wheres headlights?

d daddy

I know he is missed by many and some even are concerned for his well being after he dissapeared but i hear he is lurking...

In the words of one of your friends and image maker:

[05:00:23] xx: where are joo?
[05:00:27] d daddy/hax0r/Shusaku Chiba: :D
[05:00:41] xx: areb you still alive? :(
[05:01:38] xx: rock you like teh hurricane (rock)
[05:01:41] xx: "D
[05:01:54] xx: (music)
[05:03:05] xx: here i am (rock)
[05:03:06] xx: rock you laik teh candycane (rock)
This thread was made in the memory of heady and for any friends of his to pay one last respect :icon_razz: (also because i am drunk at 5am and talking to someone who had a part to play in his downfall lol)



Where is headlights! :mad:

Come back, joo can have a beer/vodka/martini (cause his name is martin ,INNIT! :D cause hax speakers teh english speak :O) with us :D


He's down in the corner feeling proud, he said AAA would die and guess what, they did! Just happens that the members are still alive... Proud of you for being right.


He has 'problems' posting because the mods did something to his posting