Who Still Checks in?


Hey I was just carious to if anyone checks in here anymore. I kinda miss all the W53 drama and hope all is well in your real lives. I am still on skype and currently playing W83 under the account TehDarkTargaryen and on skype throughout the week. Hope all is well everyone!


I just got back on...new account obviously. I spent about two hours on W39 forums...now checking out this one. Funny how much Drama was here!

Hope all is well. Came back for W100!

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The Collectors

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Yea i still check in every now and then :D

I miss the old lot aswell. I regularly meet up with RandomStatic and I met Faaaaark when he came to the UK.
Ive recently just joined W113 and brought back many memories

I really hope everyone from DRAMA and the rest of those that played this world and past worlds are doing well.