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Discussion in 'W60 Recruitment & Applying to tribes.' started by Nuke on Fire, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. Nuke on Fire

    Nuke on Fire Guest

    Iam Asian i can play from 03.00 st to 16.00 ST

    well iam quite experience i can back time , Snipe , t Train, Snipe t Train . I WILLING TO FARM ALSO :) use Zomg or TWFR

    my past experience


    iam also Original owner of Nuke on Fire World 58 , i was being cheat at that time my troops is sending away 160 hours one travel while i get gangbanh in war


    my skype is wenzcruzader1

    well i also want experience player on acc that i will co play and also like to farm also so i am not only the farmer of the acc .. also the player i will co also use Premium acc . iam only helping co you so will not pay for the premium ..

    contact me on skype to discuss

  2. Nuke on Fire

    Nuke on Fire Guest

    lol iam attacker . i also can tag 200 incoming in 3 minutes i can snipe few manic train .. i lost because get gang bang and being cheat
  3. Nuke on Fire

    Nuke on Fire Guest

    well covert only co me for 1 week bro ask him , but i honest he teach me alot and i can do advance technique in TW
  4. Rebel2society101

    Rebel2society101 Still Going Strong

    Jan 25, 2008
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    This is what happens when you wear old socks again and don't wash them.
  5. Nuke on Fire

    Nuke on Fire Guest

    well he co me at september or october and thats only 1 week along time a go, he is not co me on nov or december . if iam not being cheat i can handle manic dude i get attack from 16 manic players and also 3 players from havoc tribe so suddent in the end my acc being cheat . i trust them but iam raising backstabber , if i can turn back time , i can easily rim 3 of them easily .. aunt bessie and glenmex is noob random havoc also even they cant even T Train ... i lost because my troops i send to someone that need 10 hours .. they attack me so suddent and cheat me too they backstab me well at the end some one send all my support and also my troops awa 160 hours journey , i am very sure u will not also handle that kind of attack and also dirty tricks some one playing and acting be my PA and ended as backstabber
  6. None of this needs to be here, wrong forum. No need to critiscise him in a thread where he offers to co-play, if people interview him and are happy to let him co, so let it be.
  7. Nuke on Fire

    Nuke on Fire Guest

    tbh mate iam so stupid so easily trust people , iam so exhausted 18 hours playing a day for 5 days i need a co and i ask one of Lordofthenorth player acc that before he support me much and he said his brother can co me .. i have reason to trust him but at the end he withdraw his support and also from Fork ... and send my defence to K 66 from k 34and K 35 my villages to some one in Insan3 thats why i lost ... i even can snipe manic duke that cant even send a train debb ... so to be honest please don refresh my bad memory from w 58 i have enough . i want new start and i assure you iam not a noob ...
  8. appleand

    appleand Guest

    How are people confused by the different forums? There is a seperate section for this sort of thing!

  9. Nuke on Fire

    Nuke on Fire Guest

    well u have to wait long i am co ing 2 k pts player for now and the player is nice and cooperative , i will teach him as i can
  10. legless187

    legless187 Contributing Poster

    Jul 14, 2010
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    Wrong place, move to Recruitment or co-player arrea's please
  11. alphabonkers

    alphabonkers Guest

    Aren't you the one who played as stunt. in this world ? Who pussied out to join Look! and then deceit , lie to his so called PA so that he can noble an easy village. Alas, if you would have only known with which ppl of Arcane you are dealing with... :icon_wink:
  12. ChrisIIhoppy

    ChrisIIhoppy Contributing Poster

    Jun 10, 2007
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    Hey, didn't I snipe and backtime you here, then you quit?
  13. alphabonkers

    alphabonkers Guest

    You forgot the catting part, chris. :D
  14. Nuke on Fire

    Nuke on Fire Guest

    well iam not online at that time , that was another co ask Kokkheng /Crazy noobs are back , i never use dirty tricks .. i was busy on w 58 at that time
  15. not3vil

    not3vil Active Member

    Dec 4, 2011
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    ;p and the flaming begins.
  16. bernard 2485

    bernard 2485 Guest

    Nobody said it yet...

    WRONG SECTION! I need a co but do you see me posting everywhere? for goodness sake... :| if you dont know how to post then don't do it. Period.
  17. One Last Shot

    One Last Shot Contributing Poster

    Sep 15, 2011
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    If you are put on to an account NoF, hit me up and I may pop on to join you - I've seen the quality of your playing, and it would be fun to play with you :)
  18. Nuke on Fire

    Nuke on Fire Guest

    wow thanks that very nice appraisal do u been make . thanks i will PM u
  19. Nuke on Fire

    Nuke on Fire Guest

    well case close i have co Dark. prince ...


    Thanks for his trustworthy to let me co him :)

    Best Regards,

    Nuke on Fire