World 12

Discussion in 'Questions' started by JimmyT, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. Onyfierce

    Onyfierce Guest

    You've clearly never heard of lodda yet.

    Server Rank Player Points Villages Tribe
    574 lodda 605,428 61 TH
    12027 lodda 116 1 HOTSW4
    3466 lodda 28,648 3 CultLC
    221 lodda 1,641,295 161 T.B.P!
    4445 lodda 27,782 3 DE2
    373 lodda 752,017 75 CHE!!!
    57561 lodda 0 0
    No account on this world
    2483 lodda 45,434 5 TIP-NE
    2 lodda 1,271,563 127 Die.
  2. That's because lodda is a weird addict.. anyway i don't want the whole PTT thing over again, so 100 members limit should be fair enough, and please starting directions.. that's just ftw...

    anyone has any plans about an organised tribe yet.....
  3. blodyx

    blodyx Guest

    Lodda isnt active on all those worlds as far as i know.
  4. Maybe he's the guy that starts on all the worlds and see's where he's getting it..
  5. By the way, can't some admin make a World 12 forum allready?! makes it a lot easier for us to discuss "certain" things.
  6. Tarion

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    Oct 30, 2006
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    Yes, I can see you'd much rather play this game than go to school. :icon_wink:

    On the other hand, you know, investing in your life means that when you are an adult you can afford a computer and an internet connection in order to play this game then. Ever heard the expression "short term loss, long term gain"? That applies to school too. You put in some time now, in order to get money later.

    I myself am a student, but I have priorities. I need to do work in order to pass. If I don't pass, I've wasted the year. Of course, I'm tempted to skip my lecture on Friday so I can be here. It's optional, and I do need to be working on my essay for it anyway. So... Yeah, priorities. Assessment > Class > TW

    If I can do Assessment and TW at the same time... well, I just win :lol:
  7. servy

    servy Guest

    For starters, no, I haven't heard of him. I assumed there were a few people like that out there, but I'm sure they're very, very few.

    W4 graph is a completly horizontal line. Somehow I doubt he's active there. W6 has a 3+ week flatline, with some movement recently. W10 is the opposite, it was active until about a week ago when it went pretty flat.

    So all in all, it looks like he's only ever really active on 1 world at any given time, he just switches around which world that happens to be, proving my point.