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Haha, best one yet guys imo. I had some really good laughs. Also i really like the new addition of the who's who; always nice to learn more about the rl aspects of the players we know in game.

Anyway, keep up the good work blog staff and i look forward to the next always :)


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I really do think that the blog is getting better every other week! Congrats to all!


Just a heads up... I am planning on interviewing Cship in the next day or so, so if you have any questions you'd like asked feel free to IGM them to me.


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once again guys another great blog and on the case of interviewing cship... no sorry i dont have any questions but you could always start with their feelings over the crasula incident.


The crasula incident will only get deleted if you go into details on forum. We're not called RAM now for no reason ;)


nice work maybe stiki is better than paj at interviews :p man hour well wicked


Great blog guys, best one yet IMO. :)

Loved all 3 interviews! It's too bad the THE review thing was done before our OP, but meh... it's clear that a few of those opinions can be discarded now. Although I don't fault them as we did have quite a stagnant month or two.

Concerning the rumor that I was quitting... Where did that come from?
I was VERY surprised when Atraeus caught me on skype one day to try and talk me out of quitting W30! I was like "Wha? Huh? I'm quitting?" :icon_razz:

Anyway, keep up the great work blog team.

Oh yeah, that pic in Baddies man hour of the two chicks in the bikinis... HOT! :icon_redface:


Thanks to slates who basically single handedly handled the Top 10 and quote of the week for Jubal-y hour.

I was tied up with work and nobling stuff :p

Great edition!


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Slates also did my part for this week as I was out of town..... Kudos to slates for a hectic week for him I assume.


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Nice blog but the interviews... how can I say.. soft. super soft. I know you guys can do better. Both Shipley and canine should have been kept under heavy fire there. especialy Shipley. You are there to get good answers and stir those forums not to make friends with various leaders. In the end of an interview, if the interviwed hates you and himself, you did your job.

BTW, The is not falling behind as far as I can see. Us taking first spot was a tribal decision. Not always but most of the time we stayed under 40 members so we dont get it. We always had the highest average after all and that is virtually the first spot. so that change does not mean a thing. The is there kicking ass for all I know. Dont underestimate those guys under no circumstances. I kow you Pheonx asses are firing from all positions on them but it is not the case.

as for jubal's quote of the week, it seems I am a perma owner there. Gicusan goes to prepare a few good ones for next week too. :D
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Great Blog Guys! Enjoyed it a lot.

I liked the Who's who especially.

Just a thought, sometimes the colours in the interview make my eyes bleed to read it, tone them down a little. :) And maybe not centre the text, so I don't have scroll around to find where the sentence starts.


Gicu I agree as far as my interview being "soft" but it was a first so I decided I would be fairly gentle the first go around. I dont wanna scare all future victims away.


Gicu I agree as far as my interview being "soft" but it was a first so I decided I would be fairly gentle the first go around. I dont wanna scare all future victims away.
To be fair to Stiki, he asked a few days before the interview for people to send in questions he would like to ask. So you all had the opportunity to send in the most vicous devious spiteful questions you wanted to ask! :icon_wink:


Interesting stuff, folks!

Although, Stiki, waaay too light on Ship. I wish I had signed in earlier and saw the request for questions ... :icon_evil: (Just kidding, Ship ... :icon_wink: )

According to the little counter at the top of the page, the last time I signed in was October 16, 2009 ... got some reading still to go, but the Blog helps!

Great work, guys!