why do you think infamy lost the final battle


Been a while so I'll first congratulate Knock! on winning this world. Well earned win with great leaders and players. As for Psycho, no one will ever convince me he is not a good leader. Psycho knew how to play this game well and how to plan well. He's been a big part of very successful tribes on at least 2 worlds I've played with him...the other world as his enemy. Hey Psycho...this one's for you honey!


Had lots of fun here..infamy lost due to activity problems and lack of attacking..they werent giving their best for the win


Some impressive OD goin on over there :)
near 200.000.000 in 2 weeks and my trains are still gettin blocked, admit Im not puttin as much effort in now but still well done Psycho this would of turned my hair grey :)



every vill of his is defensive....and hes gettin gifted vills from supersmurf and nobling barbs

why are u congratulating a turtle who isnt even nobling any knock members....

this doesnt deserve reward...are u mad mark?


I sent about about 30 trains at him yesterday to join my 1.000 nukes to villas me and the tribe had cleared, none came back
I took 2 villas from him today

I know im not puttin the effort in here with the timings but hes still havin to move def about over there and nukes must be rainin on his villas
Not everyone is as good a fighter as you mate, in fact I dont know anyone that is. You honestly are one of the greats in this

Hes holding on waiting for the final bell. I have 4.000.000 ODA from him the last few days. I know you dont rate him as a leader but as a player he has held on and not quit

How many 1.000s of incoming do you think he must have on that acc. And lets be honest there not goin to be fakes :)

I will keep sending nukes till the last day on him, but the game ends 5th May my friend

Whatever his tactics are he has survived


well if ur puttin in no effort esp with the timings then sumone who is all defense cud kill ur nobles easily...with no effort aswell, couple d's and ur nobles dead

im ok im not awesome like lol but i put the effort in put the stress n pressure on the enemy instead of lettin them put it on me, there human so there eventually gna get sick of it or make mistakes which like anyone wud take adv of, simple play really, simple use of troops,

well yea he has survived and me deletin i really regret deletin now after seein him survive, figured he wuda been mass op'd but meh

edit: just really points out his selfishness tbh, since ppl left infamy he kicked even loyal members and nobled them to improve his own survival and rank, he doesnt care abt anyone but himself and wat his rankin is

when knock were on his borders did he attack them? no he turtled an changed to all def

i can never respect anyone like that, atleast go down fightin with ur loyal members rather then be known as the coward who sacrificed loyal members for his own survival
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