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There are blog gods..?
Just as some constructive criticism, I would like to see more interviews in your blogs. These new updates seem like surface skimming again. Basically, you could have summed up the updates as.

1. Noodle is at war.
2. This world has Secrets.
3. TBS is at war.

It lacks substance. Perhaps a few interviews could help this come along better. Keep in mind that most of your blog readers are going to be regular forum goers and hence well versed in world events. We want to hear something new, not just a rehashing of forum threads, or a non-substantial talk about an unknown tribe. Interviews are probably the easiest way to do this.

Just something to take into consideration, for your future updates.

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Just a question for voodoowarrior ...

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He updated the original post.
:icon_redface: d'oh!

EDIT: Just checked and last one was a short piece about one war 9 days ago. :icon_neutral:

Suggestions, can issues that are spread out over longer periods of time include more? I think much more important things have happened, and hell, include an interview?
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when we expect the next addition?
well if its anything like w56
we'll wait 2 months, get a new blogger who'll make 2/3 issues before vanishing as well.
process repeat until nobody picks up the banner


the new blog is up about noodle war nothing else shame with so much else happening


This guy is terrible. Out of all the events happening he picks on the worst thing, probably being biased since half of the blogs he did was about noodles :icon_rolleyes:.

Wonka war, East war, TOP vs gains. Rumors of Riot and SVG merge. East and Wet? merge < could talk about what wonka think of it and a few other things, such as possible interview with WASP duke, or even Easts.

Even i could do a better blog :icon_rolleyes:

Can someone else take this guys spot -.-.

earthquake girl

Oh, go get your own blog, Whiney McWhinerton.

It really is all about us,


Wait where you trying to be funny? bit of an awkward situation here...

unfortunately it seems that way shame really.

earthquake girl

It is a shame, yes, because it would be nice to see updates about the whole world, not just about us.

He made it clear he's new at blogging. He's also made it clear that he's open to constructive criticism and suggestions. You're sitting here whining about something that's completely free and complaining that you aren't getting what you want from it. Have you mailed him and offered him any info or suggestions for his blogs, or are you just sitting around and insulting him while claiming you can do a better job? Seems to me we could use a new blogger -- one with more time to devote to the job. If you can do better, then why aren't you? Or would you rather just criticize the efforts of others instead of being helpful?