Where's RAM gone?


I logged in and saw that RAM had completly disappeared and that members of RAM are now in DRIFT and the formation of CAT due to the sudden disbanding. I know from CAT's profiles that they do not know yet why the tribe was disbanded and so on but does anyone have answers i am curious and this is a dramatic change in the world 30 rankings. Does anyone know whats going on and if so does anyone want to inform the rest of world 30?


That must be abit worrying for you, it's quite a shock to be honest seeing RAM just disappear from the rankings. Who disbanded the tribe or is that information not for the public? I understand if it isn't i just thought i'd ask.


Hmm good question... Maybe we should wait to see if the person that did it would like to stand up and explin to all of us? Or will more inner tribe workings of RAM leak out to the pnp before it is disclosed to the rest of the tribe?


My condolences guys....

Anyone knows I wanted to see the end of RAM, but certainly not like this. I hope you can get it sorted.


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This gets more interesting by the day if its not one thing its another Condolences those setting outside trying to figure out what happened an agree with bull hope you figure out what just happened an get it straightened out so we can get back to the war.

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That sucks..hope you don't invite the person who hit the disband :lol:

Damn all that work (ODA/ODD,and forums etc) gone, well goodluck with that maybe you should just be a dictator Karmax and don't give anyone else privileges :lol: :icon_rolleyes:


I smell BH split caused this.
R2d2 is to be blamed as someone said he made BH to split :)
Falowing this ideea RAM duke got drunk, under R2d2 hipnotic atacks he disbanded.

I predict BH and RAm will merge :)
ps. if Karma was the only duke and RAM looks like it was disbanded because all players left same second....
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I am sorry to see that someone hit the disband button on RAM.
Logging into TW and being tribeless is just not right.
Not to mention the loss of tribe history and culture in the forum.

I hope to see a fast rebuild which I am sure will happen.



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I was not expecting RAM to last till Xmas anyway, with all that turmoil that has been going on within your (former) ranks, but you failed my expectations. RAM did not even last till the end of November.

I wish you regroup and put together 1 or 2 good tribes for the rest of the world to enjoy playing. We have had alot of soap opera the past weeks...

As for keeping the name, well it is just bad marketing imo. THE remaining players, (might I remind you once more, that they are the one and only tribe BH is @ war with), kept both the name and their forums. Even worse case than RAM's imo - at least we have stats :icon_wink: .

It is a chance for ex-RAM to accept its defeat against all those who warred them (there is really nothing wrong with that - it is a freaking game!) and new tribe(s) to be reborn so the game continues. If you are too proud to do so, then I am sorry, but you simply cannot see the opportunity ahead...

To me, no matter the excuses you probably will come up with, you have just been defeated as the original RAM no longer exists, ever since your leadership hit the disband key. Period.

As for who did that, all players receive an igm when that happens, saying the who and when. Has this been changed? I think not.

Good Luck with your decision making process. Now it is a chance for you to make some better ones and provide a better gameplay :icon_cool:

robot out :xmas smile:


I am sad to see this happened.
I know RAM will get its players back together, but the loss of forums, tribal stats, etc. is a bloody pain.
Disbanding an enemy tribe is a cheap tactic. Disbanding your own tribe is lower yet, and shows complete disrespect for the effort your leaders put into this game. I may not always like what RAM's leaders do, but I know they work hard and they don't deserve this garbage.

Get back together soon, guys.


There was an igm concerning the disbandment. Its not the best feeling in the world to log on and see that message. As much as I like to talk / type on the tribal forums this has left me speechless. I logged in my account and checked the mail box, then reports. Neither were making sense, invitations to 2 tribes and messages asking what the hell was going on. I wish I knew the whole story behind this. Not 100% sure the whole truth will be known, but it really sucks that all the forums and conversations are gone. Now I got to start all over with my jokes and wise crack remarks. Some of the guys in the tribe probably glad to see some of my antics gone... We'll be back.

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RAM disbanded, RAM lost it's fights, the individuals involved may or may not get back together but RAM LOST ( OK on a technicality but it's still lost )


RAM disbanded, RAM lost it's fights, the individuals involved may or may not get back together but RAM LOST ( OK on a technicality but it's still lost )
Name, body, and stats mean nothing in the end. Via all technicallity you may believe what ever you wish. But you would be foolish, potentially delirious if you would believe that this means that this war is over.

Though our form may shift, and a new power rise from the ashes, we are never the less a world power. And thus, we will bring forth the full bear of our arsenal on whomever we choose.

Let's just say this is round 2 :)


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Nah, lets just say RAM lost and it's remmnants are looking for a rematch :)