Who Will Noble Brandonrulz?

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I've made a formal request to the community to allow me to noble you via a train, still waiting on community approval as it will take time and some people may not be able to wait that wrong to eat your ass

The Butthurt is strong with this one:


See there is one thing you are missing vinny old chap, The community of TW is a false as your abilities to play this game. whilst you have had players sticking up for you i have had 10x the amount saying they laugh at my ridiculous posts.

Im so sorry for trying to have fun guess tw is super serious business especially at start up.
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I've made a formal request to the community to allow me to noble you via a train, still waiting on community approval as it will take time and some people may not be able to wait that wrong to eat your ass




maybe who knows at least there is something to talk about i guess

i mean aside from 1 or 2 members we get a good chuckle at watching this transpire.

Roman you are my sidekick haha, i prefer the term loyal friend but loyalty is something you dont find theses days in the game.


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i like your other signature the shrek one this is just meh not bad but just meh


Members of the public, I now reccomend you direct yourselves to this abusive, brash lad who is completely against humanity.
*Much grats to Shhh for accepting him (ExTribute)

14th Feb
[SPOIL][12/02/2016 17:46:04] Lekwai: well that account[12/02/2016 17:46:22] ***: neither of us care about this accounts name D:
[12/02/2016 17:46:32] Lekwai: well ppl here know u
[12/02/2016 17:46:38] Lekwai: and I know u (smirk)
[12/02/2016 17:46:58] ***: if mayhem goes down then il go down with it :D
[12/02/2016 17:47:03] Lekwai: lol
[12/02/2016 17:47:10] I.Roman.I: ***'s reputation will be fine :D
[12/02/2016 17:47:11] Lekwai: yup ur fate is sealed
[12/02/2016 17:47:22] Lekwai: yh according to u ass licker
[12/02/2016 17:47:35] ***: why have you gotta be hostile bud
[12/02/2016 17:47:41] I.Roman.I: Watch it fam don't make me jump on the tube yeh
[12/02/2016 17:47:47] Lekwai: (shake)
[12/02/2016 17:47:53] Lekwai: LOOL
[12/02/2016 17:47:59] Lekwai: Don't talk shit
[12/02/2016 17:48:05] ***: no seriously mate no need for it in here
[12/02/2016 17:48:13] Lekwai: tube you know
[12/02/2016 17:48:28] I.Roman.I: You seem to be the one with shit related topics here, talking about arse licking and all
[12/02/2016 17:48:46] Lekwai: (roll)
[12/02/2016 17:49:31] I.Roman.I: You're what, a month older than me but you behave as if you're 14
[12/02/2016 17:49:38] Brandon Lobo: Brandons name can't go down in vain
[12/02/2016 17:49:43] Brandon Lobo: *** you need to win!
[12/02/2016 17:49:45] I.Roman.I: Kinda disappointed you're from my city tbh
[12/02/2016 17:49:47] Lekwai: shut ur mouth roman, who r u lol
[12/02/2016 17:49:50] ***: we need to win
[12/02/2016 17:49:54] Lekwai: [12 February 2016 01:28] Danger:

<<< interesting
personally, I'm motivated to destroy him and anything he touches
in terms of TW :D
[12/02/2016 17:50:04] ***: :D
[12/02/2016 17:50:04] Lekwai: roman ur irrelevant.
[12/02/2016 17:50:09] Lekwai: *** this is only the first
[12/02/2016 17:50:23] Lekwai: I have like a whole page of these assholes
[12/02/2016 17:50:24] I.Roman.I: I know danger, where do I know danger from
[12/02/2016 17:50:31] ***: not my fault they suck and banked on me saving them
[12/02/2016 17:50:37] ***: w80
[12/02/2016 17:50:39] I.Roman.I: I recognise the skype id
[12/02/2016 17:50:40] I.Roman.I: ah
[12/02/2016 17:51:03] Lekwai: roman keep it to yourself
[12/02/2016 17:51:23] ***: do you know why they dont like me?
[12/02/2016 17:51:44] Lekwai: I find out you let this info slip I'm coming for you :)
[12/02/2016 17:51:58] I.Roman.I: I'm trolling you because you're guillable and volatile Lekwai. You are turning the conflict into an issue and I am taking advantage of that
[12/02/2016 17:52:06] ***: im not afraid of you dude
[12/02/2016 17:52:15] ***: not even a little
[12/02/2016 17:52:21] I.Roman.I: I'm taking advantage because you're not making an effort to support members of the tribe, you're just arguing (yawn)
[12/02/2016 17:52:24] Lekwai: no clue will they just hate you
[12/02/2016 17:52:36] Lekwai: im not afraid of you dude
not even a littleI'm talking to roman
[12/02/2016 17:53:08] I.Roman.I: Will, what's he talking about (wonder)
[12/02/2016 17:53:13] I.Roman.I: What info (wonder)
[12/02/2016 17:53:26] will batchelor: lewkai they hate me because i was dragged on to a losing team
[12/02/2016 17:53:37] will batchelor: they lied about why they were in a losing team
[12/02/2016 17:53:37] Lekwai: [12 February 2016 17:52] I.Roman.I:

<<< I'm taking advantage because you're not making an effort to support members of the tribe, you're just arguing (yawn)advantage of what.... support what? am informing will of stuff, now butt out, its nothing to do with you
[12/02/2016 17:53:45] Lekwai: ur irrelevant.
[12/02/2016 17:53:53] ***: stop being a cunt
[12/02/2016 17:54:07] Lekwai: I wont really care ***, all I'm saying is ppl saying they r wanting to rim u
[12/02/2016 17:54:10] I.Roman.I: I'm irrelephant (rofl)
[12/02/2016 17:54:24] I.Roman.I: #TopQuote2016
[12/02/2016 17:54:34 | Edited 17:54:39] will batchelor: lekwai danger cant rim me
[12/02/2016 17:54:45] Lekwai: he is not on this world.
[12/02/2016 17:54:46] ***: none of his tribe can
[12/02/2016 17:54:59 | Edited 17:55:04] ***: i joined that world got conned and left
[12/02/2016 17:55:07] I.Roman.I: I'll just tell the boys I'm irrelephant and that you're my god Lekwai, my apologies lord
[12/02/2016 17:56:30] Lekwai: Have your jokes roman, don't really care about you, all I know about you is you lick will's ass. :)
[12/02/2016 17:57:47] I.Roman.I: Where I'm standing you seem to be licking the arse of the general public, from ones perspective you're doing us a service
[12/02/2016 17:58:11] I.Roman.I: If it's an argument of arse licking, I can certainly tell you that ***'s is cleaner (rofl)
[12/02/2016 17:58:45] I.Roman.I: If you annoy me I'll rip into you, continue with the hate because you're providing top class entertainment right now
[12/02/2016 17:59:06] Lekwai: yh for sure, so who are u in game?
[12/02/2016 17:59:26] I.Roman.I: Depends
[12/02/2016 18:00:15] I.Roman.I: I just did a quick search for you though
[12/02/2016 18:00:30] Lekwai: I'm extribute in game, so who r u?
[12/02/2016 18:00:31] I.Roman.I: Magnificent progress mate, original account had a whooping 2 conquers
[12/02/2016 18:00:38] ***: he plays more in masters
[12/02/2016 18:00:43] I.Roman.I: Masters?
[12/02/2016 18:00:43] ***: isnt a bad player
[12/02/2016 18:00:52] Lekwai: I suggest you shut it before things get really bad for you in this world.
[12/02/2016 18:01:14] I.Roman.I: I used to play with Dacau, Mike, Tony etc when I was co'ing Max 1-2 years back when they had that tribe called Party
[12/02/2016 18:01:24] I.Roman.I: I certainly don't remember an arrogant arse called Lekwai
[12/02/2016 18:01:35] I.Roman.I: Most of the people there were kind, endearing and respectful
[12/02/2016 18:01:58] I.Roman.I: I wasn't there for a very long time, but definitely nice people
[12/02/2016 18:02:44] I.Roman.I: I suggest you shut it before things get really bad for you in this world.Threats don't work with me babe
[12/02/2016 18:03:02] Lekwai: I'm a part member.
[12/02/2016 18:03:11] Lekwai: and who r u?
[12/02/2016 18:03:20] I.Roman.I: I'm irrelevant
[12/02/2016 18:03:28] I.Roman.I: Continue with your pointless discussion
[12/02/2016 18:03:58] Lekwai: you are, all u do is ass lick *** everywhere
[12/02/2016 18:04:05] ***: shut up
[12/02/2016 18:04:17] ***: you are both worse than me
[12/02/2016 18:04:24] I.Roman.I: ExTribute has a whopping 1 conquer to his name
[12/02/2016 18:04:29] ***: and i have more important things to do than this
[12/02/2016 18:04:39] Lekwai: yup I do,
[12/02/2016 18:04:47] Lekwai: so whats ur ign greatness
[12/02/2016 18:05:13] *** batchelor: Pack this shit in
[12/02/2016 18:05:13] I.Roman.I: Greatness
[12/02/2016 18:05:15] ***: now
[12/02/2016 18:05:20] ***: Roman stop
[12/02/2016 18:05:25] ***: and lewkai stop
[12/02/2016 18:05:33] ***: as mean as i am in game
[12/02/2016 18:05:41] ***: i assure you im far worse in RL
[12/02/2016 18:05:53] Lekwai: who are u in game roman.
[12/02/2016 18:06:01] I.Roman.I: Soz boss (bow)
James Appleman
[12/02/2016 18:12:33] I.Roman.I: In question to your snap links example Lekwai, that technique was outclassed by opera links well before you stopped playing
[12/02/2016 18:13:43] I.Roman.I: I'd suggest you switch from opera 12 to opera 11 and use links as normal, although take into consideration the lag as the browser is no longer supported. There is also a new chrome fakes method but I'm too lazy to pull up that info and I'm certainly in no mood to do so right now given your atrocious behaviour
[12/02/2016 18:14:44] Lekwai: clearly u haven't tried using snap links in opera 11.
[12/02/2016 18:15:12] I.Roman.I: clearly I haven't needed to, as opera links was more than sufficient
[12/02/2016 18:15:23] I.Roman.I: good comeback attempt, try harder captain envy
[12/02/2016 18:18:03] Lekwai: roman, you are just trying to proof you are this almighty player, by checking my stats etc. Opera links is basically snap links. I do not need your help, play your game, we will see who is the better player as the game develops. RIght now u can carry on licking *** ass.
[12/02/2016 18:19:46 | Edited 18:20:07] I.Roman.I: snap links is an extension for a number of browsers, opera links is the regular one provided by opera it's self. I'm sorry you feel personally offended by these justifications but perhaps if you showed a little more restraint and respect then you wouldn't need to make these wild 'like comparisons'
[12/02/2016 18:25:35] Lekwai: ur checking stats as if you are judging every player depending if they are worthy or not to play this game. You are the type of ppl that is making new players quit playing this game. .net has become so hostile with ppl like you in the forums. OH stats this stats that, I have won 21 worlds on 3 different servers and do you see me bringing up stats this stats that. And yet you are here explaining snap links JUST BECAUSE you want to prove you are not a noob and not in light of helping me. I made this post 4 days ago and now u reply. Pray to god we are in the same tribe, if anything circumstances change, i will come for u.
[12/02/2016 18:26:03] Lekwai: Now we should avoid speaking to each other.
[12/02/2016 18:26:13] I.Roman.I: I'm pissing you off, that's the only reason I've posted your stats (rofl)
[12/02/2016 18:26:30] Lekwai: let the game play it self and we will see who will be laughing at the end :)
[12/02/2016 18:26:56] I.Roman.I: I hate to break it to you, but I'll be laughing whichever way this goes
[12/02/2016 18:27:26] I.Roman.I: 'Now we should avoid speaking to each other', no thanks your entertainment is top class
[12/02/2016 18:27:32] Lekwai: yes of course , so long *** is happy.
[12/02/2016 18:27:33] I.Roman.I: I'd like to converse with you more regularly
[12/02/2016 18:28:16] I.Roman.I: If you're starting with rim threats already, I want to hear more
[12/02/2016 18:28:44] I.Roman.I: You are practically throwing flowers at my feet by providing me with this much of your time and attention
[12/02/2016 18:29:48] Brandon Lobo: who's throwing flowers on who's feet!

[12/02/2016 18:29:54] Brandon Lobo: Too much to read... Didn't read (party)[/SPOIL]

15th February

[SPOIL][19:14:17] I.Roman.I: Lekwai, can you change your name
[19:14:21] I.Roman.I: to Liekwai
[19:14:25] I.Roman.I: Such trolls (cool)
[19:16:21] Lekwai: whys that...
[19:16:32] I.Roman.I: Liekwai I ask dis?
[19:16:41] ***: dont start
[19:16:51] I.Roman.I: no no it's a genuine question
[19:16:53] Lekwai: ahh ur taking the piss out of my name.
[19:16:54] I.Roman.I: not insulting :D
[19:16:57] I.Roman.I: It sounds awesome :D
[19:17:08] I.Roman.I: no no, you can annoy other people with it
[19:17:10] ***: no it is a pretty cool name
[19:17:25] ***: where are you from
[19:17:26] Lekwai: I know his intention,
[19:17:26] I.Roman.I: It's a twist but certainly not meant to be insulting
[19:17:38] ***: jesus christ lol
[19:17:45] Lekwai: i wanted to ask u yesterday, but thought didn't want to start anythin
[19:17:52] ***: you take everything so seriously
[19:18:02] ***: sack up buddy
[19:18:03] Lekwai: but why did u decide to rinse your whole farm on backtiming?
[19:18:17] Lekwai: i don't like him to be making jokes with him.
[19:18:18] I.Roman.I: My whole farm?
[19:18:23] I.Roman.I: (rofl)
[19:18:25] Lekwai: well most of it.
[19:18:31] I.Roman.I: That was about 40-50% of it
[19:18:39] I.Roman.I: All the axes were out
[19:18:47] Lekwai: and that is a big hit for someone ur size.
[19:18:51] ***: oh my god does anyone not having anything other to talk about other than tw?
[19:18:57] Lekwai: ur gonna struggle getting back on ur feet.
[19:19:08] Lekwai: this is a tribalwars chat group.
[19:19:22] ***: yeh jeez
[19:19:29] Lekwai: its not like ur not struggling already,
[19:19:32] ***: this game is fucking boring
[19:19:37] I.Roman.I: If I dodge/militia call I'll be fine, if you want to start another round of critical analysis
[19:19:46] Lekwai: yes and we all still play it,
[19:19:53] Lekwai: this game is addictive.
[19:20:09] I.Roman.I: I can start bombing you on the basics of dodging and spending res, I'm sure it's a concept you understand
[19:20:22] I.Roman.I: It's not a difficult one to grasp
[19:20:28] Lekwai: u cant really talk on start up ur doing absolutely atrocious with that
[19:20:51] Lekwai: u have decided to clear and backtime when ur not getting catted.
[19:20:51] I.Roman.I: You behave as if you're good but write as if you've been playing TW for 5 minutes (rofl)
[19:21:00] I.Roman.I: Causing absolute bullshit for no apparent reason
[19:21:04] ***: oh wow
[19:21:11] I.Roman.I: Liekwai u so insalting
[19:21:12] Lekwai: lool ur doing very shit
[19:21:18] Lekwai: and starting to insult my name.
[19:21:20] ***: well im going to be drinking tonight and fuck my ex maybe
[19:21:39] ***: so thats way better than you two having a measuring a dick contest
[19:21:53] Lekwai: lol roman from what i can see so far
[19:21:57] Lekwai: is doing very shit
[19:22:02] I.Roman.I: Lekwai you have contributed shit all to the tribe lol
[19:22:07] Lekwai: and what have u done?
[19:22:12] I.Roman.I: You are practically useless
[19:22:29] ***: oh wow
[19:22:29] Lekwai: well at least I'm not gonna be useless further down the line :D
[19:22:31] ***: here we go
[19:22:35] Lekwai: ur gonna be fucked soon mate
[19:22:40] I.Roman.I: I've been asking around, nobody I know has heard of you
[19:22:49] I.Roman.I: So don't talk like you have influence here (rofl)
[19:23:09] Lekwai: as i said , i may not be known but at least I'm not doing shit like u
[19:23:19] Lekwai: lol ur village right now is pathetic,
[19:23:25] I.Roman.I: ^Spoken like a noob with experience
[19:23:30] I.Roman.I: #PointsBeatsAll!
[19:23:58] Lekwai: loool points comes with troops, which comes from farming
[19:24:09] Lekwai: theres no way u can be stuck at 600 points if u are active
[19:24:14] I.Roman.I: What's your farm level?
[19:24:19] Lekwai: a lot higher then yours
[19:24:28] Lekwai: an experienced player will check the day stats
[19:24:32] ***: im higher than all of you
[19:24:34] Lekwai: and see my farming.
[19:24:38] Lekwai: i doubt it will.
[19:24:39] ***: :D
[19:24:46] I.Roman.I: Avoiding the question, classy
[19:24:47] ***: (rofl)
[19:24:54] ***: stats for the day
[19:24:56] ***: jeez
[19:24:57] Lekwai: ur just stupid if u think u have a higher farm level then me.
[19:25:14] Lekwai: go to the day stats and start working shit out.
[19:25:17] ***: i cant wait to leave this tribe :D
[19:25:27] ***: no because i dont care about you
[19:25:29] Lekwai: i cant wait till i rim roman when i get the chance.
[19:25:41] ***: you will get rimmed long before that
[19:25:48] Lekwai: i hope someone deosnt get to him first ;(
[19:25:51] ***: roman has friends
[19:26:00] I.Roman.I: I think Liekwai wins the award for the saltiest player I've met over the past three years
[19:26:12] ***: something you dont
[19:26:13] I.Roman.I: I've never met ONE player who has been desperate to rim me (rofl)
[19:26:28] I.Roman.I: I must be doing something right
[19:26:35] Lekwai: like losing most of ur troops ?
[19:27:16] I.Roman.I: *** you know lekwai knows shit all about .net when he writes shit and abuse after being opped by a clustered tribe
[19:27:36] I.Roman.I: He knows nothing, he's just a pretty boy with a little farming experience
[19:27:38] I.Roman.I: (giggle)
[19:27:54] Lekwai: LOL, mate i started on .net
[19:28:09] I.Roman.I: I find that hard to believe with your attitude (rofl)
[19:28:28] Lekwai: and i wont call abuse because u r being attacked without cats.
[19:28:50] Lekwai: ur gonna struggle to get back up on ur feet for the next couple days.
[19:28:50] I.Roman.I: The abuse is from you babe
[19:29:04] I.Roman.I: Abusive relationships are wrong, seek counciling
[19:29:27] I.Roman.I: Liekwai u so insalting
[19:29:46] Lekwai: i stuggle to understand how someone that talks so much shit about others being noob and yet do so poorly in game.
[19:30:14] ***: (dull)
[19:30:53] Lekwai: lol i like my name, its unique, who the fuck puts their on screen name as I.roman.I
[19:31:10] ***: wow
[19:31:14] Lekwai: that's suthin ill expect from a Leaugue of legends player.
[19:31:17] I.Roman.I:***l (rofl)
[19:31:22] Lekwai: so don't insult my name.
[14/02/2016 19:31:26] I.Roman.I: This is absolutely brilliant (rofl)
[14/02/2016 19:32:24] I.Roman.I: I'm going to post this salt to the lads soon, lekwai's brash, arrogant and naïve attitude is gold
[14/02/2016 19:32:49] Lekwai: (y)
[14/02/2016 19:35:13] I.Roman.I: Your unreserved salt towards the tribe deserves a medal
[14/02/2016 19:35:20] I.Roman.I: (giggle)
[14/02/2016 19:35:39] Lekwai: nope just to idiots like u.
[14/02/2016 19:36:02] I.Roman.I: How moronic, coming from a player I've never met who insults me out the blue
[14/02/2016 19:36:05] I.Roman.I: Insalting much?
[14/02/2016 19:36:05] Lekwai: other players who i has arguments with knows what they r doing like james appleman
[14/02/2016 19:36:13] Lekwai: u starting taking the mick out of my nae
[14/02/2016 19:36:22] I.Roman.I: I did no such thing
[14/02/2016 19:36:24] Lekwai: u are just terrible from what i can see in this world.
[14/02/2016 19:36:45] Lekwai: name*
[14/02/2016 19:36:49] I.Roman.I: Liekwai is a valid name to troll other people who want to get pissed with you
[14/02/2016 19:37:03] I.Roman.I: But obviously you are so pig-headed you take practically every word in the dictionary as an insult
[14/02/2016 19:37:22] I.Roman.I: You probably walk around London like this
[14/02/2016 19:37:24] I.Roman.I: http://cf.ltkcdn.net/stress/images/std/123680-425x300-mad1.jpg
[14/02/2016 19:37:28] Lekwai: mate how is liekwai a trolling name, and clearly if u haven't noticed i do not like u.

Brandonrulz is essentially a saint, as opposed to this ones horrendous attitude. All that know me, know I post the entire conversation (part of where peoples anger comes from). Enjoy!
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On another not Descending Order you can be my friend lol dont think it would much good though, theres a lot of butthurt on this world.

Man that kid the self proclaimed god of tw i mean arrogance at its finest, he could post the same amout of BS as me and he would probably believe himself.

He could be a potentially be sheer poison for Shhh! only time will tell
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Hurtbutts are a specialty of mine. I remember the days when I took this game to a serious extent. Arguing my opinion like I could change the minds of others. I don't need to argue now. I speak my opinions out loud - No typing. Now I'm always right.[/ego]


thats not a bad way to be and yeah i remember those days haha, we have a world full of the 'best players ever' great fun though


[12/02/2016 17:50:31] ***: not my fault they suck and banked on me saving them
[12/02/2016 17:50:37] ***: w80
[12/02/2016 17:51:23] ***: do you know why they dont like me?

I don't like you because you lie, in order to build up your ego. No one "banked" on you saving anything, you made wild claims and were active, I gave you a chance to prove yourself, do the things you claimed you were capable of... you didn't, you burned out rather quickly....

[SPOIL][1/19/2016 6:31:13 PM] will batchelor: my co is shagging so i said id cover him
[1/19/2016 6:31:23 PM] will batchelor: yeh i will
[1/19/2016 6:31:39 PM] Danger: she and I have been under a lot of stress
[1/19/2016 6:31:43 PM] Danger: her especially
[1/19/2016 6:31:56 PM] will batchelor: yeh dont add to my guilt please :)
[1/19/2016 6:32:06 PM] Danger: I'm done (bow)
[1/19/2016 6:32:11 PM] Danger: gotta run anyways :p
[1/19/2016 6:32:20 PM] will batchelor: i did say id give her etn
[1/19/2016 6:32:28 PM] will batchelor: in return for being a douche
[1/19/2016 6:32:36 PM] Danger: lol
[1/19/2016 6:32:51 PM] Danger: she's a great woman, she won't hold it against you
[1/19/2016 6:33:02 PM] will batchelor: i know which makes it even worse :D
[1/19/2016 7:35:51 PM] will batchelor: spending all night planning your op :D
[1/19/2016 7:36:08 PM] will batchelor: got my notebook out and all
[1/19/2016 7:36:28 PM] Danger: you don't need to be doing that
[1/19/2016 7:36:33 PM] Danger: this is how everyone burns out
[1/19/2016 7:37:10 PM] Danger: you get all excited and then put too much time too fast and look up, a week/month has gone by and f...[/SPOIL]

If you would have quit because you couldn't handle it, would have been fine, but you started running your mouth and trying to discredit what we're doing, the adversity we've faced and continue to carry on.

[/QUOTE][12/02/2016 17:54:34 | Edited 17:54:39] will batchelor: lekwai danger cant rim me
[12/02/2016 17:54:45] Lekwai: he is not on this world.
[12/02/2016 17:54:46] ***: none of his tribe can
[12/02/2016 17:54:59 | Edited 17:55:04] ***: i joined that world got conned and left

You weren't conned, you knew the situation we faced, you knew we were on the business end of a gangbang and face a difficult road. You joined, you tried, you quit. You weren't the first, you won't be the last but you were the most disrespectful in your departure and I hold THAT against you.