World 61 Milestones


Updated. If there are milestones I need too add tell me on here, also, if I made a mistake please correct me. Thank you, as I no longer play on this world I kinda forget to even look at it.


I wonder if this world will stagnate or TW will encourage newbees to join it instead of newest W62. IMHO the world with limited haul is suited much better for a beginner, then a full haul W62. And what I see now? There is almost no new accounts on the rim, and half of newcomers are rimmed players. Right now you have a very big chance to emerge with your tiny 116 pointed new village right next to the guy with academy.


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Rank Name Tribe Points Villages Average points per village
1 Revenge4Destiny Riot! 420.744 50 8415

Revenge 1st to 50 villages...!

Comander 31

seen as no one has bothered to claim it SHO3K was the first tribe to get 500K points

mama Weasley is gangsta

CarefulWithThatAccEugene is first to 100 villages.
Congrats! <3