World 12


I seriously doubt it will be x3 speed.

I think 1.5 is the safest/best option.


When you have many villages spped 2 too much. Unless the world is timed, which would make it shit, and if you want such a bigger speed join w10, while you can or Speed
i am sorry i noob but speed 3 is better than 2!!!

if you want slow, play w11
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i am sorry i noob but speed 3 is better than 2!!!

if you want slow, play w11

uaa im decent at this game do you know how hard it is to start on the rim in w10 now

i had an easier time in w2.

note the only reason i was killed was that my troops dissapeared durring that whole thing but i didnt care enough about it to complain


dude high speed/troop speed would be ftw, id be glued to the screen, but the world would be flooded and probably crash...


from the thing the first guy wrote about "being prepared." i would to know for the same reason but in different context. i want to know when it starts so that i can organise for our mates from a world where the tribe just got rimmed by a much stronger one to make a tribe in that world, kind of like a reunition [if thats a word] of friends, with a few different players joining too

as for speed. the people [like me] who have to go to school and the many people that have to go for work, maybe TW is blocked for them at school. if there is high speed then i could go to school and as soon as i come back i could find ive been taken over. this also means that i have a disadvantage at the start of the world, i know that. hopefully im lucky enough to manage to do enough to stay in the world when it gets good [nobles are made.] im sure this is applies to many people. this is why 1.5 speed is best for me.

just wanted to clarify that because im bored + its good



Units: Old (no archers)
Speed: 2
relative Unit speed: 0.75
beginner protection: 3 days
Market will be disabled until december 10th
Academy: Packages
Smithy: 3 levels per technology, limit 15
Tribe member limit: 100
Scouts: depending on surviving amount resources, units in the village and buildings can be scouted. Units outside the village cannot be scouted.

opens friday!


Units outside the village cannot be scouted.
Add this possibility for scouts and W12 will be more popular then W10. Though I think it will not be like this, because good and interesting players will stay in W10. W10 got so popular because it was started in right time, so many experienced players from W1 got their new chance to show what they have learned there. They do not really need third chance, at least most of them.


This sucks, know alot of people who wont start because of this. :icon_sad:


I can't see the opening of world 12 making that much difference on world 10 and 11 server loads, as i reckon that many will play world 12 in addition to worlds 10 and 11. Not instead of like the admins are hoping.


I wonder that to at times. I hope he doesn't mean booking off work or skipping school, no game is worth that.
wtf are u a teacher or somink cause no sudent would ever say that id much rather play this game then go to skool id even skip nurery for it

and world 12 is out on friday