Why oh Why ???


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Why has no-one bothered to post on the recent happenings in this world ?

This world could not be any deader ..... or could it ?

Seriously not one mention of one of the biggest events in w45 history ???


richard 2610

Nearly 84% of this world being barbarian could be part of the reason....


Rich it seems that percentage may be going up in the coming days. :lol:


Congratulations to OMEN. Telling the truth, I didn't expected the merge to happen so early, considering that 90% of OMEN players were against the merge, but still they did a very good job in the war. Ah by the end, for the ones who says skills are everything? hmmm.... My opinion is that everyone can learn the skills, but can't buy the time. Even the best players go down, when they don't have the time to play. I was a really noob when I joined this world, but now, I can play whatever account, no matter the size.

But one thing I wanted to say is, maybe you scot made a joke, but in skype you said that in the end will be only the ones who deserve to be in the winning team, not the ones who didn't help in the war. If this is true, funny thing will be how you decide who will stay, and who goes, and of course, maybe the desire to win the server faster will be counted for this, because it will take time to eat them.

@marcusopus- was hopping for you to be in top5 , but you still have time for that.just kick ghalen out. :p

Once again, Congratulations to OMEN.


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This was the thread for the final merge between One and Omen representing Omen's VICTORY in W45