World 60 The Best World


Hello guys, thought id pop back in to say this world rocked!
I was messing around on the tribal statistics looking for the hall of fame to see if i am still on their and it turns out world 60 has by far the most amount of villages out of every world in tw history!..
At nearly 1 million villages it is 4 times above the average..

This World had it all
The talent, leadership and balls as well as sudden twists and forum personalities and debates, A lot of which the new worlds lack..
Thank you to everyone who participated and made this world epic for me can end my 7 year tw career on a high note, respect to my old tribe mates friends and enemies you know who you are.


Hi Mac Warrior, UV here :D It was nice knowing you mate while you were playing this world

the nemesis123

For all the times I moan about it, aside from World 1 and the joy of actually learning the game from scratch and learning new things, this was by far my favourite world. One thing though, TWstats village numbers are mostly wrong, W60 is quite a large world but only has about 200k villages.


this has been one hell of a world from start to finish made some great friends and have enjoyed it