Who still plays?

Discussion in 'W10 General discussion:' started by xMystiKx, Feb 26, 2010.

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  1. xMystiKx

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    Aug 15, 2007
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    I just figured out my password to this account.. Played this world over two years ago, haven't logged on since Feb 12 of '08.

    I can't remember the tribe I was in before CTRL so I would appreciate it if someone could help me out.. It was the one involved in the Die. war and I think I remember something about "DND?"

    I saw where ganja still plays this world and I found liddy on W47 on my new acc. Anyone remember me? Just seeing who still plays and maybe who is on W47 now.

    CUCLOP Guest

    hello mystic.how are you?
    we was in orelse if you remember with jrsmith3 as leader.
    i hope you remember me.the most of our tribemates have stop the game or they lose their villages.how are you?
  3. odd1out

    odd1out Guest

    cuclop do you remember me i do you i was in ctrl and in k14 ?? i would love to get b ack in now play in wld 50 . do you also remeber kingbbb/
  4. odd1out

    odd1out Guest

    i was in k14 and in ctrl i left for a while and now am back in wld 50 . i was a good friend of kingbbb
  5. Katmandu101

    Katmandu101 Guest

    hi guys . . . although we were on opposite sides . . . lol