Who do I think I am?

The Gammy 1

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Calling a noob because he is noob :icon_cry: ...
And what you are after declaring that you were noob before a week?
You are Pro, Elite or ?

Probably, IF, Visibly :icon_confused:
There have many variation - since you are not "noob" anymore !!! Right ?
But there still had a chance to make some things more "visibly" and prevent these variation since you are fast learner !!!

P.S. And yeah I'm Idiot ... Sometimes is easy to talk about others but usually the coin had 2 sides - it's true maybe?!?!
I understood 'the' and 'noob' in your post, everything else is a bit fuzzy.

Yes I am a noob, so?

You can look at troop counts/damage/percentages and of the like all you want, I couldn't care less. I'll just throw more nukes at it and be done with it.

Any stack that is less than 100k/100k. it is beneficial to send wall busters first. Anything over that, when HC start to get involved, it is slihtly more efficient to send regular nukes with more total axe/lc first, but not by much.

In either case, the luck factor will play the biggest role, so percentages and such, or charts that tell you how many rams will do this and that are essentially meaningless. You get -24.9% luck on several of your attacks and you can count on having to add another 1-3 nukes per every nuke that hit with that luck...conversely, if you have several attacks that have 24.9% luck on them, or anything above 10% really, you can count on not having needed as many nukes as planned.

So for me, people who do those types of calculations, have low point villages to utilize an extra 400-500 farm space, etc., are wasting their time. The luck factor pwns all of that crap, and because of that, I choose to not waste time on figures and statistics. I would just rather either have to send a few extra nukes because of luck, or get back a few extra nukes because of the same.

Same principle with folks who build 2 month long 15,000 axe nukes. Complete waste of time.


Its been more than 6month since I quit this game
the gammy I know is the SASQUATCH guy...

The Gammy 1

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Its been more than 6month since I quit this game
the gammy I know is the SASQUATCH guy...
I take it that's a good thing?

Sasquatch is legendary, mystical, powerful, stinky, hairy and in all the movies he's been in, he has been bad ass.