Winter Event 2013



Winter Event!

Dear players,

A cold wind is blowing on the Tribal Wars lands, and snow is turning the familiar landscape into a freezing white scenery. However, this is not the only change! Merchants from a far away country have been sent by their king to gather resources in order to rebuilt their kingdom after a cataclysm, and they will be setting camp near your villages.

The merchants will be bringing steel, and are willing to exchange this new and precious resource in exchange for your Clay, Wood, or Iron that they desperately need. Will you accept their offer and trade peacefully with them, or will you decide to be more aggressive and try to steal the resources gathered from previous trades in their well defended encampments? The choice is yours!

Event start: 17.12.13

Last Merchant spawn: 07.01.14

Event end: 14.01.14 After this time it will no longer be possible to use steel, or activate prizes, and all existing prizes will disappear.

This event will be active on all standard and casual worlds.

Trading with the merchants

The merchants posts will appear on the map once the event starts. The visitors come with peaceful intentions, they want to trade with you!
You can click on a merchant encampment near your village on the map, and then go to "Village information"

You will then have the option to send resources to the Merchants, using the usual trading system. Once the trade is concluded, you will receive steel!
Each Merchant post has a resource limit. Once they reach it, they will leave your neighborhood to go back to their kingdom. A new merchant will then appear at a different location.

Attacking the merchants

If trading peacefully is not really your thing, you can try to attack the merchants instead. You would have to select the option "send troops" on the Merchant post screen.
But you need to be careful! The merchants are protected by experienced mercenaries, and it won't be easy defeating them!
If you manage to win the fight, you will be able to plunder the resources other players sent to the merchants.
You won't be able to obtain steel that way, the merchants hide it from attacks and only trading allows you to gain it.
Once a Merchant post has been plundered, you only have two hours to try to get the resources. After that time, the merchants will leave your neighborhood, angry from the pretty rude welcome they received!

Using the steel

The steel you obtain from the merchants is a valuable resource, you can use it to obtain prizes and upgrades.

One way to get these prizes is to participate in the tombola:

You can spin the wheel to obtain some buffs for your village or troops
Not all prizes can be gained via the tombola, some have to be directly purchased with steel:

You can only have one prize active at a time.

At the bottom of the winter event screen are two countdowns: the first shows the deadline after which no new Merchant posts will appear. The second countdown marks the end of the event – after this time it will no longer be possible to use steel, or activate prizes, and all existing prizes will disappear.

Discussion thread


An update was deployed concerning the Winter Event, with the following changes:

-We realized that the buffs Overabundance and Overabundance II could provide an unfair advantage if used multiple times in a row. We decided to limit their use to 1 per day. This should limit the raise in resources that it allowed previously, especially on newer worlds.
-We added a warning when you decide to attack the merchant posts, mentioning that their defense are really strong. You will likely only be able to succeed in attacking them with considerable effort and teamwork.