Who killed RAM?

Discussion in 'World 30' started by SOLDIER 1st Class, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. ChamichA

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    May 3, 2009
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    well said Cal. Smurks Owned :lol:

    I have heard that RAM is yelling for support to BH :icon_biggrin:
  2. Cy-Pres

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    I can merely post a classic piece of literature as my only comment on Smurks, after all his words, deleting.


    Hide it behind a spoiler so sensitive eyes won't be harmed.

    So, please don't click if you get easily offended!

    "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow,
    Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
    To the last syllable of recorded time,
    And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
    The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
    Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
    And then is heard no more: it is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing."

    -Macbeth, Act V, Scene V.

    I'll admit that I interpret some of the words in that passage as having numerous meanings. :icon_cool:
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  3. silvereclipes

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    May 17, 2008
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    Sure just go ahead an quote the bard Cy his wording is good as any others.

    And have to agree with Cham,Cal pretty well put if you can't hang on the front line then don't be on one an eat your merrier way to the back lines to give support an nukes when called for them if you can't handle the pressure of incomings coming at you every hour on the hour none stop for weeks then leave that area an eat behind the lines.
  4. r2d3

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    Sep 12, 2009
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    Nice post cy. Thank you for adding up to my knowledge databanks. A proof to anyone why pnp should exist and people post. We are not all as highly quality posters like cy, but it is not that important. As long as we are allowed to post. Right?

    The BH-RAM "alliance":Thank you 0.50'' for admitting of its existence - even by denying it to be one. At least that was the expectations by the RAM side. Too bad they never understood what it was all about. Their role playing as BH's meatshields. They fit it just right. BH did the right thing allowing them to be such. At least that is how I see it.

    As for smurks - SFC, it was their decision making. Not anyone else's. Maybe they had their expectations from BH, which you never fulfilled. Idk.

    * I had written another post, but I deleted it myself as I was giving some tactical advise to BH about their kitchen strategy. And that did not look good :p
  5. amr1984

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    You know how to make cookie r2?
    Is ur wife using you more at making cookies than for other things?
  6. r2d3

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    Sep 12, 2009
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    a proof why pnp should not exist :p
  7. 50 Calibre

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    I do not believe that I have ever denied that we had an agreement with them. The only thing I have denied and repeatedly try to clear up is the type of agreement. Everyone knew we had a NAP with them but many tried to make it more then what is was. We chose to quit firing on them if they quit firing on us. A true definition of a NAP. That way both of us could then fire on Phoenx. That was all that was spoken with them, clear and cut.

    Had we continued to fight HG, while engaging with Phoenx, then their downfall would have been even quicker. Since we did not have to fight them, it gave us better position to fight phoenx. Yes they still had a couple players who are not bad but there are others who as in all tribes just linger doing nothing. There are some as in all tribes who after years of playing still do not understand the concept of this type of war game and what is needed to play it. Nothing against them as it is just a game and one we should have fun, win or lose.

    The term meat shields I guess if you want to use, you can for your posts or interpretation of the events. In reality though a meat shield is used to keep the fight away from another party. Since we cannot make phoenx attack anyone then this term is not relevant. HG also does not block Phoenx's path to our borders. We did not sit back while HG and Phoenx were fighting and have been fighting Phoenx since day 1 of our war.

    ram/hg days were over long before this war even started, now all that remains is the main attraction of BH/BH. versus Phloen
  8. r2d3

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    Sep 12, 2009
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    Very lound and clear post. I will leave others to comment on this in more detail. As for the term meatshields I used, I see that Phoenx effort (add also the 2 mega accounts that are not taking part in any anti-BH op), is fully focused on that front, were more than 4 players of BH were "caught" supporting HG/RAM (echao is just one of them) and vice versa these past month. This alone promotes the diplomacy to "allies" de facto. Please spare me the "friendship" excuse. Too many cases reported through Phoenx report fwding.
  9. 50 Calibre

    50 Calibre Guest

    You are correct, there have been a couple players who took it upon themselves to try and help even more then just our advice. That number is small and at no time was there ever any order from BH leadership to send support nor not to send support. Just as there was support sent form phoenx to loen when you were still in BH remember?? Did that constitute phoenx and loen having a full scale alliance. According to paj, it was just a couple players who felt friendly, just a NAP and nothing more.

    I can guarantee you though that those who tried to help HG with troops were a small minority and you nor anyone else can or will find any large scale defense of any HG account or villages. If there was, then HG would not be prancing about yelling about how we left them to die. A story that somehow irritates me cause of what I know and what they agreed to.:icon_neutral:
  10. missingmatt

    missingmatt Guest

    Do you consider BH requesting HG nukes the same type of agreement?

    To me that much more appears, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" rather than just a standard, "you don't shoot me I don't shoot you."

    I maybe perhaps be wrong in that though? Nuke requests may not be entirely significant?

  11. amr1984

    amr1984 Guest

    Who asked HG for their nukes?
    If is something BH has its the nukes :)
  12. missingmatt

    missingmatt Guest

    I don't believe in posting IGM's, however I find it humoring, BECAUSE I read them.:icon_cool:

    Believe it or not!

    However even if it is not believed, the idea still stands?

    Is that going above a "standard" NAP idea?

    It can be denied either way (though it is true), but if denied..Is the idea still correct?
  13. Kanipuppeli

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    Jun 24, 2010
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    So you can request HG nukes and help with ops, but they can't request support when they absolutely need it?

    And I find it very funny that you all in BH feel the need to give advise. Maybe you guys need to take advise from HG, LOEN, and PHNX for advise. They dominate the OD top ten. I don't care how many top 20 spots you hold. OD speaks loads more than points. Especially hen you have 1.2 BILLION OD.
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  14. amr1984

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    [spoil] [​IMG][/spoil] :)

    u gave urself the answer :)
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  15. 50 Calibre

    50 Calibre Guest

    Sorry we have never told them where to send there nukes. Our fronts and there fronts are 2 different entities and would have served no purpose. Truth be known even further is the fact that those left in HG did not have much left to work with anyway. Everyone should remember that before this war between BH and phoenx started, HG/RAM was being hammered by BH and phoenx. They were decimated and never fully recovered. So try to spin it anyway you want, I have explained it and that is that.

    So you find it funny that we would give advice, why is that??? I find it funny that you refer to stats that compile the whole server, not just the war between BH and Phoenx. ODA is a funny stat that can be bloated with barbs and inactive accounts. So using stats from the entire server does not justify nor give full account to what is happening in the war between BH and phoenx. I wil give you a run down though since you are trying to skewer something here.....

    BH/BH. ODA versus Phoenx......448 million plus

    Phoenx ODA versus BH/BH.......250 million plus

    As you see we have been fighting Phoenx and killing their troops as any tribe would want to do in a war. We did not give advice to HG to try and appear better or make them look unintelligent, like you have made yourself out to be. If you fully understood one of my post, then you would have noticed that HG and certain members of that group wanted every single village along a front to be supported with 10 or more defensive villages. Maybe that is your strategy to???? So advice was given on an easier way to defend their clusters. I do not see anything wrong with that and nor do I see it trying to belittle them like you are trying to spin this. They chose to complain instead of even trying.

    I know this is the PnP and its purpose is to send up smoke and bells but at this stage of the game, what purpose is there left? Everyone still around knows what is true and what is not. No matter how it is spun or turned we all know. So maybe let's finish the world and just be honest about it. At least then maybe we can put some fun back in to it, instead of all this he said she said crap. So the truth out there now is plain and simple......

    It is BH/BH. versus Phloen for the title, period.
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  16. missingmatt

    missingmatt Guest

    In the words that hold much less weight than my own (R2's), "nice try".

    One post I can not directly quote but: "Really? You took something that SFC said in a joking way as serious? Paj youll do anything to state that your the best, wont you?" http://forum.tribalwars.net/showthread.php?p=6504152#post6504152

    This fellow is NO fan of Phoenx, he has shown to be an HG advocate throughout the war. I do not see him denying my accusations of material I have read (or the likelihood) . Now the difference is, just as you, I don't believe either of you have a current account on this world. Therefore, any information you get is from PnP, or from a friend. Now, rather than YOU thinking you can doubt what nobody has even denied yet. (Edit: Because Cal deny, awaiting mail reply)

    I will happily wait to see SFC/Smurks deny that BH requested them to send nukes (in ops), because it will be a flat-out lie. However, so far once more, nobody is denying my claim. I asked my claim as a question, rather than condemning the action (why wouldn't BH do so?).

    If I must support myself if it is called into question through sheer overall denial, I will do so.

    Your insignificant Amateur-mediocre-reject self holds nothing above me at this time..

    Edit: In my original post I asked even if my I was incorrect, would the idea still be fitting the parameters of a NAP

    IF you're insisting on those values, then you should be knowledgeable of where/who your players requested nukes from.

    The answer would be BH requesting HG nukes on BNKR, are you directly denying this, and insisting I must dig up a mail send it to you via private message?

    I am up for honesty, are you?
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  17. 50 Calibre

    50 Calibre Guest

    I don't need to hide on PM in order to answer that question for you and I read your pm to me and saw the same message that was posted in the shared forum with HG. You see that is how facts get turned into fiction around here. someone post something and then someone like you tries to spin it in order to try and create a story that does not exist. The story that you all are still attempting to exploit is whether we had a bigger alliance with HG then a NAP as it has been reported. The answer is no, again.

    The message you sent me originated with HG asking where would be best place to hit. The hottest zone right now is K-55. So that is what they were told. If they launched, would it had helped us?? not really. Would it had helped them?? not really. Did we coordinate on times and villages to hit??, no.

    So yes once again I will deny that we had anything larger then a NAP with HG. I can also say that if members of HG and even smurks himself will come here and be as honest, they will concur that there was not any coordinated operations involving BH and HG against phoenx or loen.

    One other thing to point out to you as you hunt for this elusive alliance you so much want to prove. If BH had a larger agreement with HG, our group would have most certainly supported HG members with some defense in greater mass. Even Paj himself knows that once we commit to something we hold the line and do what we can. We supported Paj and a couple other phoenx players when we entered the ram war. Why did we do this?? Because we had a full alliance and it was something that was discussed prior to our entering. As many have said before including me, nothing else matters anymore. The war is on versus BH and phloen...The winner will most likely be the winner of the world and good luck to both sides.
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  18. missingmatt

    missingmatt Guest

    I don't like referring to IGM's publicly, hence the pnp mail, and where it sourced from directly, that topic was in mailed by that player not posted in shared. Mailed to multiple players none the less.

    I am not trying to exploit anything...You're saying it was strictly NAP, I don't hit you, you don't hit me.

    I am saying there were request from both sides, obviously HG asked for BH rescue.

    It is shocking that you can't conceive of that player instructing those HG players to join in on that BH op, which, lit your target up quite well.

    This is not an accusation of an alliance, it is an accusation and questioning to YOUR definition of a NAP.

    Telling who to hit which target, buildings, areas etc, is a lot more than.."You guys should hit this K because there is a lot of activity."

    I could not care less if you did have this facade idea of a BH/HG alliance, in either case I could understand if you did and understand if you didn't. But to say nukes were not requested, I am a skeptic after seeing it.

    Edit: Would you also deny BH players asking to noble HG villages in order to get closer jumps into Phoenx nobling range? Another ploy I observed, and I think someone brought this awhile back and the reply was, "cross nobling 95 times" or something similar.

    I would not go that far of 95 villages, but, the request were there and the speculation of the jumps did seem to happen

    Which is another agreeable ploy that underwent, or didn't?

    Once more...This elusive alliance is indifferent, to the reality of the war that HG were mere meatshields as a NAP in either case. I am not understanding the significance of OTHER people accusing this alliance to have taken place. I am saying your definition of NAP is skewed by occurrences that happened during it.

    I wish luck to both sides as well, as I am in definitive agreement that this will be a decisive war for the ending of this world.
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  19. t33chr

    t33chr Guest

    On a small scale yes, although HG attacks weren't to the same extent as that of BH. There certainly was coordination with launch times to over 7 different continents on my account last week.

    Other former HG members even tried other 'tactics' to get me to quit the game. While I am still here, it has had a negative impact on my ability to defend my hot zones. However, unlike others I will not run away just yet...
  20. 50 Calibre

    50 Calibre Guest

    So once again what does any of this matter or even what does it do to what is on the table?? HG is not a factor in this war and right now all that remains is BH/BH. versus Phloen. There is nothing else but this right now. Your fascination with trying to prove this or trying to prove that will not change the fact that BH/BH. and phloen are at war. Dig your stories but at least bring something to the table that will make an interesting read and is relevant to what is actually happening. The sides to the war are there and everyone has seen them. BH made a strategi move by offering HG peace while we turned our attention to the player who was beating war drums against us. Paj himself tried to unite HG against us and unify the south, is that hugging?? Not in my eyes and was a good try of gaining as many villages against us. Was it hugging for us to make peace with them?? No It was us gaining as many villages against them as we could. So spin what you want as this matter is closed in my eyes and needs no further explanation.