Who killed RAM?


Side 1:
Tribes: Phoenx
Side 2:
Tribes: BH, BH.

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1,140
Side 2: 2,381
Difference: 1,241
The only thing i will interject is that forever stats are not overly accurate, as there has been gifting of villages both ways over the years of w30, plus if i remember right there were villages given to BH to pay off refugee status for some accounts after the BD war.

Sir Mike Fisher

The interpretation of stats will always be skewed by either the person posting or the person reading them.

My opinion is that it is only worthwhile doing stats on a weekly/monthly basis to see how a war swings, for instance Bh may be winning one week, Phoenix the next, however if you take each week and weight it with a rating of 1-10 on the sucess rate of the winning side and then divide by the number of weeks you would get a fairer assesment


Week 1 BH 100 Caps Phoenix 65 Caps
Week 2 BH 100 Caps Phoenix 20 Caps
Week 3 BH 25 Caps Phoenix 100 Caps
Week 4 BH 10 Caps Phoenix 50 Caps

Total Caps BH 235 Phoenix caps 235

So even though these ( ficticious ) stats would show an equal number of caps which side was winning?

Initialy you would say all square, however, if you looked more closely you might say BH were winning because they capped more in weeks 1 and 2

Closer analysis though would show that ratio wise Phoenix were winning because the ratios would be
100:65 + 100:20 < 100:25 + 50:10

Where as if you weighted the results then

week 1 BH + 3.5
Week 2 BH +8.0
Week 3 Phoenix +7.5
Week 4 Phoenix +8.0

therefore BH 11.5/2=5.75
Phoenix 15.5/2=7.25

So choose your side and choose your method but don't expect anyone to agree :)
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