World 121 Premade Tribe: The Church of Tater (Tater)


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The Church of the Tater is opening for recruitment,
If you agree to the terms then you can integrate smoothly.

Don't go for points, only focus on trainin' more 'n more of your troops, 'n
Don't waste your army alone, contact us, we fight in groups.
Don't send an attack at a stacked target until you get your troops up.
A dozen farms that ain't full of LC and Axe are just useless.
A single village with population increased and lower buildings with a full nuke is
More deadly than twice the army split between seven hits that were cluelessly sent.

Don't make more attack villages than you can defend,
Don't take more bonus villages than whose buildup cost you can expend,
Three hundred points a day of growth on them is what we expect,
If you ain't ready for that, then don't take bonus Barracks.

Before you go and start a war with neighbor tribes in the continent,
Think about the repercussions, all your actions have consequence
For the rest of the tribe, if you want plunder than contact us,
If we approve of your target, then you can clear 'em 'n conquer 'em.

Every member of the tribe must contribute from day to day,
I will inspect and evaluate you on a weekly basis,
You do not have to do everything, but you must participate,
And if you don't respond, we'll conquer you for all your evasiveness.

Don't know how to help, then I'll tell you the ways that you can:
Send adequate troops out to stack the allies who're on the list we made
Or send support to the ones who've already got hits on the way.
Send an attack at enemies that threaten the church that we've saved.
Send out your scouts to gather intel on targets we designate.
Build villages to give up to members who'll be grateful.

If you have done none of that and we're not in times of peace,
Then all those resources you saved, you'd best let us get a piece.

If there is anything here that you don't understand, then have patience,
just ask and I'll stop rappin' 'n I will simply explain it.

Who am I?
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