Who would you pick W78


Ok for Real this time.

I dont know everyone on the map personally so this may be a little askew.

1,2,&3). Well we would need a leader so I guess the acting leaders I have now will do Jumusu, NlSneels, Ticko49
4) Alex/Rob of Grumpy Old Turtle. - Simply Boss Performance
5) Containment Breach - Former Duke, Did a few things Im not happy with like Relocate *cough cough* but solid dude.
6) Baneofninja(with Egomar as co) - Tireless former Baron and friend
7) TehRob(Bullet) - I dunno really at all but would it be complete without?
8) Acez - Can get some stuffs done
9) Htm - Acez + 1
10) Windstonejack - If he stuck it out who knows.
11) Wsnapmg - Same great defender (dont take his barbs lol)
12) Crisco - Brilliant
13) Solar Surfer - Crisco + 1 or is it the other way around lol
14) Flo(Of Nin) - Amazing
15) Queslett - Brilliant man when you get him to open up slightly stuck in his ways though.
16)Quack/Marc - Lienster - Why not lols
17) Sport - He's my neighbor and an oldie but a goodie
18) Luke - Indominus Rex - Great Guy Literal beast
19) Pzoe - Good Dude always there to help.
20) Random of WoP and Bloody Purity - One of the best if not best players to grace the fields of W78.
21) Puppet - Well he is still here isnt he?
22) Liwu - Hate his style but eh it works.
23) GotnoName/Playrnotfound whatever he has great positioning really got his area locked down.
24) Zephur - Minus the Ps2
25) Cowboy Barry - Keeps the spirits up while laying the smack down.
26) Nicco - Barry Co - Pilot
27) Me with Joseph Locke and Tudadar as Co players :)
28 - 50) ok tbh im getting bored lol So a random mix of players from the various tribes past and present worth their salt. Could probably have enough for a few tribes :) Oh and anyone else in North or said something nice about me lols.

Farewell and have fun with your Atari :')

Player not found.

1). runningbullet (Best player on W78).
2). Titu. (Best leader on W78 by far).
3). krystalballty
(I miss Jah).
4). xBC1x (Both are cool people).
5). AceZSpades (RiRi and Magic Mike).
6). Bloody Purity (When Josh was there).
7). Condensed (Dannyboy <3).
8). LordOvThrones (People say good things about you as a player).
9). Jumusu (Never spoke much but I like you).
10). NLSNeels (Beast of an attacker).
11). Ticko49 (All the people on there are awesome).
12). Leinsterfan (I love Quack).
13). BigSecZ (If they remove Jennie).
14). Pongdang (Really friendly player).
15). Zephur (The tribe spammer :p).
16). noooool. (If the original comes back).
17). rawdeath21. (For obvious reasons <3)
18). Nocturne (Not sure what to say about these guys but I've heard they are "good" attacker).
19). CoreHunter (Seems like a good guy).
20). Liii (For doing well in the Fusion OP).


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Who would I choose for a w78 team?
1.) RunningBullet
2.) BigSecZ (With Drew and Teemo)
3.) Krystalballty (With Pots/Gavin/Hunter)
4.) Hells Toy Master
5.) AceZSpades
6.) Ticko49 (With Sam)
7.) Blood Purity (With Josh)
8.) xBC1x
9.) Titu
10.) PnF (With Patrick)
11.) Stormbringer2012 (Yes, I included myself and Chippy)
12.) NLSneels
13.) Nghtrdr (Probably the only person that bothered to send support after capping from me). Lol.
14.) Cyclopsian (You surprised me. I didn’t expect you to be active, or stacked. You’ve done well. Props.)
15.) LordOvThrones
16.) Jumusu
17.) Condensed (With Dan)

Now, that’s all I have. However, if I HAVE to have 20 people, I’d POSSIBLY add in these for various reasons. Not necessarily because they’re good or have performed well on this world:

18.) Kirigaya Kazuto
19.) Sunny6363
20.) Skype (with Scott and Mark)

It was hard to come up with 20 accounts that I’d want.

Fusion: 6 accounts (with 1 other “Maybe”.)
A LID: 1 account
North: 4 accounts
Rhythm: 6 accounts (with 2 other “Maybes”.)


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Here is a map of my selections, just for reference. :)



Who would I choose for a w78 team?
13.) Nghtrdr (Probably the only person that bothered to send support after capping from me). Lol.

FWIW, I'd have still heavily preferred that we didn't have to kick each other. I did prefer having you around, but what is done is done.