World 76 Fantasy Draft


Since the forums have once again become stale I thought I would throw out a new game that can hopefully add a tiny bit of life to the world.

How this game works:

1.) Each person creates a team name (extra points for originality).
2.) Respond to this thread by choosing a player from W76 for your team. For example: With the first overall pick in the W76 draft, Team (insert team) chooses (insert player).
3.) Once a player has been chosen this player is no longer eligible to be picked by another team.
4.) You must allow 4 people to pick after you before you are eligible to have another draft pick
5.) Teams can have a maximum of 5 players

Once teams have been chosen in a couple weeks we can do a vote on which team people think would win if they were to all go up against each other. Let the draft begin :icon_biggrin:


W76 forum started to be dead again and I bet it will be like it was 1 month ago in next few days ...


With my first draft pick I will pick Truffle(Hard call between him to tesh. Yet I went with james cause the experience).


With the 5th overall pick in the W76 draft Team Internals picks KingCat.


team : Nubz R Us
pick: Shorty928x

no fair Balu, I wanted Teshypoo


I draft bot protection. It has proved to be the most challenging thing to beat on this world.


Spammed. NEXT