World 127 Auto-Updating Maps

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Please note:

Paul the Paladin and these maps are a private project of mine and are in no way related to my job as a Community Manager; If these maps break, they are totally up to me to fix and not InnoGames / the Tribal Wars team. Please refrain from creating support requests for this as they will be considered tools from an external party (my private person, not as an employee). I also ask that people copying these threads for upcoming worlds add this note to their forum topics.


Top 20 Players (Points)


Top 20 Players (ODA)

Top 20 Players (ODD)

Top 20 Tribes (Points)

Top 20 Tribes (ODA)

Top 20 Tribes (ODD)

Conquers Last 24H of Top 20 Tribes
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Maybe you can zoom the names on the right side so we don't have to click on the photo and zoom to read them

This is sadly not really doable as it totally wrecks the quality of the entire image, for some reason (which is why there were blurry up until this morning).
I would suggest clicking the images and then using the zoom / doubletap on mobile to get the leganda :/

I'll still check if I can improve that portion a bit, but at the moment there's not much I can think of.