paranoid obsession in this forum about being called a 'hugger' so I see it as just the same old pnp song. Guess what? This is how TW works. The world starts with hundreds of tribes and over time tribes disappear, while their members quit or are lucky enough to be invited to a winning tribe. You are just worked up because recruiting 3 RAMMIES = surety that RAM is done and more loving nukes will be free to pound LOEN.
  3. noobaxes

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    No clue. Care to explain?
  4. cececole

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    You are the Sunshine of his life, of course :p
  5. If I have to waste time explaining why I put your name in yellow then I'm afraid there's no point in explaining it, ask yer dad or some wise sage who understands the nuance of insults, I suppose I could use a thicker font like yellow but again the nuance I'm afraid would be wasted
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  6. Who said I'm baiting Paj, I'm expressing an opinion, an opinion that Paj and Phoenix disagree with ( in Paj's unique style :lol: ), however whatever threats he says or carries out are unlikely to change my opinion, unlike Noob who changes his opinion faster than most people change their underwear, 3 hours and 6 minutes to save you checking :icon_rolleyes:
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    I will go get my popcorn now :lol:
  8. ravenj

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    Serious? It takes you that long to change your underwear?

    I'm impressed that you manage to get in any TW time at all if that's how long it takes you to change just one article of clothing.
    In fact, I am seeing your whole TW career in a new light, now.
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  9. SnafuMaster

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    Just a small note:

    Side 1:
    Players: Jonboy920
    Side 2:
    Tribes: =H==G=

    Timeframe: Last week

    Total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 30
    Side 2: 0
    Difference: 30

    Everyone in Phx is expected to contribute to the total # of warcaps. Or else Pajuno stands ready with his whip, and it's spanking time.
  10. inflrc

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    Sir, I am curious about something, is there someone else in this world that also thinks that recruiting 3 players is hugging?... or it is just you?
  11. noobaxes

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    I didn't change my position at all. You just didn't get the nuance of my original post.

    I will not participate in a hugging witch hunt that doesn't even make sense in the first place.

    Considering that Loen hasn't been much of a warring tribe by just hunting tribes that are already under attack, I suggest you clean up your own house before throwing your mud at others.

    It must be hard for you to realize that Loen is irrelevant in this world or you wouldn't make such a big fuss about nothing.
  12. H.U.L.K

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    Sir Mike is right.

    When other tribes recruit players they are huggers. Why should it be any different for Phoenx?
    You're blinded by your own arrogance.
    LoEN are just about the only tribe on this world that are not Hippocrates.

    Also, =H==G= are new. Say what you want about them, but from what I've seen they are in better hands now than they were back then.
    All tribes go through rough patches. But overcoming these obstacles is what makes the tribe stronger.

    Back to the point though - Phoenx call people huggers in one breath, then in another recruit players themselves?
    Don't give me that 'spoils of war' excuse. At the end of the day Phoenx still chose to RECRUIT them rather than FIGHT them.
    No matter what you say, that is HUGGING in its simplest form.

    All you ever hear about is Phoenx are this and Phoenx are that... If Phoenx are so good and RAM were so poor, how come RAM were Rank 1-2 in OD and Points respectively and it took them, what, 3 years to beat RAM?

    Hugging - Present participle of hug (Verb):
    1.) Squeeze (someone e.g. Bnkrmike) tightly in one's arms, typically to express affection.
    2.) Hold (something e.g. NBD) closely or tightly around or against part of one's body.
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  13. Didn't you Noob looks to me from those two posts that you did a 180 degree about turn, maybe Paj is employing Ceser Millan becuse you are one well trained puppy :)
  14. 50 Calibre

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    Arrogance is a common trait when on the internet. Were you not stricken by the same disease at one point?

    You proclaimed this same thing about RAM after you took over the hulk account. Now you are here defending LoEN. Are you trying to get an account there to?

    The name is new but the players who remain have been there. Wondering how you would know they are in better hands anyway. Have the leaders conferenced with you about their plans and view for the future?

    I did not see where anyone said that RAM was so poor. The statements have been that for the most part, RAM has been defeated.
    Now there are accusation of hugging to dominate points. This was something that RAM did on a regular basis for the past 2 years. They juggled players in and out of their so called allies in order to hold that number 1 spot. It was not done thru war and attrition.

    Many are also overlooking the fact that RAM was not defeated by just one tribe but by an alliance of tribes. Once the stats started pointing in favor of the BH/Phoenx alliance against RAM, that is when the leaders of RAM began to disappear. It is then that players on the defeated side are looked at and decisions are made to recruit or deny based on game play. All tribes have done this and all tribes will continue to do this on this world and all other worlds being played.
  15. rethae

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    hmmm, strange he can not be Paj's trained puppy since he is mine. Noob is BH and has been since he left RAM but I guess that missed your super powers of detection there.
  16. H.U.L.K

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    Aren't we all? :icon_razz:

    Not really...
    According to the sources of W30 I'm a noob that can't be trusted so why would any decent tribe give me an account? :icon_wink:

    This is just my attempt at making any half decent PnP.
    After being away for like 3 months I was expecting this forum to be empty.
    It sickened me to see I was right.

    It's saddening to see a lifeless PnP on W30.
    All I'm doing here is just trying to stir up some stuff to get some arguments going :icon_cool:
  17. noobaxes

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    Untrue, I'm still not a fan of Jonboy but why would I care who they recruit? It's their decision and I'm fine with it. It still doesn't make Phoenx a hugging tribe at all.

    No change of position at all.
  18. H.U.L.K

    H.U.L.K Guest

  19. Perhaps Paj has the whole BH/BH. family well trained. Paj the new dog whisperer or maybe the dog whisperer's Dad :)
  20. No you're not NOOB otherwise you wouldn't have mentioned it in the first place, go back in your playpen for now until Paj lets you out to play again. Maybe if you're a good lil' puppy you'll get extra dog bikkies and a tummy rub

    It's a tough life being the underdog NOOB but maybe if you do as yer told by Rethae as well you'll be allowed to go for a walk without your leash one day