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    Tribal Wars Winter Event 2012

    Tribal Wars is in the midst of winter and, for the first time, a strange new invader is present in the lands. Viking camps are appearing across the map and fearless, brave and bloodthirsty warriors defend their lodgings with fearsome Viking weaponry.

    As the camps move across the world, intelligence of plunderable treasures reaches your ears. Viking furs are ripe for plucking if you’re brave enough to breach their defences… but you have to be quick if you want to catch them before the camp moves on!


    The Tribal Wars Winter event 2012 has now begun on our newer worlds, and Viking camps are appearing across the world map.

    Plunder the camps and collect warm Viking furs which can then be distributed to your population in exchange for bonuses to hauling capacity, building times, recruitment speed and resources.

    Viking camps

    Click on a camp from the map screen, and select the info option to bring up a camp info screen. It's very similar to the village info screen, but will contain an additional option and decampment information:


    Decampment in: This will show a time in hours, minutes and second until the camp moves on and can no longer be attacked. If an attack on the camp would arrive after this countdown, it is not able to be sent.

    Prolong existence: Using this link you can spend a small amount of premium points to extend the stay of the camp by an additional hour, if you need extra time to plunder it.

    Plundering furs

    To start plundering furs, you need to attack the Viking camps in the same way as you would attack other villages, but be warned: the camps are defended, so be sure to send enough units to ensure a victory!

    After the battle has taken place, you can see the outcome in your battle reports, as usual. But instead of fighting against normal army units, your opponents are Vikings [​IMG].

    If you won the battle, your troops will bring home a resource haul. But they will also collect valuable Viking furs which are added immediately to your available furs (viewable in the winter event screen).

    Note: Vikings Camps are not affected by the holiday peace.

    Spending furs
    Access the winter event screen by clicking the “open” link in the event widget in your village overview:


    The winter event screen looks like this:


    In the events screen you can see how many furs you have collected, and the buffs that are available to you. Once you have collected enough furs to use a buff, the activation link will become active.


    If you're having trouble plundering enough furs, you can reduce cost of buffs for a small amount of premium points.

    Hint: You can only have one buff active at a time!

    Event countdowns
    At the bottom of the winter event screen are two countdowns: the first shows the deadline after which no new Viking camps will appear. The second countdown marks the end of the event – after this time it will no longer be possible to spend furs, or activate buffs, and all existing buffs will disappear.

    Questions and/or discussion?

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    Have a very merry Christmas,
    The Tribal Wars team

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