Who is gonna win? CHE!!! EGGS!!! VOID!!! versus DI & SL :)

The Roman Empire

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You are dead, I am still alive and killing nukes lol.
Go cry at your corner point whore :)))
Ask DI, who is badass in killing nukes??
You always envy me because I was first in k44.
You just gossip from others back. haha.

Ah yes killing nukes with your amazing hcav stacks, keep at it!
Perhaps next world you could try to support your tribe so everyone has a better chance to win, just a thought. I mean, you're at 1.2 million supporter LOL.

And sorry, envy you? I never claim to be the best player, not even a good one. But at least I know how to operate in a team xD Nothing to envy here mate.

Sinful Angel

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Maxut that is the most ridiculous thing I have heard all world. I don't know anyone in DI that would say The Roman Empire did not give a fight. For most of the Void/CHE v DI war, TRE was the fight.

The fight ended the day that TRE quit. Maxut was never even in the equation.


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Yeah even CHE knew it was over once TRE quit, like come on.( And btw maxut your nukes had no catapults back when, so we just knew we could dodge everything and not get hurt one bit. Was pretty helpful actually)


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As far as I remember I was stacking others and I kept my stacks until they die or remove them before I killed almost 200 nukes from your BOSS. Also remember my sweet nukes hiting your villages at the early stage?? So, I did my part of the GAME.

Players like the Roman Empire, run away and deleted their accounts without even giving a fight and now trying to cover their coward actions by blaming others here.

Anyway, this World is over, have fun all and see you maybe in other Worlds.

I mean, have to admit that you were a great help, just not to CHE. Next time when they ask you to nuke villages, send fakes too. Not send 3 nukes (1/1)'s to vills that are targets 100 hours out. You literally crippled CHE's op's by being bad- and lazy. You also didn't use cats in your nukes so you gave away targets AND were 0 threat yourself. Check yourself cause you were useless.

TRE was the wall that saved CHE for longer than he should have been. CHE just didn't deliver the needed (pro)-activity


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Congratz to all yoyo members for fighting until the end. Also special thanks to CHE (GW) and VOID. Also congratz to DI, SL and FNV for winning the World 115. See you in next worlds :)