[Word Up] Declaration of War

Discussion in 'World 30' started by JPohlman, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. k9burn

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    They play harder than most...and burn out faster.
  2. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    spleen, your just upset that me and my tribe can hold onto our villages unlike yours. Well to be fair, most of your tribe can, it just seems that its you who loses them, no matter where you are.

    Perhaps you should join a tribe that biulds troops, then you might have a chance at holding them villages. Its just a thought. But then again what would i know, im just a noob who keeps my villages.
  3. rygardal

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    Feb 1, 2009
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    What might actually help you a little in your argument, is the magic of background research into Spleen's experience and achievements, seen as the use of logic that surpasses your average 8 year old is beyond you judging by your persistence in posting verbal shit all over these forums.

    An example on Spleen Mage's ability to defend is right here, in which as a 70k pointer player, he did serious damage to a 1 million pointer's reputation using defensive ability. His counter attacking was pretty effective aswell.Clicky meh


    Statistics prove otherwise to your argument that THE doesn't build troops, and argument that has about the same level of truth as I am the pope. They are ranked 4 ODA, nuff said on that issue.


    I'd like to question what inspires you to come upon these forums. You seem to do nothing than argue for the sake of arguing, attempting to defy logic as blatant as it can be. What achievements do you have under your belt to question the ability of THE when it comes to history? They are one of the eldest existing tribes that boasts one of the best histories of any current tribe.

    I really don't think some argumentative peewee has the right to argue many of the things you do, when his intelligence shown on the forums barely surpasses that of a preschool educated child.
  4. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    Firstly this is a new world as spleen said and his abilities seem to be failing him here as hes taken a grand total of 3 villages and he managed to lose 3 villages. And 2 of them gifted to him by THE and he still managed to lose one of them. wow those are damn good stats.

    And they boast a histroy. there players who left had a good history are they still here?

    THE is that still on world 8 or did it get destroyed.

    You can say there histroy is good but it depends where your looking on the timeline. Theyve started good, theyve done decent at the start, then they get into a real war and fall.
  5. spleen mage

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    Feb 10, 2007
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    Cheers rygardal :)

    Hollow words. I lost my first when I was nobled while I was asleep. A) Being attacked a few days after I relocated, and B) a glitch, meaning I couldn't build my first church. I'm not bitter about it, I'm still here, and I'l be back on my feet before you know it.

    Don't worry, I'l overtake you within a few months :icon_wink: Of course, with some of your captures....

    248 Abandoned bigbadsanta [boo!]
    812 Abandoned bigbadsanta [boo!]
    731 Abandoned bigbadsanta [boo!]

    .....That might not be so hard.

    Yes, you're right, our tribe doesn't build troops. Since you're "warring" us, why not send a few long distance nobles to our empty villages then?

    Of course you keep your villages - when you recruit everything that moves around you, there's no-one to attack you :)
  6. calarasi

    calarasi Guest

    Good luck boys.I dont say THE players i remember where bad.
    Erathnia is still no. 1 in what i call THE.
    Jp that 7-1 was not really 7-1.Most of ORI never seen THE as a danger and never touched your players till u got arrogant...

    My point - use something fresh for god sake.
    Not the same old strategy that failed in w8.
  7. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    Extra resource biuldings and they grow fast and can be used well for when i begin real expansion. But i notice you missed off my latest capture a 5k village not abandoned.

    But lets be honest the only real capture you made was a 2k village, which you lost 5 days later. The others gifted to you, so you didnt end up on the rim. And all the villages you lost. So even if you do overtake me i wont be too worried, youll probably lose the villages a few days later and ill be back ahead.
  8. JPohlman

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    May 24, 2006
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    I was asked to take command of both THE and REL at the same time. Originally, the merger was supposed to have about three months of planning, "get to know you time," and dinner dates before consummation.

    DTATDM informed me, then, that he was quitting immediately after a weekend, and that I had to take charge immediately.

    THE was never defeated in war on W8, worked its way up 90% through conquest to #3, and merged into REL. REL wasn't a bad tribe, but it wasn't the kind of tribe THE was. The cultural differences led to an unstable merger which was exacerbated by a very unfortunate situation. THE's players wanted to keep warring, keep attacking without regard, and boot+noble inactives. REL's wanted to recruit, noble grays, and attack when it suited them. THE's players didn't get enough fuel for their fires, and REL simply wasn't built for the heat.

    So, no. THE didn't "fail" on W8. In fact, the only reason it merged on W1 was because my mother passed away and Bean wasn't ready to lead a tribe yet. That, and we sucked back then - but so did just about everyone, and we learned quick.

    In other words - Its not like this world is closed. If you wanna take us on, please, do. Santa has already declared war, but he doesn't think logically anyway. I mean...Really? Join a tribe that trains troops? Sheesh. Calarasi - If you're so great, join up and start Northwest. Surely, if THE is such a terrible tribe, you'll be able to beat us all by your lonesome.

    Or, more likely, just brush off what I'm saying, spit back some witty saying like a squid spitting out some ink to defend itself by creating a diversion to run away - kinda like your namesake, yanno! - then sit back on snipe us on the forum from the safety of not having to actually back up a single word you say.

    Until you're on W30, your words pertaining to it - and us - are worthless.
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  9. In world 8 i think the was losing to the se family, though you did put up a good fight.

    But this isnt world 8 and it could be a very different outcome
  10. Bean

    Bean Still Going Strong

    Jun 21, 2006
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    Seems quite a lot has happened since I last checked in.

    Hmmm... Time to talk to JP.
  11. Abh0r53n

    Abh0r53n Guest

    im pretty certain they weren't, it was pretty much a stalemate...
  12. JPohlman

    JPohlman Contributing Poster

    May 24, 2006
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    There was once a tribe called SE-42. It was #2 on K42, I believe, and its ally FH was #1. THE was #3.

    It had to change its name because it lost its last few villages on K42. To THE. Afterward, yes, it "became" a stalemate - largely because we had other interests to take care of, and because every time an op came up to take K52 territory, someone cried, "this person is gonna quit soon, so don't hit him." That person was the K42 commander, Parrot; one of my biggest mistakes ever and possibly an inside agent for SE.

    So...No, THE definitely didn't lose to SE.
  13. posiden510

    posiden510 Guest

    Good luck to both tribes.
  14. calarasi

    calarasi Guest

    THE was never defeated in war on W8
    search rank 3 tribe? THE not there, not in w8 anymore :lol:

    worked its way up 90% through conquest to #3
    I remember Nurchee...thats how u gained rank 3, recruiting Suigen from k42.

    u got owned in k44 by ORI :lol:
    k43 by KNT :icon_confused: it was KNT to surrender ?
    k35 by [DT] :)

    and merged into REL
    :icon_confused: why?????:icon_cry:

    THE's players wanted to keep warring
    names, please give us names, those who made the choice to runn in a tribe where people wanted to noble barbarians in hope for a better day?

    REL's wanted to recruit, noble grays, and attack when it suited them. THE's players didn't get enough fuel for their fires, and REL simply wasn't built for the heat.
    :icon_eek: really? those elite players wanted that?:lol:

    So, no.THE didn't "fail" on W8.

    U can go and re create THE again and show us how many villages u are able to noble urslef? 1 in 2009? and 2 in 2010? :axemen: show us what u can
  15. Clem326

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    Jan 11, 2009
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    BD is already at war with several tribes, and they are from my understandment losing pretty bad, they are getting killed by the church, not having it in village that are needing defending, and they made a few enemies in the world and they are getting ganged up on.
  16. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    They arent losing villages yet, which is the main thing. so they arent losing just yet.

    It will be a long war and BD will no doubt make every village hard to take.
  17. Didnt everyone flame boo! for recruiting and getting top spot, and that is what THE have done, from 3rd to 1st due to hiring.
  18. AK_iceman

    AK_iceman Guest

    We recruited 2 players, not 100.
  19. BOO! only recruited at the time 4 as they moved from acaboo

    Its the same thing, and BOO! only moved up one spot.

    Its the same thing in my opinion
  20. AK_iceman

    AK_iceman Guest

    THE = Tribe Changes: 90

    boo! = Tribe Changes: 184
    acaboo = Tribe Changes: 337

    That is definitely not the same.