Who would you choose???


I ain't even gonna respond to that 1 kaner biased maybe but 10. Dmoron that last 1 you gotta be a joker :D


ha please, there are plenty more people who posted that are a lot more biased than me. ive included twist members. Of course its gonna have more TSL members in cause ive worked with most. Twist i dont fully know. as you can see the twist ive included are from the north cause they have hit me and i know the strengths.


1. Open Mind
2. Assassin 0010
3. Jabba
4. Grinreefer
5. Timurlan
6. 13bsigma
7. Vndhl
8. Ony7
9. erichoma
10. Dmoron

random order, in no way reflects skill

At first I was like "wth seriously" :icon_surprised:

And then I read "in no way reflects skill" :lol:

Thanks for the thought :icon_smile:
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normus, mikeroland123, bulldogbryan, fireyflame, mephisto, panzeric, kaktuskilr, terminator99, thegrinreefer, begotten soul

think in almost 8 yrs of playing, this is the 1st time I've seen my name on a list that wasn't meant to insult me lol

then again, I rarely read these forums, especially since fiery got banned, the flaming just ain't the same


Normus no insult intended but go back to your cave and hibernate bud another 5 of those you just quoted from army size or whatever he is called??? are fast asleep.
Why am i even bothering guess i am just too nice to say nah you entitled to your opinion bud


Hehehe no harm in a bottle of voddy bud but how did you know:icon_eek:


Because you are insulting a post over 4 month old or something :lol:


You got me young traitorous pond dweller i ain't got nothing to come back at ya with on that 1.
I want's sharkey as my top 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10th recommendation he the man.
Loyalty is his middle name and you will never find a better player :icon_biggrin:


Why thank you! I wouldn't say am that good but, if you say so :lol:


Worlds are long, things happen, i only care who sharkeys loyal too now :D


The funny thing is i was fully prepared to stay loyal to 500/twist all them months nearly a year ago i believe if not already there. I fell out with venge and left the tribe. It was not till i was threatened to be rimmed if i did not hand my account details over till twist did i even tell open of the spys (Yes reported and action was taken so am cool with it :icon_cool:) Then they got mad over the villages lost to the ban and unleashed there noobish attacks.


:icon_confused: This is a Hard One. Can't to recent i have not played for a long time.

1. Fieryflame
I have no idea why i would add him other than the sheer fact that despite becoming a global hate figure at times he seems to survive. i am sure if the world was different and this guy had a chill pill he would do wonders not yet seen within a tribe. and if there was no hate he would walk over most people.

2 & 3. opteron180 & open mind
I have a lot of respect for these two people. there are a lot of good players but there are only a few people that can set a nice vibrant feel to a tribe i could not decide one or the other so i figure keep them together so for sound decision making, posting, manners. i think these two guys will that team a notch better than the rest.

4. Itchynakas
The Drunken man. (at least i heard of it many times from Tink (meph)) I just got to add you. despite all the pressure you got in skill? when fighting on the front was Epic! there are not many people that could do that and yet with the little help you got you still pulled it off with another crack at it in a dream team i am sure you will go very fare.

5. ampatriot
Aye this is the Guy spying on us Officer! a Decent guy to know and boasts some organizational skills (thats a big word for me) i believe he would not go a miss at a strategic meeting even if amp don't know it hes got huge potential.

6. Sminty
I am not 100% on this one. i had a good few rounds with sminty a long time ago and i love the face that like most sminty did not give up when one incoming started never mind the mass Spam of troops i could send. says a lot about smints defense. although this could have just been positional at the time. i will put my money on smint and fiery being a good tag team

I Have to give up at the moment. there are a few to many people i would like to add in the last 4 spaces and i can give you very good reasons for them all. chachi for forums as well as a good players, tink meph, Dave James, paw prints, hillow 2, Larry, Nemo.

So i do Apologize if i have portrayed you in the wrong way. i am simply stating from my own point of view.


Hey sharkey i threatened ya but did i send 1 attack???

Can't remember to be honest but don't think i did was no challenge.

Sy you should of stuck around was fun playing with ya mate



not too many names I still know on this world now... If I was to give some of the ones from the old days though I'd give:

Optie, Open, Syrus, DaveJ, Itchy, FF, Donk, Chach and Meph... That's who I remember anyway. Dreams was a beastly player when she was with us, as was Cwulf...


Stez i told you way back before you left and after would be a pleasure to play under or with you but it never happened,
You should of stuck with it, lol
Anyway those times are way in the past but i am still kicking around as a noob yah.
Most dominant player 5k's owned top 5 in war caps for my new tribe.
Ok i have low oda but oda is a mugs game it proves nothing apart from you send alot of nukes but if it leads to no gain why bother is my reasoning?
If i decide to send i will make sure it leads to an enemy collapse within 2 or 3 waves otherwise it's a waste of time.

Anyway cya around maybe or maybe not could be my last world or may be yours,

Main thing is we had fun and got nothing to regret ya??