World 5 players


Ill remake this, made one but when i was a noob.

Thana - no not because i want to boot her a third time (although that would be fun) but because she is/was? (dunno about was) a very good player.
Dazrield - Good player lol
Fizzilio - See Dazrield
Matt76827 - See Fizzilio
Me - coz i r leet 2!


Lucky Charms - killer, period end.
Nyxx - He is not human, he is an experimental TW-bot posing as a player
newplayer - he pwns ... allegedly human but spreads clusters like a virus
Torts - excellent player and person
daftwager - daft is a great thinker and strategist

I don't make par with these guys IMO, and there could be a lot more on this list including people I pretend to not like, or people long gone (though newplayer is now in W19 isn't he?)


xJezuzx - Very good good player, stands by his friends, knows how to deal with different persona's

Adowsy - although I don't contact outside the forum, I can tell He's got a strong set of moral codes that he's not going to break, Fairly decent player, I'm curious to see if he can rally Hoplo under a unified banner and repel the invaders.

Mattius - the kids got spunk. nuff said.

Hermillion - Friend of my friend Taljr, very strong player, knows how to work diplomacy well, knows how to fight even better.

And Daiku - because Steam rolling a K of villages isn't enough for him, he's got to post about it too.


second round draft picks anyone? ;) [two back-up picks]

Arghos - Speaks softly and carries a big stick

KK - Much Love <3

Makes me laugh every time, lol.

I must admit, if I stuck to just being in game, i'd prolly do better, i get too carried away when I get on the forums.