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Discussion in 'W60 Recruitment & Applying to tribes.' started by Oprichnik, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. Oprichnik

    Oprichnik Guest

    Willing to co play an account for someone.
    My times are 17:30 - 00:30 ST

    I can use scripts, know what backtiming, noble trains, sniping etc and how to do them.
    I'm serious up front but i reckon I'm alright once you get to know me abit better.
    I don't ask for a no.1 ranking player or a newer edition to TW, but atleast someone who is on the same level.
    Been apart of no.1 tribes e.g. AXES w41 and i think DOM on w17 may have been no.1 at one point, maybe second :/
    Want to know anything else?

    Skype: x-Drunken_Monkey-x

    Note:If you are already apart of w60 or just waiting to join at a place you want that's fine - I'll wait some.
  2. aprajit

    aprajit Guest

    Never mind
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  3. Oprichnik

    Oprichnik Guest

    Position filled.
    Please close down this thread, thankyou.