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Hey world 6, as you all know the world is old and within the next year or so the world should be closing.
This isn't my orginal Idea, but I think it would be nice if the players of the world could make a profile sort of thing.

It's be something like the about us thread in OT

[1] [2]

Use this to discuss, post more 'descriptions'. Sooo, in this all you have to do is just write a paragraph about yourself. You can include pretty much whatever you want, make it as long as you want, it's up to you. I'm guessing the idea is to give any newcomers a chance to see who we really are, and perhaps it'll stop everyone so scared of coming here? Because we're nice really, aren't we? Now of course, this means you get to do whatever you please. But please, if we could keep up the good work with at least 5 of your self written sentences for a self-description rather than "It's me, what more needs said." Because quite honestly, if you're not going through the effort of writing something proper, then I'm not going through the effort of adding it. There is no set format, but there will probably (as said below here) be some examples to check out.

Now this will be the discussion thread where you can post your self description, or post notes for other posters. Examples will be in the thread that hold said self descriptions and notes. If you have any extra ideas for me, I respond to PM's pretty swiftly as long as I'm online.

When you post a description there, then I will add it to the Description thread. Which means that I will delete the post you have here so I know I've added it. If you have anything you want me to edit into it later on, you can post that in here too.

It'd be something a long the lines of that ^^^
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Account Name(s):
World 6 History:

Real name:
Favorite animal:
Favorite beer:
Favorite drink (non alcoholic):

Favorite music:
Favorite movie / series:
I could not live without:
I don't like:

Favorite quote:
You wouldn't need to follow this structure, and ofcourse everything is optional. you can icnlude what you want.
Also you can write sentences about others who have already posted a statement. like the one in OT.

Opinions please? this is not the actualt topics ofcourse. this is just the idea and peoples views on the matter. hopefully it will bring some life back to the world 6 forums for discussing the history or other players capabilities.

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Tripple post ftw. posting this in a different colour as this is a different Idea from the one above, though too simular to make it, it's own topic.
If enough people post there history, then if we could get a team of say about 5 to 10 players to make a thread with the history of world 6 would be great.
I'd do it, but my knowledge of the history isn't the best.


I would love to be part of this, but your talking about things that occured in a game 4 years ago in my case.

I might go back and re-read a few of the really old threads and see what I can remember. The was CHE!, GU, and STACHE fighting against the whole KoD Family. Then we had the HIRE wars. Lotsa fun stuff, but a lot of the details will have been forgotten Im afraid.


Err for the majority, you can just copy my mod intro miller :p

account names would be:
Marcus the Mad (starting), which ended due to RL reasons
I'm in Saradoc now, this since about june? I can't remember.
Tribe: Bam! the ones before I don't remember (as marcus)
My history is equally short, I don't remember what happened, I do know I met some nice guys here but don't ask me any further :(

I wish I could've been of more help milly :s


Account Name(s): Soul Breaker
Tribe(s): SPTS! ; SPAM ; BORED! ; ~Or.D~
World 6 History: bah, can't be bothered to write it all. Basically I've started in w6 after a very brief playing in w1, so I was a noob when I started here. Started growing big and was really enjoying the game, so I was invited to SPTS. Then it's always going up till I reached Duke position... made a lot of friends, played a few wars, some bigger than others until I was forced to quit due to lack of time, cause I was trying to graduate with good marks. So that's it.

Real name: Whose name?
Age: Mine? 23
Occupation: Study... going to do Master's degree now. Also looking for a job :p
Location: Portugal
Favorite animal: woman :p
Favorite beer: the one that's free!
Favorite drink (non alcoholic): Are there drinks without alcohol?
Hobbies: besides sex, drugs and rock n'roll? playing games, but that is obvious isn't it?

Favorite music: right now? War of the Gods by Amon Amarth
Favorite movie / series: there are many, can't post them all. Pretty much all the classics...
I could not live without: money to buy the rest of the things I need to live, including food and drinks
I don't like: miller D cause he always drags me back to post in these old times things about tw, even though I'm gone for almost 2 years now


Soul Breaker that quote from Zevahc is phenomenal. How is he doing?? or does anyone know.


Erm.. Just because you gave me free sex to do this miller.

Account Name(s): Demon Queen7
Tribe(s): ~Or.D~, ~KoH~,Drksin.
World 6 History: ............. i have something like this in my note pas just going to paste that here..

I started world 6 in K28 where i still am with my core village;) and all the village i have ever had:p
I got an invite to a tribe called ~FEAR~(There are only about 3-4 ~FEAR~ members left in world6), A player right next to me went Barb at 2,149 Points someone else had cleared the village, As i was a Noob i just thought once the village went barb the troops died.. So i just sent my noble with all my troops, The player that cleared and was nobleing the village was around 100k Points to my 3k points He did not have his noble well timed anyways my noble hit before his last one so i took the village and seen as i sent it with all my troops i managed to Defend the village.

Those few fear members and IMP-03 Members left in this world know what happened between the 2 tribes, Also you guys that were in NWO Will also know. I wont go into detail about it but a member who was quiting joined IMP-03 got duke privileges and Deleted the tribe. Lots of people around this time were changing from tribes IMP-03 and NWO.

I then joined ~KoH~ one of the best tribe i have been in(These guys a few of you might remember) A long story short KoH went to war with 7Sin, Former DrkSin, There was one player in this war that took a real beating but he is still here with us today larger and stronger, They took him down to about 3-4 Villages(fairithslon). We wared them for quite a while, But 7Sin was been threatened by Hire-E to become another family branch. But 7Sin did not want to become a branch of hire, So they joined the Order and became DrkSin.
DrkSin was just mainly inactive and players not willing to play the game as a team. After a long while the willing and active players joined The Order and ate SrkSin(SlasherZ. Saved me from been eaten:p)
When i joined The Order it was when every one was active and still playing I came over and i was like WOW! how much do these guys spam and act gay:D
I joined The Order with 263,381Points almost 2 years ago:D, Yess i have not grow allot since then:p
^^^Clearly very outdated.^^^
So i atleast know what happened after all this is n the forums..

Real name: Danny
Age: Mine? 18
Occupation: lazy cunt that does nothing
Location: sunny England
Favorite animal: most animals hate me so i hate them too.
Favorite beer: the one with the highest percentage
Favorite drink (non alcoholic): monster energy
Hobbies: Um these you mean my life ye? Games.. (wow,rs,tw,flash games,) .. youtube, drawing, gym, drinking.

Favorite music: Justin bieber.. idk hate me.
Favorite movie / series: DBZ? everything from 2009-2011 so far?
I could not live without: oxygen
I don't like: miller D, do i need a reason?


Soul Breaker that quote from Zevahc is phenomenal. How is he doing?? or does anyone know.

I've been completely away from here man, so don't ask me about no one :p

THe only people I still talk to are the 2 danielle girls around... miller and Dk (demon king)

others are just randomly in msn but propably no one you ever talked to :p


ok so I guess this ins't just the Idea thread anymore... more of the entry thread :D


a quote from miller him self and this is his world 6 story.

miller d on 11.09. at 18:28

and no, I belive we spammed. then you went inactive, then you came back and spammed. and tehn we had a few mails between each other. then we tried to trade a village and you decided to just always mail in this one.

so we became friends in the forum. but the village trade had an important part of it <3


if you wanted to add that quote I would wrote it a little better with less typo's :p


I would love to be part of this, but your talking about things that occured in a game 4 years ago in my case.

you were once apart of the mighty order of darkness.. so feel free to add your own section :)


Account Name(s): llanowar
Tribe(s): Or.D and R.I.P
World 6 History: I began W6 in K37 as a complete n00b. I bounced around in a few tribes before joining R.I.P. After I had been there a short time their duke jumped into a war with Or.D that I did not agree with and I left and had several members follow me out in protest of the leaders stupidity. I decided that if R.I.P's leadership didn't want to respect its members wishes then it didn't deserve to survive. I then entered into conversations with Taishice and Zevahc about joining Or.D. About that time I found these forums and began posting like a madman. We proceeded to wipe the floor with R.I.P and M.T.T along with several other tribes that had tried to gain a foothold in our K. We ran numerous ops on various people and I took special pleasure in watching R.I.P's duke burn.

M.T.T tried to put up a fight, but they just couldn't maintain a strong unified front and continue to fund their losses over the long term and Or.D eventually swarmed them under. We then began to take note of encroachment upon our areas from tribe closer to the core than use. We began putting contingency plans in place for various tribal assaults and at the time we believed the Hire family would be our next threat.

Sadly at about this time real life crept up on me and made it impossible to keep up my account and I allowed it to go inactive and eventually die off.

Real name: Mathew
Age: 25
Occupation: Accountant
Location: land of Idiots Out Wandering Around
Favorite animal:
Favorite beer: Don't drink beer
Favorite drink (non alcoholic): Depends on what liquor Im going to mix it with :lol:
Hobbies: TW, MtG, and old school gaming (early computer games, NES, SNES, and PS games.

Favorite music: Alternative Rock and Hard Rock
Favorite movie / series: Too many to have to choose one.
I could not live without: my Computer
I don't like: Scripts, Bots, and Co-players.

Favorite quote: Opportunity is lost due to a person aversion to a little sweat.


Account Name(s):silvereclipes,TS for those who know
Tribe(s):CHE,STACHE,Hunters,KOLD,Hire-S,RMA an ended it in DIE
World 6 History:started in CHE in K46 moved to STACHE when Bh left the first time lost account due to bad bad computer remade new account since I lost all those pretty nobles due to barbing out made silvereclipes ended up in k8 joined up with the Hunters then merged with them into KOLD had a falling out with them an went rouge when CHE moved to KOD an KOLD joined HIRE-S during our war with Master109 an his Msquad then we fought SIN till OrD jumped in an caught us napping on their front joined RMA an broke away to form DIE an started the fight back up with SIN again till SIN disbanded then hit Delete since I was bored an pajuno wanted me on W30.

Real name:eek:nly god needs to know that
Occupation:ex soldier
Favorite animal:pit Viper
Favorite beer: anything that will get me drunk fast.
Favorite drink (non alcoholic):red bull
Hobbies: hunting an fighting on fantasy worlds.

Favorite music: anything with a heart beat
I could not live without: beer an smokes
Favorite quote:live fast die young an leave a good looking corpse
Picture:my avatar


As you asked miller :icon_wink:[SPOIL]Real name: Roel
Gender: Male
Age: 20 (and a half at this time?)
Tribalwars job: Ingame moderator for W36, W38, W50, W51, W54 and W58
Location: Lichtervelde, Flanders, Belgium
Favourite animal: Do catgirls count? Else: Husky (iz dog) :)
Favourite beer: Belgium (specifically: Rochefort, Carlsberg, Jupiler, Duvel, Leffe, Cuvée des Trolls, Gulden Draak...)
Favourite drink (non alcoholic): Does beer count? otherwise: plain water.
Hobbies: Playing Trumpet, Drawing/reading manga (I suck at drawing), Anime, going out to the pub with mates (to drink)
Favourite music: quite an array, from Mnozil Brass till Vocaloid over Black Sabbath
Favourite movie: Not really watching a lot of movies, I guess LoTR is good...
I could not live without: Heart, kidneys, liver, lungs... thats about all you need right? Laptop is neat, trumpet, beer, having a good time?
I don't like: Things that bore me, if you can make it fun/interesting I'll like it :) oh, but I hate facebook (but have it due to peer pressure :icon_evil:).
Favourite quotes:
Thomas Alva Edison said:
“All Bibles are man-made”
“I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work”
“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
What I do outside of Tribalwars: Study biomedical laboratory techniques, which is basically look at 'unsavory' stuff the human body produces :icon_cool:
Where can you find me: Submit a ticket in worlds I mod, otherwise I'm lurking OT and the bèta servers.
Picture: According to the OT I look something like this


Account Name(s): bloodylady, never had alternatives.
Tribe(s): Errrm NFR (part of the Robot family), TH, TWW, TDH, RDDR, FAF, 1-C, DEATH, BDR-2, and lastly TNAA xD ... yup tribe hopper right here :icon_eek:
World 6 History: Oh thank god for posting my w6 story 3 years ago. I'll just copy/paste it here since i srsly can't remember all after such a long time.
[spoil]Bloodyladys w6 biography
The beginning of september,bloody was checking hi5 when she saw a link....curiosity and boredom got the better of her and she clicked the linky:D
The Tribal Wars site appeared before her...she though,what the heck let's give it a try and created an account on world 6.What she didn't know was that she will enter in a whole different and quite addicting world.
She had no idea how this game should be played,but that never stopped her from trying.First tribe she went was Nefer or NFR,a part of the ROBOT family i think.Memories of that tribe are little...i remember i didn't talk to much on forums because i had mostly nothing to say.One day i was checking people profiles and i saw durigutai spoke with him and we became friends.A while after that a player ALA5KA attacked methanks to my 'charm' i made him a friend too.....soon after Roller78 Return attacked me,but after speaking with him he became my friend too.Anyway i was a total n00b in playing the game xD.After 2 months i have joined The Hornets where i met cewmommy and she had quite an impact over my "life" in the game and outside of it.Eventually TH merged into TWW(Jungle of War) but the merge was not successful because they started a war against TS and some members didn't agreed with it.TH was once again made,but didn't had the power that it used to.In the end we became The Dragoonic Hornets,an academy tribe for RDDR.That did not last long and we merged in RDDR.I made a lot of friends there but most memorable of them all are zagazorath,cewmommy and glowinggreen.After 2 months of spending in RDDR duriguta got me a place in FAF(The Freedom Fighters Academy).About this time ALA5KA and Roller78 Return had left the world.One day i sent a message to ALA5KA but somebody else replied to me saying that ala5ka is in vacation and that he is sitting him,and this is how i've met SnafuMaster.A while after that ALA5KA gave his villages to SnafuMaster.Roller78 Return just went barbarian,i still dunno why lol.A month after i had joined FAF it disbanded because of a war against who i don't remember, a great part of the members followed ef-es into 1-C.After some time i decided to quit tw and gave ef-es to sit my account and noble my villages.After a week i received an inactivity mail and curiosity got the better of me.I saw that ef-es destroyed most of my troops,nobled just 1 village from me and now she was gone inactive.I was the first to noble ef-es villas lol.After that i asked Snafu to become my mentor....i still remember the length of some mails he sent me:-s.After 3 days of my come back i was invited in F-F.A month after that Death was created and i joined it.After 16 days i have left Death because of their war against RDDR and joined BDR-2.I spent 3 months in that tribe lol.Anyway BDR-2 planned a war against RDDR,i was excited because i was bored nobling inactives.When the war came i was happy,even if we had spies in the tribe....then duriguta said to not attack masker-.-',and i was kinda left out....just taking attacks from STTS2 and WB1066.BDR-2 eventually disbanded due to inactivity,but that happened after me,aicis III and Fruitbeer left the tribe.
Me and ace joined RDDR and then left and created TNAA(The Naked Asses Association) with the help of Fruitbeer.OMFG to the sh!t that is written in those forums xD.[/spoil]
And i quit soon after that because i was having way much fun on w15, and i couldn't handle several accounts at a time.

Real name: Teo
Age: currently 19
Occupation: University student
Location: Romania
Favorite animal: Cat
Favorite beer: Becks
Favorite drink (non alcoholic): Green apple
Favorite drink (alcoholic): White russian
Hobbies: Sketching, anime, manga, reading, playing games.

Favorite music: Rock music
Favorite movie / series: Errm Hellsing, Noein, Carnivale, How i met your mother, Spartacus: blood and sand for series and a looooot of movies lol
I could not live without: Internet, money, green tea.
I don't like: Heights, wasps, people.

Favorite quote: You live by the sword, you die by the sword.


Account Name(s):teguh123
Tribe(s): I forget the first one. Then somebody taranis or something invited me to a big tribe AOC. Then I join another small tribe. Then I join RMC. THen I moved to HIRE. Hire defeated ORD. THen the tribe merged. After a long war with BAM, where my tribe is actually losing despite bigger size, Horica quite BAM and we merge into BEST.
Real name:Teguh Budimulia. Email me at teguh at teguhbudimulia.com
Occupation:Internet Marketer
Favorite animal:Cat
Favorite beer: Don't like beer. I like wine.
Favorite drink (non alcoholic): Hmm... Happy soda milk
Hobbies: MMORPG businesses
Favorite music: Japanese music
I could not live without: computer
Favorite quote: Knows the truth, the truth will set you free - Jesus
Picture: Teguh