I have made the tribe WnN (White and Nerdy) they name may be changed soon.

We are a strict tribe me and the other leader both have over two years experience I started on W4 and he started on W1, but to join the tribe you must be in K72 or right next to the border of K72. You must have some experience we are mainly looking for advanced players but are willing to help some of the newer player. We dont care if you have the most points if you dont have the troops to back it up.

If you want to join mail me or my co duke with your experience and depending on how many points you have we may want to account sit you.

Young ham- Me
Old ham-player.

young ham

A few updates, you must have atleast 300 points and need to be near atleast one of our members since we are going to be a small tribe until later on.

We will have to account sit you before we allow you to join the tribe.