Who Remembers

Discussion in 'W34 General discussion:' started by najiosmat, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. najiosmat

    najiosmat Guest

    G Razor
  2. kkaukis

    kkaukis Guest

    Not me.
    But who remember KKaukis?
  3. The Lewder

    The Lewder Guest

    I do, but how many forums did you post this in? :|
  4. najiosmat

    najiosmat Guest

    All the worlds he played on...
    Were you friends or anything or did you just hear his name somewhere ?
  5. cruxstellata

    cruxstellata Guest

    I knew him. Played with him on W27 when he joined the wrong world for =SK=
  6. Lacus.

    Lacus. Guest

    I remember owning you in K45 :icon_rolleyes:
  7. I be Joe

    I be Joe Guest

    Lita owning someone? Thats something new.
  8. Lacus.

    Lacus. Guest

    Shush you. If/When I get another account on 34 I'm coming for you taco boi.
  9. I be Joe

    I be Joe Guest

    Lul, i added you to a chat today but you weren't on :(
  10. Absoman

    Absoman Guest

    Why wasn't i added :icon_sad:
  11. Repinski

    Repinski All Over the Board

    Dec 12, 2008
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    Because your a nub.
  12. I be Joe

    I be Joe Guest

    Actually abs I did add you and then you got kicked by Dylan because you didn't accept the mic chat :D
  13. Absoman

    Absoman Guest

    Oh, it was that chat :icon_biggrin:
  14. Fluffmeiztah

    Fluffmeiztah Still Going Strong

    Jun 9, 2010
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    seen the username failing to spam a few posts here and there

    Oh snap :icon_eek: