Why are we called Omen, and not Apex or ChoCho?


Still Going Strong
This is meant to address Viscount Drake's question about why the larger more experienced tribe, ChoCho or Apex, merged into the smaller and less experienced tribe, Omen.

The answer is simple, Omen had been around longer. When Omen and ChoCho decided to merge ChoCho had only been around for about 3 months. Before the R4KI war we were called Apex. The name Apex was changed because the only Duke of Apex, Purple Predator, had gone inactive (that is a whole different story which I will tell if someone asks). We had to start a new tribe to prevent the tribe from dissolving without a Duke. Since the name Omen had been around for much longer and consequently had better OD stats, we decided to take the name. Additionally, Stalker was attached to the name and tribe's history.

The bigger question is why did ChoCho merge into Omen instead of staying independent or merging with One. That question goes back to the planning of the R4KI assault.
During the planning, we agreed that after the war we would try to create 3 roughly equally sized tribes so there could be a balance of power. Once we were the only tribes left, we would either fight it out or merge depending on the mood of our players.
However at the end of the war, most of the former R4KI players went to One making them much larger than the other tribes. Equally importantly, the inactive accounts in R4KI went to One for internalization. Desmeroth, the Duke of One, did not share the inactive R4KI players with Omen or ChoCHo. Therefore, One grew much larger than ChoCho and Omen in the next 1-2 months after the war. One particularly controversial set of villages was in k35/36. There were 4 inactive accounts from R4KI that Apex/ChoCho had weakened. Once they quit and Desmeroth had the sit, he stacked their villages to prevent Apex from taking them. Then his tribe mates internalized the villages as quickly as possible.
At this point, Stalker (the Duke of Omen) and I (the Duke of ChoCho) had worked together on 2 border operations to clear out smaller tribes. We also knew that Desmeroth was considering merging with either of our tribes. We also knew whoever was left after the merge would ultimately have to fight Desmeroth or merge INTO his tribe. Since we worked well together and didn't want to bend to Desmeroth's will, we decided to merge.
We merged on equal terms where all the Barons and Dukes in both tribes retained their positions. Fortunately, we only had 52 active players between us so the merge was rather easy (The extra 2 players are the origins of Onoez BTW). This led to a very strong tribe and a well appointed council.


Excellent stuff, There is something i am waiting to read about, one of the most intriguing parts of this story from our Northern view was the day Mitsche joined R4ki. That was an amazing week, we had been holding Apex from a solid north rim advance, fighting our little hearts out and hoping the southern troubles and our defiance would coincide to stave away Mitsches advance , making the North rim not worth the effort . It was hard going , then suddenly HCtoni was gone, and Mitsche was in R4ki.

Then, within a week or two,Mingha was inactive and R4ki was on the downslide. i know i had witnessed from afar a master stroke of subtle diploomacy , and possibly sabotage . Mingha lost heart , i believe, and his empire soon crumbled.


Des did the same thing with two inactive R4KI accounts down in the south. Omen was supposed to get them, but One players started attacking them. Then one of the inactives came back and decided to play in One, and we allowed this, thinking we'd get the other inactive account. We were wrong. The recently returned guy claimed them all, and threatened to stack any that we tried attacking. When we talked to Des, he flat out refused that we ever had any right to those two accounts.