willing to co-play for world 43

storm trooper

hi guys.i am willing to co-play for world 43.i have been playing since world 3 and have quit when world 39 was 2 weeks old[for exams].i am now back to play this game.i am at +6 GMT and am online from 4:00-15:00 st.i have played on all settings of the tw and am experienced in everysetting in this tw

i can
-send noble train with 600ms difference.
-can snipe noble trains
-i will follow the stratergy of the co-player who needs me

p.s:co-player must have premium.for reasons see my other post in co-player/new owners thread
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Wasted Generation

You've been playing since W43? You has mad skillz.


i am willing to co-play.i have been playing since world 2 and my last world was world 39.i am at GMT +6.my best world was world 19 where i acheived 2 million points before quitting.
i am online from about 5:00-13:00 server time and will be less active between 13:00-16:00 st
p.s:co-player needs to be able to pay for premium since the account will take a lot of time to play everyday when the player get 5-6 villages without premium

Wasted Generation

He's now willing to co-play for W3 :lol:. Keeps getting better & better.

death ofjofj

u can co-play for me

now people r gonna quote me and put insultes under :)


omg it's my old co-player!

Word of advice with him, he likes ODA a little too much but he's a good player.