Who is ming?


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So, who is ming? are you ming? am i ming? Is he ming? We want answers :eek:

xWiz Mar 29, 23:23
Hello mate how are you doing? Is your tribe playing this world serious or just taking it day by day ?

.Marmite Mar 29, 23:25
Serious, unfortunately I was away with no signal and had to be sat for 4 days. But now we're back in

xWiz Mar 29, 23:25
Is your tribe open for diplomacy discussion?

.Marmite Mar 29, 23:26
Not a lot of reason for diplomacy this early.

xWiz Mar 29, 23:28
Okay I will check back on you in a couple of weeks of that’s okay with you .

.Marmite Mar 29, 23:30
Or we can talk about you bringing your best here.

xWiz Mar 29, 23:31
Literally this whole tribe is active that’s worried because that’s why I want the diplomacy relationship. I believe we can secure the southern area of this continent if both our tribes work together..

.Marmite Mar 29, 23:32
If you bring your best here, we will secure the south in the same tribe.

xWiz Mar 29, 23:34
It’s just not that simple. Could we possibly go over something’s and maybe come to some agreements ?

.Marmite Mar 29, 23:35
Est. is not doing diplomacy with any tribe.

xWiz Mar 29, 23:37

xWiz Mar 29, 23:37
My tribe has experience we are here for the long haul let me know if you decide to change your mind .

xWiz Mar 29, 23:39
Are you Ming ?

.Marmite Mar 29, 23:39
were you in spam yourself?

xWiz Mar 29, 23:40
We are a pre made we all played together before on other worlds

xWiz Mar 29, 23:41

.Marmite Mar 29, 23:42
i didnt ask that, were you in spam on w60

xWiz Mar 29, 23:43
I guess the pp exchange got your head big

xWiz Mar 29, 23:43
Not wasting my time with you no more

.Marmite Mar 29, 23:45
no because you quote your tribe mates past world like you did any of that hard work, unlike you, i was also in w60 spam. first under deemsterland and later hells toy master.

If you need to quote other members stats and not your own to try entice someone then it just shows even you know your play level is...

xWiz Mar 29, 23:46
Okay Bruce Jenner

.Marmite Mar 29, 23:48
Cheers boring.

xWiz Mar 29, 23:49
bruce jenner

.Marmite Mar 29, 23:50
Enjoy your evening.

xWiz Mar 29, 23:51
You too have a great weekend

.Marmite Mar 29, 23:52
Thank you for directing me to your players with experience too!

xWiz Mar 29, 23:54
My players would never join you. They are loyal. You don’t know what your doing. Your whole tribalwars career has been trash your tribe has no winners and is full of players who buy points lol

xWiz Mar 29, 23:58
Tribe Score Date
311 .Marmite Est. 12.904 24.03.2019

xWiz Mar 29, 23:59
My score today: 26.400
That's a new personal best! (Leaderboard will be updated at the end of the day)

xWiz Mar 29, 23:59
Your not better than me at this game or a better leader. Y

.Marmite Mar 30, 00:00
Ignorance is bliss for sure, I'm glad you still play the game. It's always nice to

see trash talkers ruin their own accounts without even being hit.

I'll be kicking it with a beer watching, take care of yourself. Stay classy ;)


xWiz Mar 30, 00:02
Why am I farming better than you? You have 1700 points. I have more troops than you already

xWiz Mar 30, 00:02
Your nothing but a pp exchange pay to win. You have no skills

xWiz Mar 30, 00:02
Shut up.

.Marmite Mar 30, 00:02
you obviously didn't read my first reply to you zzzzzzzz

xWiz Mar 30, 00:03
didn’t you get rimmed and ran to us sever and than go rimmed there lol

xWiz Mar 30, 00:03
I remember you your Ming

.Marmite Mar 30, 00:05
okay, if you insist im ming you must be right :joy:

ah, I don't even need to find anything on the comedy section of netflix now. You're making my night.

xWiz Mar 30, 00:07
You are lol you changed your name because players hate you so much here lol . Your the worst tribalwars player. Your the worse your a backstabber a tribe hopper lol. I saw you get rimmed so many times I’m glad I just found that out lol .

xWiz Mar 30, 00:08
I remember on the us sever you begged to get in my tribe lol you stabbed your whole tribes back for me

xWiz Mar 30, 00:08
I know you Ming

.Marmite Mar 30, 00:08

If you want to come back to planet earth, message keith and ask him when did greg/marmite co-play him.

But, if you say im ming. Then you are obviously correct. You are a way better player after all. How would i know who i am :confounded:

xWiz Mar 30, 00:10
Lol I don’t believe anything you say you had the nerve to say bring my best to your tribe we would never merge with any tribe let alone your tribe lol

.Marmite Mar 30, 00:11
I need whatever you smoke, damn this is forum worthy.

xWiz Mar 30, 00:12
I don’t smoke anything .. you just admitted to doing drugs crack head

.Marmite Mar 30, 00:13
I need to get to the toilet, you're too damn funny for a friday evening.