World 30's Ranks and Titles


One of my favorite threads, ever (thanks, parm need to create a category for you just for this). Marked by it's sweeping overview of W30 in the responses covering many players, some current, some retired and lack of bickering and back-biting (for once).

1. The Wise Old King
belvalcor--you don't hear much from him, but you would be wise to pay attention when you do

2. The Warrior Queen
mcmellow--she has both aspects, the skills of the warrior and the reigning of a duke (and the diplomat). Her foresight in leading the remnants of HAMMER into BH (while at war with both THE and HAMMER) will be looked back on as the deciding action on which W30 is settled.

3. The Heir Apparent
davepowa1--someday he may catch parm as #1 player in W30 or not. Either way, both are fine players and more to be reckoned with than just the size of their accounts.

4. The Irrational Prince
ChamichA (make sure the last A is in CAPS). Fighter extraordinaire. Passionate. Volatile. Georgian. Friend.

5. The Often Kidnapped Princess
ravenJ--don't know about kidnapped or princess, but definately has sat more accounts under fire than anyone!!! Got a problem with defense? If you are lucky, go and 'kidnap' raven from paj.

6.The Court Jester
r2d3--his presence on the pnp is always welcome, insightful and usually amusing

7. The Diplomat
karmaX--now else can you tag a duke that has managed to make enemies of virtually all of W30 for his tribe?

8. The Gallant Knight
noobaxes--When he left RAM, for his stated noble and gallant reasons, he was acknowledged by those within and outside of RAM for his gallant conduct and skillful play (no matter how hard some tried to denigrate his skills, it was so clear they were full of nonsense in that area).

9. The Castle Guard
ravenJ--premier defender

10. The Magician
pajuno--Phoenx is too small, can't take on BD...or can they? Definately can't cut it, don't take on RAM....well, that has worked out just fine, as well. Skilled as diplomat, warrior, leader. Is he the arrogant ass some would like to call him? The skilled manipulator? Or just so in control that you can not be sure what is an illusion or real, like the magician he is.


6.The Court Jester

Love him or hate him, his efforts to make of this world a joke may someday become legendary. Carving a smile upon the face of every tribe he has had the pleasure to disband :)icon_wink:), Soldier 1st Class begs the question, "Why so serious?"
Thank you Chris. Your kind words have brought a smile to a once neutral face. Isn't that what the founders of this game want? I'm sure this game was designed for friendships. The act of one man bringing joy to another.
And you had the intelligence to see my act as more than just arrogance. You were perceptive enough to see through what most sheep see.

A rare gift I assure you.