Who wins TW?


I would say there is no real winner of the game not one person atleast a tribe can win the world but the game is designed to continue on for infinate amount of time as long as there are players on the world then it can continue in in axes and DNY case they could split and keep the game going even longer.

thats the beauty of the game for the developers you don't have to come up with new worlds cause old ones are finished you make new ones to attract more players.

that is why the argument of i out lasted you really has no barring on TW skill as many players in this world survived but could not be compared to players that once and some that still do play.

but i do think fued has a point obviously winning and simply building surviving many not win you anything other then that barbs and surviving but if you make friends and do damage along the way as well you had fun then you won. you got out of the game what you needed to.

as far as world ending then i would say that any singular tribe (not family) that is left standing would be the winner. that is not too say that that is the best tribe the world has seen just that it is the largest tribe come world end which depending on the world can (and how much quiting and hugging is going on) mean nothing as a whole other to the individuals playing but may mean nothing to the TW comuninty at large like we have here on w20.

former players and outsiders both agree prime isn't really all that special as a tribe in the game but they have made moves here coupled with deletions, bans, and general hugging and quiting to put them in a place where they are now. everyone has different idea and tactics so bassically its a personal view on the situation when it comes i don't think there is anyway to judge skill other then comparing tribes and players while at there peaks.

just my long two cents though, lol ;)

good to see ya feud i'm still here kind of but play w49 much more ;D


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Yea, and you got no chance of winning rich26, we will just run you over and we will win..

Btw what tribe are you in Rich26?