Who would you pick W78


These 5 would, of course, never work together;

1. Locke
2. AceZ
3. Hells Toy Master
4. Lexy Roxx
5. Greg the Bear

Not necessarily in that order!


PS: Life, no idea who you are in-game, but good effort for sticking the Kere account in there! Somebody likes us!
Panthera Tigris, you know me :p

Player not found.

I'm going to add Me and Mason to win World 78 together :X


1. Nine Inch Nail - the level of detail these guys maintain is phenomenal, no fear to attack anything, anywhere, anytime.
2. Locke - from everything ive heard, he is extremely organized, and having someone who can disseminate large amounts of intel and organize it for the tribe is invaluable
3. Noooool - hes slowed down a bit, but this guy plays the game right, is not afraid to be in the thick of things.
4. Hells Toy Master - they have Debbie on their account, it went from being a strong aggressive grower to an account that will never ever ever be nobled out.
5. Cowboybarry - Can do all the button pressing as good as anyone else, i should know, ive faced him both offense and defense, and the inside of his account is well organized with a strong mastery of dynamic groups for improving your efficiency. Shows signs of a smart player.
6. Bronse - floadi and bronse, whether you need to pass a hot sit, need opponent troop count tables updated, need to borrow a nuke, you can count 100% on them for timely and quality help.

EDIT: we've denigrated so much recently into just picking the same 5 people over and over, that I didn't realize this was a topic for a 15 member tribe - I will finish my list later.
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Theres a lot of nubs on this world, rhythm players for example are a joke only players in that tribe who are worth mentioning is bullet and disaster. Scott debbie doesnt play HTM either to my knowledge hasnt for a while.

1. HTM - played Numerous worlds with the acc and have picked up great additions along the way.
2. Locke - Decent leader and willing to help others
3. Bullet - Been a dominant acc all world and will be even better when he switches to flood ;)
4. Bronse - played numerous worlds with Flo and one with bronse
5. MATTNSAMM - always will to help
6. Kere - Willing to help out and have a crack at anything
7. FraatyPsi - same as above
8. Farmslayer - thom is a beast when he plays properly
9. Acez - my acc. everyone needs clowns like mason and myself

Probably a few others but that will do
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I sure their are more than this/ many of them have had more than 1 name, but i cant remember too much i developed a serious case of tw brain fry a few years back the doctors cant help - it all became a blur.

1}darklord761 memories of awesomeness
2}chicken - crazy - never stopped
3}pintye - more loyalty and honour than brains... and he had alot of brains, so...
4}mark -nc
5}ryan -nc
6}vodka brass -nc
7}jesse -nc
8}sniperville - an awesome mix of trouble, and genius
9}max owned you - hey i need help = max sends his whole account.
10}nursewendy - great history with this fine player
11}hutsiebear - ^^^
12}jamesbond - ^^^
13}drowned dog - one of those who left me speechless and was actually on my side too
14}smokeyj40 - a guy who is amazing at tw but even better at talking poo. i love talking so he is a boss/ also he taught me how to play this evil addicting she wench that is tribal wars.
15}the original traquair - nc
16}B A baracus - stunning ability when he not working hard in real life.
17}meatus - best enemy ever even better than chicken
18}Evilspinner - strong even when small like a gob stopper.
19}lambezz - zombie guy always playing under 1 name or another, for all i know he on this world too - maybe he is one of you?
20}andy. new, awesome.

others have broken the post rule and only posted a few members, instead of a 15 dream tribe... so i added a couple to balance things out yep... thats why, to help with balance :icon_rolleyes: as for them supposed to be on this world sorry only a few are!
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So long ago..... :D:D

This could even bring the forums to life too.

Player not found.

001. MATTNSAMM. They have been phenomenal against Loading in the past few months and deserve credit and respect for it.
002. Runningbullet. Beast of a player, had a huge frontline for a long time against players like HTM and AceZ.
003. Titu. We need a leader in the tribe and I think he's the best leader on W78, many predicted Rhythm would disband but he turned it around.
004. Krystalballty. Absolute beast in every department of the game.
005. AceZSpades. Simply Ryan and Mason.
006. C-note. For being animalistic and not forgetting when the owner got ashamed of the very name and changed it to c-note.
007. Instinctive Survival. Where do I start with him, when it comes to timing I consider him on my level, lol.
008. xDaemon. My friendly ghost.
009. Ticko49. Probably because of Sam and Beth being a deadly duo.
010. Stormbringer2012. If I ever need advice they give me it :p
011. Nine Inch Nail. I loved the old players on it like Sarge, they were scary.
012. xBCC1x. I heard good things about this player, I heard their sniping skills are good.
013. Dacul1. You don't want her against you.
014. NLSneels. Their OD is beast and I like them.
015. Leinsterfan. Because he's really nice and knows what it's like to play an account solo for so long.

Honourable mentions: Bloody Purity, HTM, LordovThrones, SportVision, Harlequin2588, Xanath, Niceday0717, xXPuppet MasterXx, Pongdang and Yorgolb.
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Still Going Strong
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Eh, I'm not sure exactly how I want to do this list. Given the players that have been on this world, and the fact that I don't really know a ton of the player in the world, my picks will largely be made based on statistical information and some friendship bias. Some of these picks may even be players I wouldn't really want right off hand, but they are able to grow an account to a decent size. Therefore, this list is subject to change at any time.

2.)Hells Toy Master
12.)Skype (with Mark/Scott)
14.)Pnf/Nobling Agenda (Patrick and whoever his co-players are)
15.)Nine Inch Nail (Sarge)

Just for giggles, this is a link to a map of my list.


Honorable mentions: Krool1
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well I'm sad that I'm not on anyones list yet,,,and I won't mention myself on my list,,but I'm there ofc ;)
1) running bullet: not enough can be said about this account,,,he has been there forever and I think he will be ,,
2) AcezSpades: a pretty skillful player (Ryan) is always there (and everywhere) to teach someone a good lesson :p
3) Mattnsamn : didn't think they were that good ,,,and wow,,they proved me (and everyone else) that they earn that N1 spot,
4) Titu : a very good player,,,I don't think Rhythm could've survived without him at one point :)
5) Bloody Purity : amazing player,,,and I can't wait to see him back to the top..
6) krystalballty : an amazing player/leader (from what I've heard),,and just maybe the only one who is keeping loading together
7) Hells Toy Master : an experienced player to say the least,,and he loves nukes :p
8) Genko : to stop those who think they are pros at their tracks,,,and cuz he is lovely :)
9) Niceday0717 : proved to be good at timing and taking advantage of his front's inactivity :p
10) Leinsterfan : always liked the way he talked things,,,he is pretty nice and reasonable,,,,a great add to any tribe,,
11) NLSneels : led North this far so he is awesome,,,,and a great player (from this war with loading),
12) Instinctive Survival : always heard that they are beasts at attacking,,,
13) mmaarouf : always there to support tribe mates,,
14) Govalon : one of the greatest defenders,,,,if you ever have a large front,,he is the man to call,,
15) player not found. : every tribe needs its spam king,,,it's his world and we are just living in it,,

Honorable mentions : anyone that I've missed,,,you are all great :)



1)Unforgiven: Extremely Active and Severely Loyal.
2)Vivo: Friendly, Refuses Support and Internals.
3)Nathan of Locke: Gifted Leader.
4)Baal: Dedicated Co-Player, Would never delete your tribe.
5)Lady Bug of Containment Breach/Enderwillsaveyou: Will clear your claims for you multiple times even if it takes you a week to finally send nobles :) and will never lose village so a request for support is unheard of in Bug world.
6)Grumpy Turtle Co: Keeps the war stats clean in case a jump to the other side is needed.
7)Lord Calvin Calvin: Everyone needs a good troll
8)Wittman : And every tribe needs a diplomat.
9)The entire tribe Hell(or some other favorite Rim tribe): Their fighting skills were unmatched by even their barb noobeling and thier numbers would fill the ranks.
10)Nate the great of WB: Half Dv Half O villages only, as a tribe rule, saved them from early extinction. A good Baron for the tribe.

Thats the ideal tribe i would like to war thats what this was right?


Ok for Real this time.

I dont know everyone on the map personally so this may be a little askew.

1,2,&3). Well we would need a leader so I guess the acting leaders I have now will do Jumusu, NlSneels, Ticko49
4) Alex/Rob of Grumpy Old Turtle. - Simply Boss Performance
5) Containment Breach - Former Duke, Did a few things Im not happy with like Relocate *cough cough* but solid dude.
6) Baneofninja(with Egomar as co) - Tireless former Baron and friend
7) TehRob(Bullet) - I dunno really at all but would it be complete without?
8) Acez - Can get some stuffs done
9) Htm - Acez + 1
10) Windstonejack - If he stuck it out who knows.
11) Wsnapmg - Same great defender (dont take his barbs lol)
12) Crisco - Brilliant
13) Solar Surfer - Crisco + 1 or is it the other way around lol
14) Flo(Of Nin) - Amazing
15) Queslett - Brilliant man when you get him to open up slightly stuck in his ways though.
16)Quack/Marc - Lienster - Why not lols
17) Sport - He's my neighbor and an oldie but a goodie
18) Luke - Indominus Rex - Great Guy Literal beast
19) Pzoe - Good Dude always there to help.
20) Random of WoP and Bloody Purity - One of the best if not best players to grace the fields of W78.
21) Puppet - Well he is still here isnt he?
22) Liwu - Hate his style but eh it works.
23) GotnoName/Playrnotfound whatever he has great positioning really got his area locked down.
24) Zephur - Minus the Ps2
25) Cowboy Barry - Keeps the spirits up while laying the smack down.
26) Nicco - Barry Co - Pilot
27) Me with Joseph Locke and Tudadar as Co players :)
28 - 50) ok tbh im getting bored lol So a random mix of players from the various tribes past and present worth their salt. Could probably have enough for a few tribes :) Oh and anyone else in North or said something nice about me lols.

Michael Wittman

lol is this an award ceremony? hahahahaha
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These 5 would, of course, never work together;

1. Locke
2. AceZ
3. Hells Toy Master
4. Lexy Roxx
5. Greg the Bear

Not necessarily in that order!


PS: Life, no idea who you are in-game, but good effort for sticking the Kere account in there! Somebody likes us!

Could have worked at one point, but some of the people including myself were too stubborn to adjust to each other.


Titu (he helps me with my assembly homework :icon_biggrin:)
Not A Famous Guy (He is pretty good at COD, so i guess i have to take him)
Lexy Roxx (Because he in a frat, im in a frat, we a frat)
.itzbadheart (we owned on that account before we all went our own ways)
Lord Pinder (because he will eventually noble the whole map)
tudadar (to stack all of our villages)
runningbullet (because he rank 1...DUH)
reggae shark (a tribe always needs someone to blame...and he is pretty cool)
nooool (he believes in OD)

We a frat lol.