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Welcome to the introduction of the World 80 blog. As mentioned in the previous thread this will be a bit different than past blogs I have put together. I will still release a "big" issue covering non time sensitive stories, interviews, maps, etc. I want to supplement the main issues with news as it happens which will enhance blog articles, war reports, or just keep everyone up to date on current events. I will be bringing back some of the old blog staples that have driven the popularity and enjoyment factor and will experiment with some new ones. As with any early world content will become more in depth the deeper we get into the world so bare with us the first few blogs. I might have to shake a little rust off.

For those of you who don't know me I'm Undead Billy Mays, self proclaimed king of Politics and Propaganda (PNP). I start ed in World 39 with a tribe called Rx4u. I've played off and on for the last 6 years but am most infamous for my forum presence. I have no problems with shameless self promotion. In the past I have run blogs both officially and unofficially for Tribal Wars. Currently I am modding the GFX forum and assisting with the Tribal Wars Facebook (Go visit and show love to the arts!) Before we get started I want to introduce a few Tribal Wars players who have stepped up to help out. Putting these productions together can get overwhelming so it's awesome to see some of you volunteer your time and efforts to keeping the world up to date and entertained. Without further ado..

I present to you:


I am not that good at personal introductions

My name is Daniel (my friends would call me Dan, if I had any). I am joking. I have a few friends. But I am not really proud of them. I am sure I could find better friends. Seriously. Please PM me! Need new friends...

I am 21 years old, from Romania, been a TribalWars player for a way too long time now - almost eight years. Seen everything, been everywhere, went through wars, betrayals, endured the boring peace, got nobled a few times, nobles others as well (mostly barbarians though...) and I can honestly say that I love both the game and the community. They don't really love me back but as Confucius once said, „meh...”

My greatest passion is history (Napoleonic period) and my most fierce passion is the Battle of Waterloo. Given the chance I am sure I could bore any man with stories about Waterloo **sighs in nostalgia while flying away.


I enjoy a good romance novel, taking late night walks on the beach; laying in the park on a warm spring day – after being too intoxicated to do anything else, and spending quality time with the one I love – my psychic girlfriend, who left me before we met. I enjoy quiet candle-lit T.V. dinners by the fireplace – when I forget to pay the bills, and the man shuts my power off, and blowing soap bubbles in the shower. I appreciate kisses for no reason, hollerin' at old ladies; dancing in the rain; the unpredictable and complex story lines of WWE wrestling; waiting in line to get a ticket to my own bands show — "sorry sir you're not the list". When I'm not gettin' slapped by woman, watching a thrilling bass fishing adventure, cutting grass or chopping wood – a passion of mine, you can usually find me at the Farmer's Market, doing some straight up gangsta business.

Oh, and I play tribal wars and other games (mostly RTS) in my free time. I've been playing this game since world 8 (CLOROX); while I've played many worlds, I'm mostly known for leading tribes w37 1ns4n3, w36 Wuke, and several HP tribes.

Personally, I've been in the newspaper industry for over 16 years -- and currently work for one of the most prolific newspapers in the United States. I enjoy games, playing music (I've been a drummer in a hard rock band for 15 years); writing; spending time with family and friends.


Hey everyone my name is Cody. I am known on todays worlds as Arceus. My first world was w10. W12 i was a part of the winning tribe DNY I was SlinkiestWizard. W50 i was a co on Twin Juggernaut in which our tribe won as well. Today I am trying to become an in game mod for TW. I'm also an in game mod for a online rpg game called Pokemon Vortex. I mess with Photoshop here and there when I have time as I am in college going into my last year! Majoring in Business, marketing, and sports management. I also play soccer there as well!

These fine gentlemen have been the first to pledge their allegiance, err i mean service. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Waterloo and Ash over the past week or so -- and well I wouldn't call it a pleasure but I've known Amish for quite a long time. (He's a fanboy)


I want to set a few ground rules for when the content drops.

1. There will be a dedicated Blog discussion thread. Please use that for all comments. It will make Earl's job a lot easier so we don't have to move comments.

2. Always feel free to include suggestions for improving the blog either in the discussion thread or by private messaging. I've posted my skype in several places. Edgeukated

3. The content of this blog in no way shape or form reflects the thoughts and feelings of Innogames or any Tribal Wars staff members.

4. This blog will never attack any player's personal life. Any likeness to anyone's situation or circumstances is purely coincidental and should not be taken as any sort of personal attack. Don't get butthurt if you make Facepalm of the Week. For those of you that feel wronged by a past Undead Billy Mays PnP or just general dealings with me -- Just let it go. This is World 80, not World XX That isn't meant for any one person in particular but if you do get mentioned it means I probably made you more famous than you were so I'll accept my thank you anytime.

5. Talk! Respond! If there is no discussion about the events we cover then we are either doing a crap job at it or the world isn't interested. Conversation is what drives us to bring what we do to the external forums and keeps us motivated to take on this task.

Sneak Peak:

Crystal Ball: A look at possible conflicts in the core


Looking at the spreads, future growth opportunities and use of common sense, the team will break down where we see our first big wars starting. We look forward to your discussion with this one!

Content to come this weekend

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The Content Cometh


Discussion topic of the week: Where do you draw the line

What kind of player would you say you are?
What kind of player would others say you are?

I am in a unique position to see a lot of the worlds dirt. The amount of screenshots i've been sent with Tribe A up to shady business against Tribe B after making diplomacy ... doesn't' surprise me -- but it's a lot for an early world. In my year off I don't think there has been a shift in the way people play, I think I just forgot the amount of people, tribes that condone this behavior as long as it is serving to their benefit. Where do you stand on the subject of being a shady player or part of a tribe that conducts such practices?

I would wager that most of us if interrogated would try to claim that we are good honest moral players. Some of you would not be telling the truth and others would. I think it's easy to become corrupted in this competitive environment where your worth is based on your ability to win.

I know when i accepted it as a viable option. It was world 42 and I was leading my first tribe called Grumpy Old Sods. I was naive and made a lot of the same mistakes that every naive tribe leader does. My biggest mistake was not underestimating my enemy but rather overestimating the loyalty of my own tribe mates. We were a fairly full tribe battling with an enemy group of a whopping 5 members one of which was the lovely Arabella. They had convinced half my tribe to leave when I had spent a few hours organizing support plans launch times and landing times for each village. When all my offense went splat I was perplexed. I soon found out only a few of us launched while the others hit the leave tribe button. I was crushed but I learned a valuable lesson that day. People will do what they feel is necessary to protect their own valuables. Thats the day I ceased to be what i was as a player and Undead Billy Mays was born.

That's my personal story, whats yours?

Is sacrificing morals worth victories?


I don't really like interviews - I think they are boring to read because no tribe leader or top player is really going to ever give you anything worth while to put up in the blog such as future attack plans - who they love, who they hate - it's really just a fluff piece to add words to a document. If you want interviews - feel free to try and change my mind - Instead this week we are going to play a game related to a player. I am working hard to get an answer - I want to see who can give the best guess as to the amount of Premium points used by the -Sakura- (formerly Marlboro) account.

I honestly see nothing wrong with this method. Many will complain about Pay to Win worlds and have already done so but lets look at some realities:

Everyone has access to Premium through

-Free offers
-Market Trading (Premium Harvest)
-External means (providing graphics or other out of game services allowed by Tribal Wars rules)

Does it make players who use premium any more or less skilled? No
Does it give players with lots of premium an immunity to tactics? No
Does it give players in early world play an advantage? Yes

I'll defend it's a viable strategy and should not be frowned upon. If they end up losing those villages it's their Premium wasted, not yours.

With all that said, I'm still curious how much was spent.


In future editions of the World 80 blog this section will be dedicated to updating the world with war stats from tribes that either

A. Want to be featured and let me know
B. Make public news on the forums
C. Discovered by my crack team of investigators

I will bring in guests from involved tribes time to discuss justifications for war, defend their positions, boast in their victories or wallow in their defeats. The wars that the world watches will obviously gain more attention than others as their impact will be bigger but that doesn't mean that your smaller wars aren't important too. I cannot be in all places at once, so the more info I have, the better coverage I can give.

This week I want to take a look at the potential conflicts I see in the core. I was going to do it K by K but to be honest, I couldn't really find anything in K54 that I thought was willing to put a wager on. Gents, the dominant K tribe in 54 looks to have a fairly smooth road to the rim thus far. Time will tell if real conflicts and threats arise to prove me wrong.

I think we are all in agreement that this is the pot that will boil first - already is.

MvDC vs Farm (K45)


The main attraction here in the brewing shitstorm known as K45 is MvDC vs Farm. This one is going to get ugly. It's going to be ugly in the forums, ugly in the world and all the tribes in the K might as well throw diplomacy out the window now. I've already seen screenshots of allied tribes who are on the verge of backstabbing the tribe they "pledged" to play nice with. For now we will focus on the map. I cannot wait to see the front line stats with this early world conflict. The caps, recaps, sniping, stacking should all be documented for the world to see. The Farm cluster is problematic - for Farm, not for MvDC. I am not a fan of day one core starts and that's a big reason why. The only war options for those villages is to build defense and send to the front lines, leaving you completely vulnerable to a possible unknown enemy slipping behind you or backstabbing assumed ally puncturing you in the stomach with a hidden blade. I give the advantage here on the map to MvDC but I do have the benefit of some privy information...

Roman vs Friend (K44)


Roman I think has the worst positioning/luck of any of the core tribes as far as growth potential. To grow east you would need to make it through not one tribe, but two major tribes, as well as some other talented area tribes that aren't making as many waves just yet... but they will. To their south we have Gents. Towards the rim, a tribe named Friends with Benefits or just Friend stands in their escape from claustrophobia.

From a positioning standpoint I am not a fan of the Roman spread. Too clustered for proper growth - clustered nicely for barb nobling and turtling. As I am really just getting back into the swing of things (mentioned earlier i need to knock some rust off) I haven't had the pleasure of meeting anyone from Roman yet so I'm not swayed one way or the other on the talent in their tribe.

I do however know the skill level and organization involved in Friends with Benefits. They have the ability to plan and execute with precision. If it came down to a war between these two tribes the easy answer would be Friend right? Hold your horses... I would say if we had a fully involved tribe it might be a more simple answer but it's common knowledge that a portion of the tribe is here just for pp harvesting. Perhaps that's just what we are led to believe, perhaps it's the truth. Either way - I'd watch these two for a potential clash.

Invictus vs Jager (K55)


This is my "long shot". On paper this one should be easy. Top ranked Invictus harboring 5 of the worlds top 10 players (points) should roll over rank 11 Jager. A couple things to look at...

A. This doesn't happen for at least another week to two weeks if at all. I don't think that Invictus or Jager are wanting this to happen this early. In two-three weeks many players in both tribes will have built up their village count nobling locals but tension will build and build.

B. Neither tribe "has" to war based on positioning. Jager could continue to grow east while Invictus could continue to grow south (because they aren't going west) but that would mean splitting up the K and drawing imaginary lines to not stick toes over.

C. Invictus may go north. With the explosion that is about to happen in K54 we may see two very weakened major tribes, countless other tribes vying for importance, and a southern beast ready to swallow them whole. If you have every played risk, one of the important things to remember is not to overextend unless you can win the game. Leaving yourself to thin allows for an opponent to sweep in with their armies and claim everything you fought so hard to earn. On the downside, that strategy may leave their rear lines unprepared for a Jager sweep.

A lot of variables are in play with this K. Event though it is a similar cluster to Roman and Farm, who moments ago I expressed disapproval of -- I like it with the position closer to the rim in regards to Jager. More phalanx and less cornered.

Most of the information here is purely speculation. I have reasons for believing that these have a high probability of happening but I am not willing to go on the record with any of those reasons just yet. Events can change with a single uttered word, and i'm just getting to know some of my sources. Perhaps in future episodes we can look back and "check the math".


Facepalm Award

My favorite part of the blog.... Due to taking a year off, I am giving everyone a free pass this blog. (booooo hisssss spittttt) I know most of the loyal UBMinnions are in love with this section but I promise they will be just as hard hitting as you've come to expect. To those who are new to a Undead Billy Mays production - you are warned. If you do something stupid, say something stupid, fail so incredibly hard at something that even your mother says, what were you thinking -- you are subject to receiving this illustrious reward.

To not leave you completely unsatisfied I will leave you with a story of a real life facepalm moment that will soon become legend... The legend of Cheeseburger Wallet by Amish Gangster.

Legend of the Cheeseburger/Wallet

One foggy evening, after a full day of marinating our livers,

Some friends and I, went out and bought some fast-food, to try and get something in our stomachs. I was given a cheeseburger, a V8 juice and possibly some other snacks (slim-jims, salt & vinegar chips - my favorites etc.).

Well, heh, (I'm laughing while writing this, and you'll see why later), I thought I would pull a fast one on my friends — they were forcing me to eat, and I was not hungry. So, I scarf down the bun of the cheeseburger and put the rest of it in my pocket (to make it look like I'd eaten' the whole thing).


The next day, I wake up (boy was it hard getting up on that day), and I drive to a local convenience store -- Keep in mind, I'd completely forgot about the cheeseburger (and it's very likely I didn't remember anything from the previous night). I enter the store to buy some snacks. The cashier starts to "ring me up" at the cash register.

I very “nonchalantly” and "unknowingly", pull out of my pants pocket — what felt like a my wallet, with some sort of substance on it: slime, ooze etc.. (after a wild night of partying, anythings possible in my world). In retrospect, what that soft and wet thing in my pocket ended up being, was a half eaten' cheeseburger… (a half eaten' cheeseburger? seriously? wow this is embarrassing), and I mean, folks: this cheeseburger had EVERYTHING still on it, except the bun (ketchup, mayo, mustard, onions, tomatoes — the works).

The cashier just gives me a funny look and laughs — just imagine a person pulling a cheeseburger out of their pocket and trying to pay with it. I ended up leaving the store and going back to the house, because I couldn't find my wallet (needless to say, my wallet ended up being in my jacket -- the whole time!).

Bun-less Cheeseburger

That's where the “Legend of the Cheeseburger/Wallet” story began, in my local area. Because I went on to tell the story (I've never had a problem with making people laugh -- at the expense of myself). I told everyone and their mother what happened; I asked my friends “where the hell did this cheeseburger come from?!”.

That's when my friends had put the pieces together and informed me. Rewind to the prior night: The night before, I had pretended to eat the cheeseburger, put it in my pocket to avoid having to eat it.

Since then, I know of other friends in my area, who have similar stories of me doing things like this at their houses too. Fortunately, it only happened once, folks (or at least I hope).

What kind of person does something like this on more than one occasion?

This happened one time, and I thought it was funny, so I passed the story along. Now the story has been passed from one person to another, and changed over the years (it is a story I might tell my grandkids — then again, maybe I won't!).

The legend continues, still until this very day, there are different variations of this story floating around on the streets of St. Mary’s County Maryland (where I this happened, and where I grew up). I'm fine with that. As long as someone is entertained in the process.

Any way, I know this is a tribal wars forum, but I wanted to lighten the mood a bit, make you guys laugh; hopefully give you a minor glimpse into my crazy life.




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Over the past week I have had members of more than one tribe seek me out either in world or on skype to share their stories involving World 80's top ranked tribe INVICT. The stories seemed to have a similar theme from three different parts of the world. Headline: Top ranked tribe ignores diplomatic agreements. This narrative seems redundant with every early world political scene so what makes this story interesting? This was my thought process when talking to these players. The first one wanted to feed me crumbs and send me on a hunt. I bit.

All it takes sometimes is a little page we cal twstats to investigate what is going on, who's kissing who, and who's not...

I spent a few days investigating, talking to tribes in the area, and ones who suffered enoblements. Some were willing to talk, others gave me the cold shoulder and told me to shew like i was some sort of door to door bible salesman. "Have you heard the good news of our World 80 forums savior" *door slams

The stickiest situation is actually one that I predicted in the first blog. "INVICT vs JAGER." This situation is not as cut and dry as some others but the basic timeline as I know it is as follows.

  1. Invict and Jager have NAP
  2. Kate02, nicco, johnnywho, Yenisher, LuciusV, mike m, Darkbloodysoul09, arvesh96 arrive from NUTS
  3. Invict claims some of these are targets or previous enemies - Jager asks for proof
  4. Talks break down and Invict move to noble Kate02 successfully
  5. NAP over after dialogue

This is a very basic overview because posting the conversations from only one side and point of view would not be fair to INVICT - so I emailed Snowfangz who handles Invicts diplomacy -

Sidenote: I do think it's a bit funny that Dukes and Diplomats often ask how i know things (I hear that alot). I'm sure it has nothing to do with your 70 or more member roster. The discussion thread is of course open for reply from Invict. Jager is the only situation I am going to share because the other major tribe did not end up as an enemy. This leads me to my next point of interest regarding Invict. Below is a map of Invict's current diplomatic relationships.


  • The Green represents Invict
  • The Purple represents tribes marked as NAP

  1. God
  2. Farm
  3. Check
  4. SBAR
  5. KOG
  6. MvDC
  7. AL

  • The white represents Allies

  1. Gents
  2. Roman
Look at that map. No seriously look at that map. This is ... sad? Is sad the right word to use there? The top ranked tribe in the world has ... the world on a Non aggression pact. In the case of the tribe Gods - Gods was contacting other tribes to help lead an effort against Invict - 3 days later they are leaving Jager out to dry with a freshly signed NAP.


Another interesting tribe on there was AL or afterlife. :villagers: sent me a screenshot where the tribe talks about how they need to push off attacking AL until after they deal with Jager. What I have to ask - Is your NAP list just a waiting list for tribes you are going to attack?

Now... a conversation with SnowFangz of Invict. SnowFangz handles all the diplomacy for Invict. He was solid enough to answer a few questions I had concerning some of the topics discussed earlier in the article here. I wanted to give Invict the opportunity to answer a few questions and not just be subjugated to my opinion and interpretation of the information I have.

Invict has broken 2 nap's to cap villages - one is now an enemy the other is an ally. How can Invict be trusted in future relations?

Why does the rank 1 tribe have so many tribes that it has drawn up NAP's with?

My article is going to cover the wishy washy diplomacy with invict - figuring out if it is a tribe that will honestly uphold these agreements or if it's just putting off future battles just to focus on the Jager front (ex) naping gods after attacks were sent to not get hit on more than one front.

This was the offical response from Snowfangz

"Invict has broken 2 nap's to cap villages - one is now an enemy the other is an ally. How can Invict be trusted in future relations?" - We haven't broken 2 NAPs, we had an issue with a player who didn't listen and took a players village and we told him to give it back and he refused and he is no longer in our tribe. I don't make arrangements that I don't intend to keep. I wish that you could win this with allies but there really isn't a way of doing that so at some point a friend has to be an enemy but I won't launch sneak attack. At end game, if we are there with one ally left we will end alliance and set a start date for war with them so we can see who is the best (which is how we should be). The only other that I can think of is we had members from both my tribe and from Jager scouting each other, to which I ordered my tribe to stop and I asked Silly who had scouted who so that I may yell at the appropriate player. His response what that we weren't NAPs, few days later they started attacking.

"My article is going to cover the wishy washy diplomacy with invict - figuring out if it is a tribe that will honestly uphold these agreements or if it's just putting off future battles just to focus on the Jager front (ex) naping gods after attacks were sent to not get hit on more than one front."
- This is a game of war, all allies can be an enemy later, that happens when only 1 tribe can win a game. We will uphold all agreements and arrangements that I set with the other tribes and all members who ignore this are punished even if it means they are nobled off...When I give my word I mean it. As far as Jager is concerned I offered them a NAP and they accepted it so I set them as a NAP but they never set us as a NAP and then they started targeting us and attacking.

Snowfangz assures me that all my information is not correct. I obviously have some of it by word of mouth and other information i have received by seeing it with my own eyes. Could it be misinformation for the whole tribe in case of possible leaks? Possibly... Maybe not. Regardless The top rank tribe is always newsworthy this early in the game and gains the interest of the world.

Please use the discussion thread to go over anything covered in this article.

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On a related but different note...

Brought to you by AmishGangsta & co. productions:

STARRING: Two allied tribes: After Life and KOR; a few bad boys, and a crazy Amish sheriff.

Filmed on Location:

This is about real people and real crime. All suspects are guilty until proven innocent, ***by the peoples court!

[spoil]Bad boys bad boys, watcha gonna do? watcha gonna do when they come for you:[/spoil]

Now, it's not often that you get a front row seat, from a blogger -- under attack by his own allies, but let me tell you, it happened, and it happened quickly - a rogue member of KOR, coordinating operations on their tribes open forums; ultimately ending KOR's run.

Unfortunately-fortunately, however you want to spin it, the tribe got a tip from a player on the rim -- all I can do is say thank you sir, but who are you?!. it happened. The tribes are allied, no more -- KOR. After Life; [AL] did take in the good samaritans -- and their friends (that's what the relationship was built on), but still, it was not something you want to see happen:


Uh-oh, a claim on me? probably not the first or last time, but by someone I was working with?


Hmm, trying to op an ally on open forums, wth has happened to this game, and loyalty between allies?


Oh, I get it now. A quest to get to the top 5?!, well I guess that explains everything :icon_confused:
There are other ways to get into the top 5, and maybe NOT trying to op someone with a lot of experience in this game w/ a lot of connections - hate to sound "braggadocios", but it is what it is.


I don't want to make this too long, but basically I created a group of war mongers in the area, started attacking them before they op'd me, and the whole thing fell apart -- I did get attacked while sleeping, however:


RIP Brody, memoir of a lost soul, and a barbarian village left behind...

Vultures circle in the sky,
and you my dear are the reason why:

Respectfully those in AL wish KOR a good by as well...


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A Word to the readers:

Challenges will always be made by certain parties that things reported in the blog are not 100 percent accurate as we have seen in the blog discussion thread already. Hashing it out with posters over intent of written opinions does take away from the topics at hand, which I assume sometimes is what posters want to happen. Alternatively, some posters intelligently argue because they feel that certain articles tend to steer in a direction different from their own, and it's why we have a discussion thread for that to happen. Saying that the blog is only posting articles aligned with some sort of agenda however is a quick way to have the rest of what you say quickly dismissed. Everyone is allowed to message me, skype me, and let me know what is going on in their part of the world. Getting information with a small team isn't always easy to do in all parts of the world. Every person so far that has brought something to my attention, I have tried to look into and get as much as I can. They don't all make for exciting reading, therefore don't all make the blog. Often I will be able to work in a small story or section that can highlight some lesser known players and tribes if they reach out. Finding some of those players and tribes that want to speak up about their conflicts, reasons for war, etc can be a little difficult. Fortunately, some of those tribes do poke me and get my attention. Moving forward, in the large blog releases I will highlight a tribe outside of the top 20 that I think in a months time will be inside the top 20. You can send me your picks as well, maybe we will even do a poll. Dragging up the same tribes over and over in the blog will get boring for me and boring for you so this will help both parties. If anyone else wants to get involved with the blog, I am still open to taking on content providers. Choosing to help us out with content will only enhance the blog experience for everyone. Keep up the discussion thread, it makes it worth the effort we put up to keep this blog going.

New articles from Waterloo and Amish Gangsta coming soon!


Spotlight: Gents V SBAR

Gents has been busy all week long shaking up the landscape of the south. They recently took in new recruits, changing their shape completely. Now it's time to declare against one of their flatmates to secure their base of operations completely. Gent's currently ranked 3rd and SBAR currently ranked 10th on the world makes this worth watching... hopefully. The Gent's duke issued this warning in the declaration.


I've personally never been a big fan of this tactic, whether it's a scare tactic to disrupt possible support within the tribe or if it's meant as an honest invitation. Members that would leave their tribe in the face of potential battle are not exactly trustworthy material. I've talked enough to the Gent's duke to understand the reasoning behind this and other moves in store, but whether real or fake, this isn't a tactic that I approve of. With the element of suprise, making the first move -- You can strike where it's needed without having to have players leave their tribe on your request. Some times you will just see them leave on their own trying to escape attacks. There isn't anything wrong with the move, it's just my personal opinion that it isn't needed.

This is a close range war as you will be able to see on the map below. Gents has had the advantage of making the first move. Anytime two tribes are intertwined like this, the momentum of making the first move can take you very far, especially in early game -- as long as it is done right and not hastily.



Side 1:
Tribes: SBAR
Side 2:
Tribes: Gents

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1
Side 2: 7
Difference: 6


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 4,322
Side 2: 22,999
Difference: 18,677



I'm looking for Gents to pull away with this one pretty handily based on some of the comments already made by SBAR players. Anytime a statement like what was issued in the declaration is made and responses come back immediately badmouthing the duke, you can tell it's not going to be a fun war for SBAR. SBAR's lone hope i believe rides in getting a bigger player involved which is going to be a little bit difficult based on recently developing and/or future events.

Invict v Jager

Well... I don't really know what to say about this anymore. Both tribes have just taken a huge hit from recruitment. Funny enough it hasn't been the tribe ahead who has wanted to do the recruiting but this time an outside source cherry picking players it thinks can take it to domination in the south. Regardless this "war" with Invict and Jager might take a pause with everything that has happened over the last 12 hours. This was looking like a pretty even match so far. I would have enjoyed seeing this one play out a bit.

Side 1:
Tribes: INVICT
Side 2:
Tribes: Jäger

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 9
Side 2: 8
Difference: 1


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 23,770
Side 2: 17,785
Difference: 5,985



Top Ten Discussion


Invict - won't be in the same rank come next blog, or hell may not make it to the weekend in the top spot. I expect MvDC to hold the top spot temporarily but I think Gents takes it by Monday. MvDC has stayed out of the news after an early blip on the forums with Farm. A quiet strength will work well for them. Afterlife, which is home to one of our bloggers Amish Gangsta, has been involved in a few conflicts already. They just had a conflict with Gods end. Will be interesting to see if they go after a newly weakened Invict. Porn.. doing some quiet clustered growing. Haven't heard or seen much from them yet. Bugz is sucking up some Roman players. Another tribe that is making it's exit from the top ten here very soon. Most people called this one and my early core war predictions between Roman and Friend are not going to happen. 2/3 wasn't bad though. Llamas had a skirmish with Friend. Llamas is still here in the top ten. Llamas has to watch out for newly strengthened Bugz. I know absolutely nothing about Virus. SBAR .... all kinds of problems heading their way. How can a tribe have so many people willing to cough up vital information at the threat of war... Oh yeah 80 member tribes... I forgot.

Not an in depth breakdown but I'd love to get some discussion on some of the tribes I know less about.


Gents - They are making the most news this week. Declaring a core K war yesterday to orchestrating the exodus of Invict players today. ThinBlueLine was kind enough to share some mails from the diplomat of Invict and I have to say I was shocked. When your tribal diplomat who out here a few days ago was defending his diplomatic moves and talking about positioning his tribe for future victories applies to Gents you know things have gone wrong somewhere. We will visit his mails a little bit later. This was obviously not a completely off the cuff move from Gents but it does look like some pieces fell in just the right spots. I had heard about a week ago a rumor that some of the Invict players were looking at breaking off and looking for new homes. In my exchange with SnowFangz in the last blog I even let him know of the rumor but he assured me it was false about the same time he was telling me my information about invict was false...

I did catch up with the leader of Gents to ask a few questions about what has gone on.

The move today with players leaving Invict was surprising for most to witness. How long have you been planning this move with Invict players?

I haven't been planning it, I was more less planning on going to war against them. I was strategically setting the tribe up to enter war with them. They noticed this and approached me about it and wanted to start talking about setting up terms with them. I went ahead with it as the leader Fangz I was talking with originally was a moron and didn't do anything as you can see from the mail I posted on the externals. While speaking to drunk professional he mentioned a few times about a merger and I said not that won't happen as Gents will be here until I am gone. So, to answer the question it wasn't entirely planned that we were going to take some in, but with the way their leaders were running it quite a few were unhappy and decided to join us.

You declared war with a SBAR yesterday. Your declaration called for players to leave their tribe in exchange for ... time? Personally I am not a fan of the tactic but has it been effective so far?

In my declaration, I put You have 36 hrs to remove yourself from SBAR or was given the opportunity to spy, we did not force anyone to do it they just had a bunch of non loyal members that did not like the way it was being ran. We all know spies are looked down upon, but it has been part of the game for sometime now. It was very effective because it took out the aspect of them using their forums therefore hindering their ability to communicate and we all know that is a major aspect when a war occurs

Gents is the core tribe I didn't pick for a war this early. Why is Gents making so many power moves this early in play? Do you see it setting you up for midgame to long game runs and why?

The reason we declared war on SBAR it was more of a coordination preparation. This has helped us learn to work together with each other more efficiently. I do believe we could be setup for the long run, we have strong relations with some tribes that will benefit both in the long run. I will not say who they are but they know who I am talking about (Regime) lol. I do not believe these are power moves, I just play aggressive when it comes to playing.


The Application



I'm not really sure how a guy who can sit there and defend his tribe a few days ago can sit there and request to be recruited by another tribe so quickly. I don't really want to go in depth with embarrassing this person because i think just the screenshots alone do that. The looted resources really tells a lot about players reliance on other sources for village income but you even announced your friends looted totals. If this is the guy running the diplomacy for the top ranked tribe -- the one I just got berated for pointing out some doubts with--I believe a few posters owe me a really really big apology and i will graciously accept in the discussion thread :) ..... but I won't hold my breath.

oh and...


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The last 48 hours has seen a huge shuffling in the top ten as new worlds often do -- but this is getting a little bit ridiculous. After the crumbling of former top ranked Invict there has been a back and forth battle to hold the top spot. This says a lot about the vanity associated sitting a top the rankings even if it's just for a few hours.

MvDC has been a bit of a mysterious tribe to me. Not one i've tried to get much information on, a little here and there of course but hasn't held my interest as much as other parts of the world. I was actually planning on digging in this week and trying to learn as much as I could about the tribe to feature them in the next major blog release but now I'm not sure that really I want to. MvDC has just imported a large amount of players from both Woot and Virus (EBOLA) and made room by kicking what looks to be underperformers. More are expected to make the trip over from Virus. Some of these players have already seen 3 or 4 tribe changes since the beginning of the world, now to find themselves in the Hall of Justice... or the Stark tower - or whatever side youre on I suppose.




So what does this tell us about a fairly forum quiet MvDC? I think it tells us a few things.

  1. Rank 1 was very important to them so they recruited former combatants who's troops may or may not have been recently destroyed, just to achieve a higher ranking only to be outdone by Gents.
  2. Tribes that MvDC are pulling from can expect to have villages targeted here in the near future such as the non selected members of Woot and Virus.
  3. This may upset the balance in the K and disrupt relationships with other tribes.
  4. Tribes on MvDC may look at strengthening their borders in preparation for potential conflicts. Watch how they treat tribes that they currently share diplomacy with.

On a positive note this does provide MvDC with a bigger market share in their K. I'm just not really sure why MvDC would take in a substantial amount of members from Woot who they have been attacking and Virus who they had a NAP with instead of taking their villages by force. Anytime you change more than 20% of the tribal makeup you run the risk of inviting trouble...


AL and Porn are the two tribes that should have the most concern

So where does MvDC move now - Everything is speculative but I feel AfterLife is in the most trouble based on the new developments. Porn also shares a fairly large border with the newly strengthened(?) and may want to just check those potential conflict areas. MvDC doesn't have any reported NAP violations that I have heard of but I did have this --

The former number 1 then number 2 then number 1 tribe Gents also made some expected moves today. Gents took in members from Mutiny today bumping them back up to the top spot in the world. Gents has been very busy with recruitment as well but in what seems like a very planned fashion.

Mutiny was made up of ex Invict players who banded together after the first round of Invict players made their way into Gents. The tribe changes page is even longer with Gents. This one I knew was coming because the Gents duke has a crush on me and let me know he was working on it. I think it makes more sense than the MvDC move but I could be wrong. Some part of me believes Gents waited for MvDC to do this just to let them taste first for a minute again before applying the slap back to second place. This move makes Gents the first tribe to 2 million.



This all follows Bugz taking in Roman members from last week, so I guess we are officially in the major tribe merger stage of the world.

On another unrelatedish note - I will be accepting entries for Facepalm of the Week award for the next large blog edition.
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Welcome back to another installment of the World 80 blog. We are coming up on 2 months in world 80 and much to the surprise of a select few, I'm still here writing. Plenty to cover in this edition of the blog but before we get started, I received a wonderful remark and just had to share it with the entire world. Lets hear from the blog's biggest fan on how what kind of job he thinks we have done so far

xxstealthyxx said:
This is quite possibly one of the best blogs, no... literary works in the existence of literary works. I know that I could never put that much quality into anything so I appreciate what you do. You are my hero. If it wouldn't be too much trouble could you maybe teach me how to be interesting one day?

Thanks xxstealthyxx - I'm glad you have enjoyed the blog so far. Your words are the type that motivate me to keep putting out quality content week after week. To answer your question, yes I can, it's pretty simple. Don't be a douchebag. As promised I will be covering a top 5 in depth breakdown. We won't be looking just at points and players but digging into each of the top 5 tribes history so far on World 80, where they are now and where they are going. We will also cover some wars/conflicts around the world. I had a top 5 map ready to go but the top 5 has changed quite a lot in the past few days I had to scratch out the 5th ranked tribe twice as moves continue to be made within the rankings. One thing that has stayed the same over the past week is the 1 - 2 - 3. One thing that hasn't stayed the same is the top ranked player in the world. Formerly top ranked -Sakura- has been replaced by Gent's Cookie Monster. Speaking of -Sakura-


Reward Worth the Risk?

We all know this world has premium features enabled. It has been a topic of discussion in the forums off and on for every world that has used these options. A question asked in one of the first blogs has been answered for the most part. I asked the readers to guess at the premium usage of the -Sakura- account which has gained it's fame for the obvious use of premium to assist in building the account. Since only one person really took a guess or showed interest I'll just tell you. Early conservative estimates from an account sitter in -US- point to over 400,000 pp usage since the accounts birth..... take a second or two - breathe in, breathe out.... now look at the screen again. Over 400,000 premium to hold the top ranked account for a period of time.

It's such a big gamble because of all the attention it drew. At the time in which -Sakura- was growing with greater speed than anyone else on the world, there was nobody around to challenge the giant account. As we move into a period that is more plentiful with nobles and agression we get to find out if the risk of fast growth will reward the current -US- player. No premium features (currently) are able to boost defense since Rescue the Royalty is over, so it's a very interesting situation. Spending all that PP with the risk of getting rimmed at any point by any person brave enough to try.

The next closest amount of premium that I have heard is 100k premium being spent. Now, the -Sakura- account is still untested so it's not fair to label the player as good or bad yet. I'm sure that time will come and when it does, i think the world will be watching and be just as judgmental as always. How much premium have you spent so far?

Top Five Breakdown


The above map represents in order of rank: Gents, MvDC, Afterlife (AL), Porn, and a new introduction to the top 5 the tribe IT. As some of you might notice, I have switched fonts. Usually my go to is Impact but I've grown tired of it. I went through about 500 different fonts before finding this gem. I am excited, it might possibly be the best addition to the blog so far. What i'm going to do for each of the top 5 is to talk a little about the tribe and a few of it's members if such information is available. Going to look at some pros and cons and then grade them overall. Spoiler alert - there are no Grade A tribes in the top 5 according to my evaluations. This is how i broke down each tribe:

Average Points: 0/20 - Should be easy enough to understand
Member Count: 0/10 - Bigger is not always better
Spread/Location:0/20 - Where is the tribe in relation to the world, expansion routes, etc
Presence:0/10 - Both in and out of game
Intimidation Factor:0/10 - Who's afraid of the big bad wolf
Tribe changes:0/10 - Companies measure retention - so do I
Member Quality:0/20 - Lets face it, you can buy a big account but there isn't a pp feature for quality play

Anyone wanting to use this method to breakdown tribes in the top 20 thread please feel free to adopt.

To include a system of check and balances I've asked "Imyourally" who has mentioned on at least one occasion that he hates me, to give a brief breakdown of the top five tribes as well to include a second opinion.



I have had the pleasure(?) of knowing a few members of Gents for quite some time now. If you didn't know who they were before this week, A daily circular mail might point you to see the softer side of some of it's members. Gents is a very confident group of individuals as far as leadership goes. The team has experience and it's visible in the intensity of Gents aggressive nature. The war machine isn't without wisdom though -- not playing a game of chess but rather a lion hiding in the brush for it's meals to walk by and be pounced upon. Gents made quick work of ... hang on I need to scroll up, SBAR. Now back at it again with .....


Almost tapped out at membership Gents hosts 79 members and owns 12 of the top 25 players. On paper the tribe looks absolutely golden. I said earlier I had no rank A tribes in the top 5 of which I'll be discussing today but I am not freely giving points either. They are fair but not generous evaluations.

Average Points: 20/20
Gents hosts the top average point per player. This is largely due to the amount of players in the top 25 making their home in Gents after the INVICT disaster. Although points per player is not an indication of skill - Five villages is better than one.

Member Count: 7/10
I'm not a fan of filling out the roster and Gents is almost there. It's highly unlikely that all 79 players are equally valuable to the tribe. It's not a sin to fill up past 70 but it's also not going to earn you 10/10

Spread/Location: 17/20
Almost full points here with the position on the map. The downside is AL on both sides of them like sandwich bread. Gents is still susceptible to a group of tribes gang banging, although unlikely it would cause problems due to a lack of interest right now in everyone getting together for an attack.

Presence: 6/10
Had a harder time with this one because I do talk to some of the Gents on skype trying to get the merge between Gents and Regime going, but I talk to them on a regular basis and see how they are versus how they post and how they are seen due to some captured skype conversations. I think they give a confident enough front with a sense of humor but I don't think there is a lot of respect out right now for them

Intimidation Factor: 10/10
Pretty easy one to grade. I've had multiple people contact me to find out the best way to take down Gents or if i knew the possibility of securing some diplomacy. People are afraid of Gents.

Tribe changes: 5/10
Over 300 tribe changes so far (including adds and leaves). That is a bit high and any normal manager would be fired. Obviously there are some circumstances that push that number up such as Invict but it does show a lack of either smart recruiting, nurturing leadership or enoblements

Member Quality: 16/20
Top to bottom we have a pretty good tribe here. Now some of the top members are not the most important or necessarily the most skilled. We do have a few slow growers but I'll expect them to either depart from the tribe or kick it up a notch

Overall grade 81/100 Rank B
This tribe has a ton of potential to stick around as I predicted in previous blogs. Still clearly the dominant tribe in the south.

My advice to Gents is to spend some time on the members and develop a super strong core of players that can effectively take out anything thrown it their path. Get around or through your obstacles to the rim and secure your wedge.



When doing my statistics research on MvDC I was actually a little bit impressed. On paper the tribe looks very sharp. Very good average point per player, point per village -- the ennoblement ratio is even better than Gents. It's not a suprise that MvDC has been one of the dominant tribes throughout the worlds existence and doing it on a quieter note than the top ranked Gents. Where i find their problems reside is attracting or keeping top tier players. We have yet to see anyone step up to test MvDC yet either which will be a true meter of how well the tribe is put together.
Average Points: 18/20

Member Count: 7/10
Still looking high 70's, which I feel is too much to have a core of players that has each other's back no matter in a pinch. I think tribes need to start trimming down to 50-60 solid members and focus on making that group great than a tribe of 80 good.

Spread/Location: 18/20
Hard to argue with the dominance they show in their quadrant. Again, another tribe that's pinched by AL in ways so can't give them the full 20 but they have access to anything east and northeast.

Presence: 5/10
I'm actually disappointed with how little we have heard from MvDC. In my opinion if you are going to have a themed tribe then have some fun with it. The posters have not been overly fun to read but not idiots either

Intimidation Factor: 7/10
If the tribe could throw it's weight around a little better then might see this hitting full marks. Currently I wouldn't have a problem taking a village from MvDC because I don't feel like there would be a huge backlash. I'd like to see a little more aggression

Tribe changes: 6/10
This was one of the categories that surprised me. Less tribe changes than rank 1 Gents, even with the amount of players recently taken in from a few K tribes. Still very high up there based on the time frame we've been playing.

Member Quality: 14/20
A good top half of the tribe for sure. However there is nobody on that roster that I look at and say - I couldn't beat in a one on one. This is why I say that I think the tribe is going to have trouble attracting top tier players or keeping them. Sometimes they recruit a bit out of their area. Also - sidenote - any tribe that requires an account sit is not recruiting the right way in my opinion

Overall grade 75/100 Rank C

A second opinion

MvDC - Seem to have k45 under control, looking at their stats now its pretty solid, villages taken from them seem to be mostly internal ennoblements. It'll be interesting to see where they go next after k45, If they go south, they meet with the likes of AL/Gents. If they go west, [Porn] will be there to stop them. For now it seems like they're taking the safe route and going towards the rim. Seems like they haven't really engaged in an all out war with another tribe yet, so we'll have to see how they can cope under pressure.



Thats a pretty sexy COA - somebody with some major skill must have knocked that one out. AfterLife.... This is going to be a tough one to break down. I know Amish really well, a very talented player and have always had pleasant dealings with Wakeling. I however am not a fan of how this tribe is broken up. I think it's easily the biggest downfall for AL. If this tribe was made up of 60 top notch all star players then the 3 separate clusters might be doable. Currently I believe the only thing keeping them alive is diplomacy. Gents and MvDC should have torn through Afterlife already at this stage in the game. Why they haven't is beyond me.
Average Points: 12/20
Current average points per member is almost half of what the top 2 tribes are hosting currently coming in at just over 26,000 points per player.

Member Count: 8/10
Even with 72 members because of the breakup of the tribe it's the only time more members works in the favor of the tribe. If they were running with 60 then the tribe would already be sealing their fate

Spread/Location: 5/20
I know 5 is a bit harsh but I've explained my reasoning already. It's just not the right group or right time in the world to be broken up like this. Even with smooth working clusters, they might as well be 3 separate tribes.

Presence: 6/10
Very few tribes right now would receive a full 10 of 10 here. Afterlife has been pretty quiet thus far

Intimidation Factor: 5/10
If you were a big tribe - you might be afraid of Afterlife if they weren't in 3 pods - it keeps working against them.

Tribe changes: 5/10
Still pretty high up there with tribe changes. Very very hard to build a solid core with over 200 tribe changes in the first 2 months....

Member Quality: 17/20
Actually some heavy hitters in Afterlife. Some players just haven't hit their stride yet but when they do we will see some feared accounts. Points aren't everything here, i know some of the players with less than 50k could still out maneuver some giants.

Overall grade 58/100 RANK F
Get that cluster problem fixed.

A second opinion

AL - Seems like a solid tribe, I've heard their leader has done great things in other worlds (as well as a history of making family tribes which didn't really go so well). Their spread is a little on the wild side, they are number 1 in k64 I believe but that's mostly thanks to AlwaysAl0ne carrying that load by himself. Another cluster is in the k55 region, and their final cluster is in the k35 area. The k64 cluster has declared war on Farm. which they have defeated successfully recently. However it'll be interesting to see if MvDC would move towards that direction and maybe cause a little mayhem, and possibly if IL were to move in on the k64 cluster.



If you have a fear of clowns, too late. It has emerged from the sewers to snatch the rank 4 spot from PORN after some key recruiting decisions. A once very small tribe has made it's first big move and through area domination is building a very nice looking spread.


Average Points: 15/20
With less average points why are they getting a higher number than some of the core tribes? Look at the location and start dates comparatively speaking. Great start and great spread.

Member Count: 9/10
Much closer to the golden number of members. IT isn't trying to fill up the roster with fodder and for that you earn respect.

Spread/Location: 18/20
In a great position with the rim at their back. In order to work towards the core there is some competition with TH, Gents, and possibly AL's 3rd arm.

Presence: 4/10
Unless i'm blind - haven't seen much of anything on them presence wise. I noticed them weeks ago but if you weren't studying maps you might have missed their trip to the top 5.

Intimidation Factor: 9/10
Everyone fears a mystery and that's what they are right now. Knowing some of the members I know they aren't a tribe to mess around if they decide to play serious. That however is another question.

Tribe changes: 7/10
A much more respectable amount of tribe changes totaling just over 120.

Member Quality: 17/20
Again, I've played against some of the members before and they are no pushovers. Don't take this tribe lightly.

Overall grade 79/100 RANK C

A Second Opinion

Never really noticed them before but after the AL-Farm war it looks like they've picked up the better players in that tribe and have been boosted to the 4th place spot. I like their surrounding spread in the core. Will they stay there for long? I don't think so, they've got AL, TH, and maybe Gents that could contest them in the future.



Porn has recently gone under some major overhauls. They recently dissolved their academy tribe at a good time. They merged in some of the more active members. The former leader left to turn the tribe over to a council who was adamant about trimming the fat and creating a more streamlined tribe. Kudos to the council for the decision. It's hard to be a leader with a lot of compassion but lacking discipline and I think thats where the old PORN tribe was making it's mistakes. This may have caused a bit of a rift in the tribe but it looks to be smoothing out nicely.

Average Points: 11/20
Not a wonderful average member point total but not horrible either. Look at this number to grow as they are eating up a portion of their old members.

Member Count: 7/10
Actually a much improved number from what they were holding on to with the academy. Heading in the right direction but can still use some work

Spread/Location: 15/20
Very clustered and very central but with proper planning this could work as a great area to support, and expand from. We will see how they do against incoming from MvDC

Presence: 6/10
A few external posters out representing the tribe but nothing extraordinary. I really should lower the bar here in this category due to the lack of participation in quality posting across the board

Intimidation Factor: 6/10
Could cause some tribes to think twice about attacking but without any quality wins under their belt it's hard to give them more than 6/10.

Tribe changes: 6/10
A constantly disappointing stat in the top 5 tribes. At least this group is showing a move in the right direction.

Member Quality: 15/20
Some solid members up top. If they didn't make up the council i wouldn't be surprised to see them somewhere else in the next month.

Overall grade 65/100 RANK D
Keep on the path you are going and you might be able to right the ship.

A Second Opinion

They've been up here for a while, with their players mainly in the k44 Region. They seem to be bunched up here and don't really have much spread as of yet, which could change if they decide to go south and west of their location. Is a war with Porn and MvDC imminent? Could be soon as MvDC have taken a village or two from Porn. No official words from both tribes so maybe those villages were nobled on a lowlow.



Side 1:
Tribes: MvDC
Side 2:
Tribes: [Porn]

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 3
Side 2: 0
Difference: 3


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 13,700
Side 2: 0
Difference: 13,700



It looks like MvDC is making a move on some Porn villages. With no official declaration of war it's unsure if this is a skirmish, just snagging some villages or if this will materialize into an actual top 5 war. I'm looking forward to the response with a newly streamlined Porn. With so many possibilities here (the tribe is PORN) I'm very disappointed that nobody has taken this spread eagle chance at some winning pnp.

Side 1:
Tribes: Llamas
Side 2:
Tribes: BugZ

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 7
Side 2: 6
Difference: 1


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 33,887
Side 2: 20,187
Difference: 13,700



Finally a war with some forum coverage. Even if it's ridiculous - xxstealthyxx brought this battle to the forum's attention condemning them for bringing other tribes into the fray. The stats show Bugz with a slight favor but that does not include the kicked bugz player who was capped. I didn't include the IT stats yet but it is something we will update as things progress. I see Llamas being able to put a major dent into Bugz especially with the help of the tribe IT. As rumored in other threads, I have seen some Bugz trains. 2-3 second splits on some and some are as tight as they are supposed to be. In war times, you cannot afford to not know how to do something that has been around as long as I've been playing known at the T-train. This is day one stuff guys.

I'll update on whoever Gents is warring when ThinBlueLine actually gets back to me with a real response not - we are warring everyone :p

Alright kids, we are getting into the fun times of the world. Keep the content coming my way in game: Undead Billy Mays or on skype at: Edgeukated

See you next time


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Welcome to a potential TL:DR edition of the World 80 blog.

Life After After Life


have seen several tribes that were trending to achieve great things on the world based on their early domination of area, politics, or military fall hard and fast. Invict, Porn, and now Afterlife is added to the list of tribes who candle died out before the ceremony. Rather than give my own overview on what happened I have with us today a former Afterlife member who is now a part of MvDC. OopsUrDead was part of the northern cluster that broke off and joined the current rank 2 tribe. These are his unaltered words.


After Life started out as an excellent tribe. It was a tight group of experienced players who shared similar values and a strongly enforced recruitment policy. When I joined, we had two sectors, which eventually developed into three. It was problematic as sending support across the world is troublesome, but we made it work.

Our growth was phenomenal and things were going fairly well, but things started to get shaky. Council members increased, forums became messy, and members slowly lost their desire to play. Many council members are not active and frankly becoming lazy. We had a strict policy, which I can tell you by experience was strongly enforced: Players joining must be above tribal average in points. Experience, etc. hardly mattered. Then we started recruiting inexperienced players with low points and declining players with experience and high points. Recruitment started to get personal instead of benefiting the tribe. Just yesterday AL recruited multiple people they were at war with, who had little points, experience, and hauls. One individual had less than 100 plunders. This was the point where we realized we had to go.

Northern players had no targets, and nobody else with us besides our own little group. It's like we were three separate tribes with many different leaders. Our council was inactive and nothing was getting done. MvDC was clearly the better option for us. I'm not too sure about the future of the two remaining AL sectors, but I do know that they will need stronger leadership and increased activity to triumph. I respect many members of AL, but the tribe as a whole needs serious improvement.

Afterlife is down to 22 members now. Both the northern and Southern clusters are all but gone. In my past blog one of the criticisms I had for them was the cluster approach that they put together. I think they could have seen some success with just the two clusters. Another point hit on by the former member was the lack of targets. Through some unnecessary recruiting and diplomatic moves AL sealed it's own fate. This was just the story of one disappointed player but throughout the world I had heard stories of the wrong moves being made for AL. At least now former players now joined with MvDC have their crack at some new villages right? - TBC

xxstealthyxx said:
Undead Billy mays - is there an application I can fill out to become a UBMinion?

The Problem with the Basher


Morale worlds require bashers right? I have never seen the desire to bash for someone. I have received multiple offers as have some of my tribemates for players who offer their services as morale bashers. I've tried to really take a look at it and understand the desire for someone to do a lot of work -- TW is a lot of work -- only to do it for someone else to grow stronger and stronger. Most players desire protection in exchange for helping their larger counterparts to take out these thorny low morale villages but some just offer to do it without looking for anything in return other than to just play a little longer.

The way I see it -- Morale bashers are buying a little extra time to play on the world but not securing a permanent future. I started World 80 with a few goals. My goals were to be the top player in my K, to run a top 20 ranked account and to win the world with Regime. No where on that list was I want to grow kind of slow, make a deal with a bigger player who will probably noble me when my back is turned but that's what i see in most basher's future.

I don't think it's wrong for a player to have a basher. I understand the strategy behind it. I just don't see a true bond forming from random players bashing for bigger players. Maybe I'm missing something appealing about the scenario. Does anyone have any success stories of being a basher?

Former AL crew Continued


With a fresh new look the former AL crew decided their first order of business would be to try and make a name for themselves. Over the course of the world there has been one tribe that really has gained a lot of respect just by the way we operate. I of course am talking about Regime. Regime is a small in comparison by member count to any of the top ten tribes however holds down the third spot in rankings. It's not boastful to say that Regime is a tribe that many people view as a well oiled machine.

MvDC began attacks targeting Zordos who is account plots in the K44 area where MvDC/Former AL plan on expanding as much as they can. The exact reasoning why logical reasoning wasn't used still escapes me. What we did witness though was a massacre of nuke after nuke after nuke trying to reach over the walls and convert Regime villages into MvDC villages. A surprise launch that failed miserably.

Part of this was due to some miscommunication among the MvDC players and early launching of fakes. Other was a complete underestimation of how a sub 40 member experienced unit works when haste is of the essence. Most of you saw the Marvel Carnival thread where a number of reports reflected reckless offensive force being thrown to their deaths. No need to rehash those or even downplay MvDC's northern hit squad. It was a bold move... an unwise move but a bold one.

Now that the plan to clear out some space in Regime territory failed there are rumors that they have set their sights on Control (CTRL) and are currently in the process of planning ops against the tribe sitting just outside the top 10. Another small member count tribe with some experienced players. I have had multiple confirmations that an attack is meant to take place in the upcoming week. As i found out this information I also got conflicting reports from MvDC stating there are no such planned ops at this time, just some skirmishing. Posted reports show a few more nukes of MvDC have been stopped at the gates and sent back home empty handed (or trooped) but no large scale operations yet. Even if the blow dealt by the defense of Regime had been recouped which i don't think mathematically it could have happened fully -- why jump right back into the fire with the same methods? I think the correct action here is no action. MvDC is a tribe that is not in the best shape right now as far as world opinion goes.

- Attacked Regime unsuccessfully
- Diplomacy not so hot with former friends of the program i.e. Gents
- Uncaring tribal attitude that will only lead MvDC getting put in your place.

Not all members of MvDC carry the cocky attitude. There are players that are very respectful, admirable and easy to talk to such as Oopsyourdead. Some have a great head on their shoulders, some are my friends. There are players who supply me with my information and I like those lot as well. Then there is Bane... Bane the "leader" of MvDC is quite a disservice to the DC character he chose. Bane in the comics was a genius, a mastermind, and a strength that was unparalleled by his rivals. He broke the bat's back. Bane in tribalwars is a somewhat dismissive, not overly charming person in casual conversation. I've heard this on more than one occasion from both within and outside of MvDC and although my own personal interactions have not been overly negative - they haven't been overly positive either. Quite possibly I just don't know him well enough, or "get him". When asked if he "okayed" the failed op on Zordos his response was that of a simpleton. "K35 is a place I like bro" "Maybe they are trying to impress the blog writer" "Admirable when you think about it". I'm completely fine with someone wanting to play it cool when being questioned about reasons for attacks, plans, etc but don't come off like a prick is all I ask. It won't serve you well in the grand scheme of things. For a tribe with such an array of membership - Well respected players all the way down to war recruits and placeholders - It will be interesting to see if failed ops, making too many enemies and the "whatever" attitude in leadership will spring a leak in a large ship.

Semi-Auto Updating Maps

I just wanted to take a minute and thank WointPhore. We were all very disappointed to see Nickjer's maps fall victim to the update. His years of service to the TW community will not be forgotten. Sometimes providing content for people to read or view is a very thankless job (I would know)

WointPhore has put a lot of time and effort into providing a service for world 80 in which he doesn't even play. I know that he's put a lot of time into because him and i were on skype for a few hours just trying to get a color scheme down that provided an easy to look at map service.

Please stop by the thread and thank him for his work. I'm sure he would also take premium points donations :icon_wink:


IT versus The Horde


We have a top ten matchup on our hands. The Pennywises versus Gears of War looks to be a war that will start to shape the southern hemisphere into a different looking map in the weeks to come. It has been a tribe that gets brought up fairly often in private conversations. So far they have had an on again off again on again relationship with Gents which i think is a very important aspect of this war. My information tells me they are back on with an official NAP which has to give IT some confidence to focus all their efforts on .TH. for this war. So far the statistics show IT with a nice opening drive.

This should be a breakout party for IT who are making their first big power move on world 80. Statistics do show 4 caps on the .TH. side so although the war is only a few days old, both sides are making moves. Will be interesting to see what kind of counterattack The Horde can muster up. We will take a look at the statistics in a week in a special War Report only article updating the wars we cover today.

Side 1:
Tribes: IT
Side 2:
Tribes: .TH.

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 19
Side 2: 4
Difference: 15


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 113,181
Side 2: 24,107
Difference: 89,074



Bugz vs Llamas

This seems to be a very slow moving battle that I don't know if we can still classify as a war. Lots of public talk, in fact might have mustered the most conversation about a battle in the short history of world 80 with the back and forth forum banter. Waterloo seems to have a witty hilarious response to every bit of garbage that xxStealthyxx could throw at Llamas.

This war needs a real big push in the right direction. The most interesting thing to happen concerning this whole ordeal was the dismissal of xxStealthyxx which I've heard was a condition of a diplomacy deal.

Side 1:
Tribes: BugZ, BugZZ
Side 2:
Tribes: Llamas

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 7
Side 2: 23
Difference: 16


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 28,185
Side 2: 115,171
Difference: 86,986



Regime vs -US-

Pretty much over - The stats were well into the 60's to 1 after a -US- declaration. Nothing really exciting to report here except the extinction of the former number one account -Sakura-

SS vs Oath

This is a group of tribes that aren't in your top ten but messaged me to get their war some coverage which I am happy to do. Oath has just taken on an academy, or sister tribe or whatever they are calling it. The smaller ~SS~ was handily winning this bout

The problem here is now ~S.S~ has lost their most dominant player Famous Inferno. I call that good news for Oath. Currently Oath is down in the stats but another interesting one to watch in the war updates.

Side 1:
Tribes: Oath
Side 2:
Tribes: ~S.S~

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 2
Side 2: 13
Difference: 11


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 2,732
Side 2: 38,843
Difference: 36,111



In light of a very... interesting discussion recently in the forums. I invited Famous Inferno to share some of his thoughts on Loyalty. Thank you for spending the time to drop some knowledge on us.

Loyalty is a word that gets thrown around a lot in tribal wars. Players pride themselves on being Loyal till the end, for staying with their tribe through thick and thin even if it means their own demise. Leaders judge how loyal someone is before recruiting them and they can go as far as to kick out a player and noble them if they feel a player’s loyalty is wavering. But just how loyal is a player expected to be?

Let me be blunt as say there is no definite answer, but I feel this is a topic that many people feel differently about. I know strong players that have been rejected from recruitment because of having an absurdly high amount of tribe changes as it’s an indication of their potential lack of dedication to a single tribe. Even your rank 100 tribes will indicate on their tribe description that they are not looking for “Tribe hoppers” so it’s no doubt something that plays on everyone’s mind.

However one thing that I am certain of, rarely anyone is in fact 100% loyal. Players eat their bashers, eat old tribe mates and leave old tribes. Looking at tribal wars history, at every big merge there is usually someone being left behind, due to lack of member slots or another reason and it is something that is usually excused, as the leader was just doing what was best for his tribe. Even alliances that have lasted months are broken, because “tribal wars” is the name of the game.

But in the same manner players that spy or players that leave at the sight of war are usually bombarded with a plethora of insults when in reality, instead of doing what’s best for the tribe as the leader that agreed on the merge did, they are doing what they think is best for their account but in both instances someone is suffering while another is benefiting. But there seems to be some popular opinion on how some people play worlds, I know people that hold grudges for years on tribal wars because a player spied. On one hand a player that has “ruined” the game for 39 other players perhaps deserves the abuse, on the other hand he was doing what was in his best interests and that is justifiable.

It’s of the reasons that aliases are used so often, when top tribes recruit players they not only look at the player’s journey in the current world but also in others. Sometimes players have a bad reputation that they need to escape for if a player is notorious for the collapse of one tribe, why would you want him in yours? By this logic it’s interesting that tribes recruit players from tribes they are warring because they shared information and spied for them. Wouldn’t these be the same players that are the most likely to do it again? It’s hard to put a price on loyalty, or how loyal someone is to your tribe. I honestly think reading players and judging how they are thinking is a skill that great tribe leaders need to have. One bad recruit can have devastating effects on a whole tribe.

So I will end this topic with a few questions that can hopefully generate a response.

1. How much does loyalty mean to you?
2. Is spying justifiable?
3. Would you recruit a player that spied for your tribe?
4. Does leaving your current tribe for another make you not loyal?
5. Should you put your own account, before your tribe?


xxStealthyxx - It would be too easy to point to your external posting as a true facepalm moment. It would be too easy to look at your in game suspect enoblement record. I however found this gem. After all the talk in the forums about Llamas... did you really think this wouldn't see the light of day? This is why you don't go off in the forums talking the way you talk, about the things you talk about. You never know when your former enemy needs to become your friend.

xxstealthyxx said:
hey if i noble near you guys you think you would recruit me?

just a would appear we are now fighting the same enemy..but then guys could send me support and i could kill lots of their nukes..less coming your way..that can be a good thing as well..if you get into the would win..think about it..i dont mind working with you guys now. to behonest personally i thought this war was stupid when i wanted to focus on k54..thats kirks deal wasnt mine just so you know..

i have 116 at the me im no spy i have been killing them fairly far as im concern your goals is now mine. your tribe can fully trust me

I would suggest just small amounts to key villages of mine it will help me fight the same war you are fighting..i can also pass intel to you as far as reports and a shared forum to keep communication open..we can do this and it will help you guys just the 24/7 and very exp.

Better luck next world

Looking Forward

Next Blog will feature a talk with some of the women of Tribal Wars on the difference in playing the game as the fairer sex

Contest for "Who's the biggest UBMinon
I will accept essays over the next week. Please keep it under 1000 words explaining why you are the biggest and best Undead Billy Mays fan in existence. I will feature the essays in the next blog if the participants allow. The winner of the essay contest will receive a custom made forum signature #UBMinion

War updates

Details for the upcoming Undead Billy Mays GFX shoppe


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I apologize for not hitting my deadline for the blog however i will give you masses something to wet the appetite - my top ten dreamteam for world 80

1. Radical Dictator - The only reason I am back playing again is because this guy knows how to draw me in. "hey i want you to possibly do our graphics... and if you want to play that's cool" .... Challenge accepted

2. ThinBlueLine - Someone I didn't know before this world started but has become a friend and a lover. So for you nubs calling for Gents to take out Regime - aint going to happen any time soon!

3. Amish Gangsta - A friend from worlds past who's mouth is bigger than his nukes but if anyone not in Regime could rival me in PnP and in game play - He's probably the one. At least in in game play - but I'm pretty much a PnP god at this point.

4. CoCo - Not the only lady on the team but one that has been an honest player/friend that I have enjoyed getting to know and would love to work with in the future

5. Bane - I'd like to teach you how to lead a tribe that won't turn their back on you. I think you have the potential to be great one day but this just wasn't your world.

6. Famous Inferno - I love your style - I love your playstyle - Why are you on the other side of the world???? Good job Ctrl for realizing what kind of player you could recruit

7. Waterloo - You have produced 0 blog articles for me so far - but I still love your forum posts and the defensive strategies have been on point so far or "on fleak" as my daughter would say - apparently that's a teenage term

8. Balian - Although not directly acknowledged - I've seen a lot of what has gone on behind scenes and you are a star. I hope our paths cross either in war or in friendship someday soon. Either way it would be a rewarding experience for me.

9. XXStealthyXX - Honestly.... I would like to have you on my dreamteam because you aren't scared to cause a stir when needed. You just need to be taught when it's needed and that's not a skill you possess right now.

10. Only because sometimes bold moves are needed - FrozenBeauty - you get my vote for the 10th spot because of your YOLO methods that started a complete downfall of MvDC. Well done.

There are many more that i'd include in a tribe but these 10 have stood out so far. Long Live Regime!!!

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy


The gloves are coming off




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UBM 1:1-13

1 In the beginning was the world of 80, and the Word was without form, and the Word was forming. 2 UBM was with the creator in the beginning. 3 Through him all things forum were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.In him was life,and that life was the light of all postings. 4 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. 5
There was a man sent from UBM whose name was the prophet Malreaux. He came as a witness to testify concerning that light, so that through him all might believe. He himself was not the same light; he came only as a witness to the light. 6 He was known to the world to share the same teachings and speak out against the institution of evil and gluttony. 7 For this he was made outcast yet his faith remained true. 8 The true light that gives light to everyone has into the world. He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him for what he was and was to become. 9 He came to that which was his own, but his own did not at first receive him and tried to hasten his teachings for their own entertainment. They did not realize that in perfection is patience but despite the jeers they waited. Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become UBMinions— children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of UBM. 10His Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only UBM, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. Famous Inferno testified concerning him. He cried out, saying, “This is the one I spoke about when I said, ‘He who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me.’”) 11 Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given. 12 For the law was given through him; grace and truth came through him. 13 No one has ever seen his full power, but the one and only, who is himself God of the forums and is in closest relationship with the creator, has made him known.


Unless you happen to play Tribal Wars on World 80 in which war does change. War tends to result in a recruiting fest or complete breakdown of a tribe in less than a few days. Do you remember the times when tribes would use strategy, planning, and intel to set up a notable initial push into the front lines of an enemy instead of this declare recruit win bullshit? I'm going to go ahead and preface this entire blog with - "This does not apply to all situations and all tribes when I go on a rant, However if you can see aspects of these rants and they apply to you, take heed to these words and change your ways before judgement is at hand. As most of you know this is my first world back since 66 which is now 15 worlds old or roughly 2 years. Maybe there has been a major shift in the meta and in my absence I didn't pick up on the fact that most tribes have adapted this method of expansion or maybe tribes have just become apathetic.

I don't believe that selected recruitment is a bad thing when it comes to war. It has long been a tactic used to turn the tide of war during key battles and catch an unaware tribe off guard. However recruiting 5-10 members at the start of a war rather than pushing 100-200 villages in and then dropping the surprise to me makes little to no sense. It just seems lazy and allows for leftover members to regroup or join other tribes and start the process all over again.

To the Recruit:

Where has your sense of pride disappeared to? You were part of a tribe who over a period of time more than likely helped you, relied on you, got to know you and developed a relationship with you. What kind of ethic do you lack that you can walk away from a ship with no iceberg in the distance, only rough waters ahead. You are a coward and not the type of player that I want in my tribe. Do you think that you were recruited for your skill in war, or even in game? Don't you know that the new tribe is only hoping you go inactive so they can feed their gluttony for easy villages?

To the Leader:

Don't you know that if you let the wheels rust when it's time for them to run on the tracks they will fall off? You perpetrators of mediocrity do your members a disservice by not allowing them to become battle tested in your team. Relying only on psychological warfare leaves accounts fat and immobile - not the troops but the minds behind them. Have you come to a place where a jump in the rankings takes precedence over the elimination of an enemy through hard work and perseverance? Shame on you for what you will lead your tribe to become.

The world 80 sower went out to sow.

UBM 2:4-9

[SUP]4 And as he sowed seeds of his tribe, some seeds fell along the path of inactivity, and the gluttons came and devoured them. 5 Other seeds fell on difficult ground, where they did not have much soil from unnecessary diplomatic relationships, and immediately they sprang up, since they had no depth of soil, 6 but when the sun rose they were scorched as they had. And since they had no root, they withered away. 7 Other seeds fell among thorns of betrayal, and the thorns grew up and choked them. 8 Other seeds fell on good soil and produced grain, some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. 9 He who has ears, let him hear this word as truth”


Mr Gray will see you now
Ctrl. v Lust


One half of the Eledhwen account, Monstaz2 delivered a cliche filled lackluster declaration to start this war off. With current stats not hitting an impressive mark for either tribe yet I have a few points to make on the progress of this new war and in doing so offering general advice for other tribes as I have seen the same mistakes made time after time.

It is rare I ever downplay any sort of effort of pnp and war declarations and for reasons I feel bad for doing so just now. I often praise the efforts for those willing to risk a trip to the public forums. Eledhwen is a great account, my current competition in the battle royale, and a very respectable group of talented players. However when making these moves you must put together a solid performance on an opening operation to back up the announcement of advancement against another tribe otherwise you run the risk of deflating the enthusiasm at the beginning of a war and doing more damage to your tribe than good with your tribe now in a public eye. I have talked to Monstaz2 about this and his reasoning was that both tribes knew this was coming and there were some easy Ctrl villages

UBM 5:26;27

26 Be Angry and Vigilant yet Do not recruit from the home of your enemy; do not let him lie with your men and women, and do not let this devil gain foothold within your forces 27 He who steals must steals from his enemy no longer will gain favor with the savior; but rather he must labor unnecessarily for his new brother was never his brother from the start.

Lust had a big push on Saturday with Famous Inferno leading charge against an inactive frontline account Ctrl had yet to internal. How did DVBBS pass that up? Now read these words above carefully and think back to the recruitment of Famous Inferno. Let these words sink in and take hold as your stomach drops. Within hours of the reading of this blog he will the current LUST war hero will back in the controlling arms of ... well control. The truth is he never left.
Side 1:
Tribes: Ctrl.
Side 2:
Tribes: Lust

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 6
Side 2: 17
Difference: 11


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 36,826
Side 2: 135,042
Difference: 98,216



Over the past few weeks I was inspired to seek out a handful of our female tribal wars players for a chat. My inspiration came from a conversation where she stated... I'm not your average female tribal wars player. This instantly grabbed my attention and I replied... Well what is a typical female tribal wars player? From there i decided to actually talk to some well known and lesser known tribal wars players and get into the advantages and disadvantages of playing as a woman. WARNING: I cannot verify that every one of these players is actually female because refer to rule 30. In talking and writing I know that in my past life I have committed some of these sins, before my ascension I was with flaw. The improvement of self is important to me and should be important to you.

CoCoMajestic said:
I find people are more open to talking in general and opening up when you are a girl. I do not know why, but it is probably some weird complex thing that guys have. The "It is a girl!!" mentality haha, However sometimes we are not recognized as leaders often, and more like a support role. Even though I am on the council, past tribes and tribes I have talked to seem to ignore me and wait for the word from a different council member. It is almost like if I say something, they want it to be confirmed. But if a guy says something, it is accepted the first time. It has happened a couple times over the years and it kinda sucks :/ So it helps you get your foot in the door with talking to people, but it sort of lowers your credibility? if that makes sense

Tribal Wars is a male dominated game. I don't have the exact statistics but just look at your tribe. Most tribes will have less than 10% of their makeup ... wearing makeup. Generally speaking video/web games have been historically more participated by men than women. None of this is shocking or groundbreaking information because we are all used to it. Some of us don't think twice if our team mate is a woman but how about a female leader? Do they gain the same respect as a male? No, not at all. We have been ingrained over generations to give more respect to men in leadership positions than women. Have there been some fantastic female leaders? Absolutely, I've played for some myself, so why generally speaking do we not think of them as leaders, good players or even act surprised when we run across one?

CoCoMajestic said:
Personally...I think that Women are in general a little softer with more pacifistic tendencies, I also feel like the outside society of heirarchy with Males leading (mostly, except for in very recent years) and women helping/supporting
I think the mentality in people is still the same, so even if the game was female dominated, males could still take leadership roles and be assertive, while most women would accept it and be very open.
Women are more liberal and open minded when it comes down to it, at least that is what I believe

In any tribe I've been in I've not seen a situation where someone was treated differently based on gender, orientation, or race. I've seen talented players kicked for single ignorant comments, but i do surround myself with classy players for the most part. I've also heard over and over about situations where players have been treated differently. Do we as men take women seriously in this game without them having to prove themselves?

Frozen Beauty said:
usually its passive superiority or that their judgement is the best. They act as if we don't know how to play the game...its the usual bullshit we always see

Frozen Beauty - member of Gents gave me this gem which only fueled my reason for writing and highlighting the differences of playing Tribal Wars as a woman. She gave me a convo from Bane (if you guys remember him) to ThinBlueLine (leader of Gents) about her attacks and then he referred to her as hot. Okay nothing horrible there, not exactly winning Casanova awards but nothing grotesque. The gem however was this message

Bane said:
Hope your as good as you are hot Otherwise your in trouble (edited for content)

I don't think this was meant to be insulting per say but if this had happened in a workplace, Bane would have been fired. Why is it okay to display this behavior outside of work as well. This kind of dialogue can really wear down on a woman. One of the participants who i won't name I almost felt bad for as I talked to her. When asked about her past experience, what it was like to play as a woman her responses were defensive in a way where she felt the need to list her accomplishments to me and explain how nobody was a pervert to her. We got into better conversation after that but nobody should feel programmed to defend themselves when the topic of gender is raised.

Health Hazard said:
I have been playing TW for almost ten years on various accounts, mostly as a Duke or in senior Council. While there are more Female Dukes now a days the attitude of most players hasn't changed. You are either a guy, or you are female that obviously needs support and protection. If you are known to be a female and guys don't like what you do ie you attack them or don't do what they say some will get sexual and tell you to go and do what ever.. (insert a sexual expression here and you would probably be right) I was told to stop (edited sexual reference) just because I remained loyal to him when there was a rebellion in the tribe and that's tame to some comments made)

I laugh at the amount of times a player is actually shocked to hear I am female, and duke . I have a good range of enemies, many have chased me over each world, because I am successful and I certainly don't want protection. Ive lost count the number of times I've been told women should not be Duke, as this is a war game.

When I first started,I was told to keep quiet I was female or I would never get on. I ignored that and I'm still here. There are more woman playing now, and more open about it but you still get some who keep it quiet they are female as they don't want to get picked on by the men.

So we have looked at a lot of the hardships faced, the opinions but how about the advantages of playing as a woman? There seemed to be a lot less, not that the women I talked to felt there weren't any at all but it seemed much easier to talk about the times they have been treated unfairly as all had experience with that. Sexual references, requests for pictures, some stalkers, and it does effect them. Some push it off as a joke, some embrace it and some are disgusted by it. The women I talked to had great things to say about a majority of the male population in how they are treated but as with anything the minority who are crude, judgmental and for lack of a better word, assholes, really ruin the experience.

UBM 15:3-7

3 Now when UBM had finished these sayings, he went away from the afterlife and entered the region of Externals beyond the World of eighty. 4 And large crowds followed him, and he entertained them there. 5 And Posters came up to him and tested him by asking, “Is it lawful to subject a woman to different standards?” 6 He answered, “Have you not read my teachings for I am a changed man and my words contain wisdom in dealing with these matters, offer the female no difference in loyalty, honor and respect as you would any other player. 7 If she falls short it is not for her gender but rather for her lack of skill and endurance.

Gents vs It

What an utter disappointment so far. Steve created the most excitement that I have personally felt since joining the world 80 forums with his pnp. To hear that Gents had squashed all diplomacy and was going to focus on war had me rush to the microwave to start my Jiffy Pop and watch nukes begin to fly in a glorious explosions. To see Gents truly battle tested in a war that could shape the entire south was... euphoric. You can imagine my disappointment when i found out it wasn't real. It was like Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, Tooth Fairy, Batman and Krampus had all been taken away from me in a split second. The whole Malreaux situation is another story in itself showing a bit of internal problems for the Gents crew. Rumors of coming from multiple sources cannot be ignored but for now Gents is still on the warpath. This is another slow moving war for Gents but there was a late push in the Gents Echo war where Gents started to take a solid lead over there competitor. Still the world 80 powerhouse but why do people still chose Regime as the predicted world winners when Gents holds such a commanding grasp on the rankings, the south and seems to have a hold ... everywhere?

The reason is simple -- Trust. Nobody trusts Gents. Trust is a commodity that is hard to earn and easy to lose. The methods and tactics used so far by the rank 1 tribe have not been... well lets just say they work in the gray. In a court of law most people couldn't prove any guilt of wrong doing on any of the situations bar the recruiting of members from a tribe they are warring or getting ready to war. However in a court of public opinion Gents would be hanged from the gallows for all to watch. They use their power to push around the politics of tribes within striking range but do it while shaking hands and kissing babies. Their competition know it yet still fall in line like sheep being led to the slaughter.

UBM 7:12-15

12 For I know the plans you have, declares UBM, plans for domination yet not for evil, to give you a future and a hope but only for you who seek to be virtuous and trustworthy. 13 Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you and answer you. 14 You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you, declares UBM, and I will restore your reputations and gather you from all the nations and all the places where I have driven you, declares UBM, and I will bring you back to the place from which I sent you into exile. 15 If you continue on a path of wickedness then when you call upon me on that judgement day i will say to you, I never knew you, go away from here.

Anyone with open eyes can see that Gents play a very psychologically based game. They are effective, they are winning the small wars and making gains in the larger ones just not in an overly impressive fashion. These wars are still new so we can continue to watch and see if they can turn these into decisive victories that render more respect.

Side 1:
Tribes: Gents
Side 2:
Tribes: IT

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 25
Side 2: 14
Difference: 11


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 195,885
Side 2: 109,396
Difference: 86,489



A few weeks back I started an essay contest asking players to write why they thought they were the biggest #ubminion. I read through all the responses and have chosen a winner. Congratulations to Blind Visionary for becoming the reigning #1 UBMinion. Next month he will have to defend his title. Here is is winning essay.

Dear Mr. Undead Billy Mays

For a blind man who looks forward to your blog every week you are an inspiration. My sight may be limited but yours is clearly still alive in your decrepit corpse. There are so few on this world and on the forums who have your expressiveness and articulation. Without the UBMs of this game the forums would soon no longer be worth getting onto. We would be left with the xstealthys and fall into a pit of idiocy and brainlessness.

Your zombie like appearance does not put me off and I am fully ready to get on the bus and be a groupie.



So put your heart back in your chest, cover your intestines with a brown paper bag, and accept me as your devoted escort UBMinion!

Blind Visionary

***Paid for and brought to you by the Blind People for America. Every donation goes towards getting blind people off the streets and into computer induced comas***

Blind Visionary will be receiving a custom #UBMinion signature that will soon be on display

Something's bugging me

Regime has been a tribe that has not made many waves in a public way. A quiet killer that lurks just beyond the shadows. Very little to no public scrutiny and those who have dealt with Regime as either an enemy or as a friend can speak of the tribe's respectful behavior. Only once so far hitting the forums with any sort of pnp to show a defeated MvDC offensive push. A lot is said in game about Regime, from praise and a true desire to work with them to lies, master plans, secret recruiting conspiracies etc. People will tend to do that with things they do not understand and in a world like this one a tribe like Regime seems to be very misunderstood.

The last sentence in the previous paragraph is highlighted by the most recent actions of Bugz. We all know the Bugz tribe as they have been the center of multiple forum threads and controversies. Regime began an operation on Do It, a tribe built from the remnants of Friend and Porn. A low member count tribe who has not gained a true spotlight and also carried their business quietly. A few unfortunate incidents brought about the unavoidable situation that Regime needed to remove them from the area.. The opening operation was heavily in Regime's favor and a breakdown of Do It happened almost immediately.

Bugz upon noticing this sent out a circular to have players start supporting Do It villages. Allegedly there was another circular sent to cancel this support sent but some players did not get the memo. Regime began to notice villages with incoming support upon nobling coming from Bugz players. Certainly this support was not meant to help Regime.

Bugz then decided to start recruiting Do It players who had not yet been the target of an operation. These players now almost surrounded by newly acquired Regime villages must have known they would soon share the fate as their fallen friends so in order to stand their ground they joined bugz. When discussed with Kirk, he stated these players went to Bugz to seek recruitment and not the other way around. Why however would Bugz need these accounts in a territory that will be engulfed by Regime if not only to disrespect the efforts. There have even been incidents where these players have openly sent nobles to Regime villages.

The explanation given has been the same failed explanation of tribes such as Friend, -US- and MvDC. There was no official diplomacy in place so there is nothing wrong with these actions. While this statement is true lets also look on a map and try to find these tribes now. Just because you can doesn't mean that you should.

UBM 2:1-6

1 When tempted, no one should say, "The World is tempting me for I have no ties our bindings to you." For you allow yourself to be tempted by evil, yet the light does not tempt anyone; 2 but each one is tempted when, by his own evil desire, he is dragged away and enticed. 3 Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to decomposition; and loses belief, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death. 4 Don't be deceived, my dear brothers for those you call friends shall lead you to despair. 5 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down frrom UBM of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. 6 He chose to give us enlightenment through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of first fruits of all he created.

Part 2 later tonight/tomorrow morning or whenever i feel like it

Undead.B.Martin err... Mays
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Due to time restrictions I have helped write up this newest piece of the W80 Blog, UBM has edited it for your viewing pleasure.

I'd like to thank BrennyGz for helping with the interviews in this segment.


The big war that is defining this world at the moment is the war between Gents and Ruffs. Ruffs have recently supplemented their numbers with their merge of Ctrl into them and Gents have done the same by merging Lust into them.

We at the blog team interviewed some of the people involved in the current events.

[spoil][8/08/2015 10:40:10 AM] James - Monstaz/Eledhwen: Q1: What is your opinion on the Sabre/Ctrl Merge that happened earlier this week?
[8/08/2015 10:41:40 AM] CocoMajestic Sara: I think it was an interesting decision, and complicated but worked out.

I also think it's the first merge INTO a war haha
[8/08/2015 10:42:49 AM | Edited 10:47:05 AM] James - Monstaz/Eledhwen: Q2: How is the war with Gents going at the moment?
[8/08/2015 10:56:37 AM] CocoMajestic Sara: And the war with gents is going well,

Their bunch of caps were essentially from breaking NAP and playing dirty.

Otherwise their major op that was supposed to make us quit they got basically no villages and it was pretty... Bad
[8/08/2015 10:56:42 AM] CocoMajestic Sara: No supp timed
[8/08/2015 10:56:53 AM] CocoMajestic Sara: It was like they expected us to just, quit? Lol
[8/08/2015 10:56:58 AM] CocoMajestic Sara: Doesn't work anymore at this stage
[8/08/2015 10:57:38 AM] James - Monstaz/Eledhwen: Q3: As a former Ctrl player, what impact do you feel the merge with Sabre has had on the war with Gents?
[8/08/2015 10:59:52 AM] CocoMajestic Sara: Tons of snipes, since they are going for back/midline,

But in general I feel like it was a good power spike once everything's situated
[8/08/2015 11:00:37 AM] CocoMajestic Sara: We haven't turned offensive on them really yet just skirmishes
[8/08/2015 11:00:44 AM] James - Monstaz/Eledhwen: Q4: What is your opinion on the world at this stage?
[8/08/2015 11:01:44 AM] CocoMajestic Sara: It's reaching an endgame much faster than previous worlds, because of all the merging and everything.

It's gonna be fun as the top tribes are all at war
[8/08/2015 11:05:15 AM] James - Monstaz/Eledhwen: Q5: What do you think of the multi front war that's being waged on Bugz?
[8/08/2015 11:10:48 AM] CocoMajestic Sara: Bugzz is going well and being eaten and having issues. So luckily they aren't a huge deal
[8/08/2015 11:15:02 AM] James - Monstaz/Eledhwen: Final Question: Top 5 opinions
[8/08/2015 11:16:26 AM] CocoMajestic Sara: What do you mean by opinions?
[8/08/2015 11:16:45 AM] James - Monstaz/Eledhwen: What do you think of the tribes? Pros/Cons/Interesting
[8/08/2015 11:17:25 AM] CocoMajestic Sara: Gents -
Pros - they used fear tactics over fighting
Cons - ban situation, and psychological strategy only goes so far
Interesting - their op LOL
[8/08/2015 11:18:24 AM] CocoMajestic Sara: Ruffs -
Pros - tons of experience and tons of activity and overall a great powerful group

Cons - location will always be a problem with conflicts and expansion

Interesting - they're fending off all their wars!
[8/08/2015 11:21:10 AM] CocoMajestic Sara: Regime -
Pros - INSANE amount of experience. Respected group who play the game how it should be played

Cons - None

Interesting - they've been waiting to dominate these settings!
[8/08/2015 11:22:26 AM] CocoMajestic Sara: Lust -

Pros - great leadership and players, tight knit group

Cons - Bordering Ruffs and Gents

Interesting - What's their next move?
[8/08/2015 11:23:00 AM] CocoMajestic Sara: Bugzz

Pros - No idea
Cons - Getting eaten
Interesting - Not familiar

[spoil][06/08/2015 20:47:28] Brendan Evans: Gents boast an impressive record of 23 caps to 10 losses in their war against Ruffs over the past week. Of course it's early days, But how confident are you that you can keep the momentum going and see it become the war that wins world 80 for the Gentlemen?[06/08/2015 20:48:28] Brendan Evans: If you can back your answer with reason/history ect it'll help improve the validity in the eyes of our readers
[06/08/2015 20:58:04] Brad: The record is even more if you add in the players they kicked we opped. They are kicking players to protect their stats which is a coward way to play:
I know we can keep the momentum as we have a very strong and active front against them. I am confident that we will win the war as I also have heard through the grapevine that Regime is thinking about supporting them. I understand people hate Gents and are actually believing that Gents is an underdog. When in reality Gents have not gone less than a week without warring a tribe. Yes, I have recruited some players from enemy tribes. This occurs in every world on tw and has happened for years. The players I invited showed resilience when we were warring them and fought back. That is the type of player I want in gents that will not step down to a good fight and will fight until the last village is gone.
[06/08/2015 21:01:19] Brendan Evans: Thanks for the answer pal. I actually forgot the mention that this blog will be released once Lust have joined the war with Gents against Ruffs; which is another factor that supports the success of your war with Gents. I'm a Lust councillor by the way.
[06/08/2015 21:01:34] Brendan Evans: The second and final question i'd like to ask is as follows
[06/08/2015 21:05:41] Brendan Evans: In the eyes of others Gents is a tribe criticised throughout W80 for their mergers and lack of loyalty to tribes with which they had agreements. Do you believe there's some validity to these comments and accusations or do the Gentlemen in fact have a fair way of dealing with diplomacy? It has been said that Gents are the true Ruffians of this world.
[06/08/2015 21:18:47] Brad: This is false, we have stood by bugz the whole time of our diplomacy. We have only spoken about warring them once when kirk dropped the alliance down to a nap over an argument. Sabre (Ruffs) was originally formed to join us after the gap was meant. Ryan (balian) got too cocky and started approaching other tribes about warring us. As for the IT war the only true reason we went to war with them was Steve he raged quit pretty much and declared on the whole world. So I basically said screw it let's eat into k64 and give us access to the rim as IT was already planning on joining us or warring us as k64 was semi stacked. As for the mergers we have yet to have a full merger where a player is given a position into the council. Yes, I do have some from other tribes that have shown their worth in my council. If you look at invict they had to apply for the tribe and go through the recruitment. Echo was battle proven and I spoke with Logboss about who is active and not dead weight. As for IT I brought in the ones that I respect and showed good fighting skills. I recently have added Defy to my tribe and the reason behind that is I know Dexa from past worlds. That's where a lot of these invites have came from. Yes we do have a lot of changes for a tribe, but majority of the core is still the same just merged accounts to cover their offline time in which makes the tribe and their account stronger.
[06/08/2015 21:26:07] Brendan Evans: Thank you for your answers mate. I asked the second question as there had been little defense of Gents' reputation in the forums and perhaps the masses jumped on the band wagon of calling W80's super power out as the bad guys - your response should balance out a few of the accusations[/spoil]

[spoil][06/08/2015 20:48:57] Brendan Evans: you willing to let me answer a few questions?
[06/08/2015 20:49:06] kirk hall: go on then
[06/08/2015 20:49:18] kirk hall: yes i like naked ladies
[06/08/2015 20:49:26] Brendan Evans: Damn you guessed my first question
[06/08/2015 20:49:32] Brendan Evans: Just as a disclaimer
[06/08/2015 20:49:38] Brendan Evans: Whatever you say i'll quote into the forums
[06/08/2015 20:49:55] kirk hall: unless i ask not to
[06/08/2015 20:49:57] kirk hall: agreed
[06/08/2015 20:50:04] Brendan Evans: yes ofc
[06/08/2015 20:50:10] kirk hall: ok fire away
[06/08/2015 20:50:56] Brendan Evans: just to confirm, you are at war with Hugo? I was told my a friend but don't want to get this wrong ;)
[06/08/2015 20:51:04] kirk hall: true
[06/08/2015 20:51:08] Brendan Evans: k
[06/08/2015 20:52:37] Brendan Evans: Recent war statists don't favour Bugz. Over the past week Bugz have suffered 126 villages and whilst gaining just 42. Has this had any impact on the morale of your members, or do you believe these stats will start to even out as the war continues?
[06/08/2015 20:52:58] kirk hall: morale is high in bugz
[06/08/2015 20:53:09] kirk hall: soon we will be one tribe as its time to
[06/08/2015 20:53:33] kirk hall: the regime results are expected and 100 was the limit before we reacted
[06/08/2015 20:53:59] kirk hall: unfortunately regime and hug both decpared on us at the same time we were fighting sabre
[06/08/2015 20:54:19] kirk hall: so our priority is hugo Family and internals
[06/08/2015 20:54:26] kirk hall: then we go get regime
[06/08/2015 20:54:44] kirk hall: hugo AND Family (new tribe)
[06/08/2015 20:55:26] Brendan Evans: Cheers mate, is it okay for me to use your response?
[06/08/2015 20:55:43] Brendan Evans: I also have one more question i'd like to ask regarding the future of Bugz
[06/08/2015 20:55:45] kirk hall: basically brendan
[06/08/2015 20:55:53] kirk hall: before u ask
[06/08/2015 20:55:57] Brendan Evans: Sure
[06/08/2015 20:56:23] kirk hall: bugz are still very active.. and the forums buzzing (excuse pun)
[06/08/2015 20:57:16] kirk hall: we are in a shiye position however we will at least get into a position we can fight ONE tribe which we have not been able to do since day one here.
[06/08/2015 20:57:27] kirk hall: its always 2-3 at a time
[06/08/2015 20:57:57] Brendan Evans: I understand; your position has always been something that pressures Bugz
[06/08/2015 20:58:09] Brendan Evans: Making diplomacy very tough to manage
[06/08/2015 20:58:16] kirk hall: no naps
[06/08/2015 20:58:19] kirk hall: one ally
[06/08/2015 20:58:29] kirk hall: 99 enemies lol
[06/08/2015 20:59:07] Brendan Evans: Putting the war in tribalwars ;)
[06/08/2015 20:59:27] Brendan Evans: My second question perhaps overlaps a little due to the answer you gave me
[06/08/2015 20:59:35] Brendan Evans: But i'd like to just ask anyways :p
[06/08/2015 21:01:06] kirk hall: kk
[06/08/2015 21:02:08] kirk hall: ??
[06/08/2015 21:05:39] kirk hall: am i sitting here wasting my birthday evening brendan??
[06/08/2015 21:05:50] Brendan Evans: Apollogies
[06/08/2015 21:05:55] Brendan Evans: Second question
[06/08/2015 21:07:39] Brendan Evans: Comments have been made regarding some disloyalty of a few stronger Bugz members due to poaching from allied tribe Gents. Do you believe there's a chance Bugz could weaken and fall apart as a result of this, and will there be a long term future for Bugz? There are many that doubt it.
[06/08/2015 21:08:07] kirk hall: ok well
[06/08/2015 21:08:38] kirk hall: not one bug has been poached at all since start of world
[06/08/2015 21:08:54] kirk hall: the stronger players were dismissed for
[06/08/2015 21:09:04] kirk hall: either inactivity
[06/08/2015 21:09:14] kirk hall: mon participation in war
[06/08/2015 21:09:24] kirk hall: or for ego growing
[06/08/2015 21:09:45] kirk hall: and finally
[06/08/2015 21:10:20] kirk hall: not attacking mates. (ie putting friends/pa before tribe
[06/08/2015 21:10:29] kirk hall: a lot of tribes tolerate that
[06/08/2015 21:10:35] kirk hall: here we DO NOT
[06/08/2015 21:10:45] kirk hall: even if it weakens the tribe
[06/08/2015 21:10:51] kirk hall: tribe first
[06/08/2015 21:11:20] kirk hall: and we will continue to fight on 3 fronts until resolved
[06/08/2015 21:11:34] kirk hall: 4th if include internals
[06/08/2015 21:11:47] kirk hall: future = who knows[/spoil]

Sabre merging Ctrl into them was a rushed move by Ctrl. They were involved in merge talks with Lust when Sabre approached them and hustled for a merge, offering to bring the biggest players from Lust across in order to destroy the tribe. This failed eventually due to moves by Lust to prevent it, the move was arbitrated by Ryan from the Balian account who left soon after leaving leadership to one of their new Ctrl recruits CocoMajestic. Finally a duke who has some balls, even if they are the balls of her feet!



Lust’s merge into Gents happened because of a mixture of reasons. With their duke IslaGratte quitting the account and the world to leave to the military it left them without anyone willing to take on the massive responsibilities of leadership, after LOOK left with his uncle Lair of The Grinch to form VIRUS this pushed Lust to a reaction of merging into Gents as they did not have a leader ready to take on the mantle and deal with the mess VIRUS has created.
It’s also interesting to point out, LOOK was privy to council information and the Lust council chat, he claims he moved because Lust were merging into Gents but the previous night it had been agreed not to merge into Gents, of course his departure meant that Lust were weakened and did go ahead with a merge but previously there was the intent to try keep the tribe going but without four of its biggest players there was no reason to. Lair of The Grinch also complained in a circ to the tribe about the council members nobling barbarian villages, and most notably of the council nobling barbarian villages was his nephew LOOK.
[15/08/2015 12:07:49 PM] Michelle - Cwolffgurl: i figured when he left i would go ahead and agree to the gents merge
[15/08/2015 12:08:23 PM] James - Monstaz/Eledhwen: No
[15/08/2015 12:08:26 PM] James - Monstaz/Eledhwen: I'm not wanting to merge
[15/08/2015 12:08:34 PM] James - Monstaz/Eledhwen: I'd rather lead than have us merge

Virus’ creation is an interesting one which many people are wondering about, well fear no more for we have got all the answers here. VIRUS has formed a peace agreement with Ruffs and have promised not to attack the former members of Lust, which has left them with what has been their favourite targets this world… Barbarian villages! With a strong 197 barbarian villages nobled between their four founding members and 41 barbarian villages nobled by their tribe already of their total 46 villages nobled, don’t worry yourself by believing VIRUS will be joining any fights, they’ve already got more than enough barbarian villages to fight with.
VIRUS conquer history -
Please note more have been nobled since this was written.
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The lowdown on Destiny.

Destiny formed on the 21[SUP]st[/SUP] of August from the ashes of Ruffs. It is an attempt at creating a small tight knit tribe and is largely just a resurgence of Control with a few new ex Sabre members.

A question that many have is why would Destiny remove members that are fighting a war and what were the problems that caused them to form a new tribe rather than just kicking useless members. Well here in the blog we have researched into the topic to help give people a deeper understanding of the situation.

Ruffs was originally called Sabre and formed from people who chose to run from MvDC's war with Gents, they allied with Gents early on and were considered family. As an ex leader of a nearby tribe I saw the breakdown in relations between Gents and Sabre as they sought to be their own tribe rather than being an unofficial family tribe it caused a divide. A large portion of Sabre were still the same type of players that had run from the war with MvDC just without anywhere to run. When Sabre merged Control into them they instated new leadership that saw the weakness of a lot of players, of the 50+ members that were in the tribe when Control and Sabre merged to form Ruffs only 28 have been kept in Destiny and the majority of those are ex Control members. From our information it seems that Control merged in and saw a tribe that was not nearly as good as they expected then they left to reform their old tribe except with some of their new tribemates that proved to actually have skill and loyalty in the war on Gents.

Shortly after Destiny formed Gents declared war on them which means that Gents obviously feel confident they can win this war and from their previous war stats versus Ruffs it is obvious why they would be confident.. The interesting thing about this is that since Destiny formed they have been winning in war stats against Gents.

Previous war stats

New war stats

Side 1:
Tribes: Gents
Side 2:
Tribes: Dest.

Timeframe: 21/08/2015 16:06:47 to 25/08/2015 09:15:40

Total conquers:

Side 1: 410
Side 2: 150
Difference: 260


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 8
Side 2: 14
Difference: 6


Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 3,127,578
Side 2: 1,098,563
Difference: 2,029,015


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 72,458
Side 2: 89,499
Difference: 17,041


Their new land holding is smaller than that of before as they shed about five million points worth of players that were seen as redundant to the tribe.



After Destiny formed this is their new land holding, they are now 14.2 Million points.



I spoke to their leader Emelie just after the tribe was created and asked a few questions, A few have been answered in the time that it took to get the blog ready which I apologize for but I think that there are still quite a few relevant and interesting points.

Interview with Emelie - FamousInferno

[22/08/2015 1:00:53 AM] James - Eledhwen: Q1: At this time Destiny seems to be splitting off from Ruffs. What are the key reasons for this?
[22/08/2015 1:06:11 AM] Emelie ❤ - FamousInferno: Last week, I did one last efford to get Ruffs back on their feet. Results were not quite as expected. Frontliners getting hammered, lack on tribal participation and so on. Frontliners were getting demoralized by this and were somewhat 'forced' to quit due being not able to stand on their own. Ofcourse we cannot let this happen without doing something about it. We had a few long 'meetings' and decided it would be best to form a 'coalition', as in, reform the tribe. We gathered a list this Monday and started preparing, this way we are able to cut of dead weight and can actually work together as a tribe, as it's supposed to be.

[22/08/2015 1:07:19 AM] James - Eledhwen: Q2: Will this tribe keep Ruffs war with Gents?
[22/08/2015 1:09:11 AM] Emelie ❤ - FamousInferno: You'll find out soon enough. ;)

[22/08/2015 1:09:43 AM] James - Eledhwen: Q3: What are the key values that you plan to run this tribe by?
[22/08/2015 1:10:56 AM] Emelie ❤ - FamousInferno: Activity, Teamwork & Unity

[22/08/2015 1:11:14 AM] James - Eledhwen: Q4: How do you aim to achieve these goals in Destiny?
[22/08/2015 1:13:22 AM] Emelie ❤ - FamousInferno: Destiny will be run much differently than ruffs. There will be no room for free loaders or deadweight. You earn your place in destiny. We have gathered the best of the ruffs/gents war and are ready to regroup and work together to achieve group oriented goals.

[22/08/2015 1:14:01 AM] James - Eledhwen: Q5: I'm sure many will see this as running away from the Gents war and the bad war stats. What is your response to this?
[22/08/2015 1:16:49 AM] Emelie ❤ - FamousInferno: War stats with ruffs are finished. Destiny is another tribe. ;)
[22/08/2015 1:17:00 AM] Emelie ❤ - FamousInferno: Being strong doesn't always
mean standing your ground
and fighting your battles.

Sometimes just summoning
the courage to walk away
with your head held high
and your pride intact is the
greatest show of strenght.
[22/08/2015 1:17:07 AM] Emelie ❤ - FamousInferno: (bow)

[22/08/2015 1:18:12 AM] James - Eledhwen: Q6: This is making me damn curious whether you'll fight with Gents. Will any of Ruffs diplomacy be kept with tribes like Regime and Bugz?
[22/08/2015 1:24:02 AM] Emelie ❤ - FamousInferno: Curiosity is the lust of the mind. Time will tell. ;)

[22/08/2015 1:25:02 AM] James - Eledhwen: Q7: What is your opinion on W80. What do you like and dislike and what do you find interesting about it?
[22/08/2015 1:33:41 AM] Emelie ❤ - FamousInferno: Good question. Some will agree, some wont. To start of with the good points, I admire Regime. Strict recruitment, good leadership, solid area of control. These are the tribes that make worlds interesting. But you most likely want to hear about Gents, right? ;) Well, I know some players in Gents, and I know some of them are nice and good players. But I don't like the way this is going. 79 members, insane zone of control. I can imagine it being hard for leadership and I'm 100% sure you cannot bring cheerfulness to everyone at the same time. To be very honest I hope this will change over time or w80 might end pretty boring. Keep in mind, I'm not putting a bad word on anyone, just sharing my honest opinion as in the end, people will Judge you anyway. ;)

So from Emelie's interview we can see that Destiny seems to be quite inspired by Regime in their style of keeping numbers small. An old school tactic which is much more respected by the masses of Tribal Wars.

The tenets that Destiny is built on as said by Emelie is Activity, Teamwork & Unity. It’s interesting to see the cracks that formed in Ruffs and then they slimmed down to close the cracks, will this help fix the problems Ruffs faced in their previous war or is this a symptom of a group of players that are going downhill?
It's curious how they believe they can achieve better results with the same players but leadership plays a massive role and Emelie's credentials are indeed quite good. At the moment she leads Crash the rank 1 tribe on World 78 as well as Destiny.
Time is really the only way we can tell whether this tribe will live up to their talk and in the four days since they formed their war caps show promise of a tribe that could rise up to challenge the ever looming threat that Gents has become with their massive lead in points over all other tribes.




I think this ranking should have been renamed long time ago, when co playing became a standard in tribal wars. I believe there is no single person in the world that could have controlled the account without a co player and still be in top 15 after few months.

Top 15, we are probably talking about 30-45 very skilled and committed individuals who are on top of their builds, farming, timing and account control. The ranking compares them by a single statistic (number of points) which might be a little bit misleading. Assuming that top players are having similar set of skills and complete time coverage of their accounts the ranking is determined by the growth and availability of new villages for constant conquering. The easier and more villages the better, therefore intternalling and barb nobling becomes the easiest path to top 15.

I wasn't surprised looking at internalling and barb nobling stats of some top players but then I was shocked to find a few who are in here without that many internalls.
Don’t take me wrong, I don't see internalling as evil. At the end of the day all those villages would end up as someone's gain. So it makes more sense for a tribe's leader to allocate internalls between the best accounts, to make the most skilled people even stronger. Those few privileged people will naturally take the top of the ranking. I am sorry but I won't be focusing on you today. I would like to focus and give credit to the ones who got to the top by slashing their way through active players.

Let’s have a look at some basic stats.

Our top accounts have an impressive 33 million points combined, they control 3564 villages giving them an average of 9256 points per village. They have scored 6 million points in ODA and 5 million in ODD on average per player which is not bad at all. However when we look at the number of villages taken from active players (1948) it is less than impressive being only 55% of the total. Of those 1948 villages, 1100 are internals (30%) and 639 barbs (25%). Our stats also show that on average a player has internalled 73 villages while barbing another 43.

The table below presents all basic statistics for our top accounts. In each column I highlighted top five stats with green and bottom 3 stats with red.

Let’s start with accounts which in my opinion deserve special recognition and a round of applause for taking the most villages from active players.

Ricky Rick, Taco Tripp and Dirty Dan from Zordos account have internalled only 4 villages while taking 7 barbs. That leaves 201 active gains!! In my opinion Zordos should be on the top of the player ranking. The account will be a true contender for the top spot in the future.

The account also looks very impressive. 195 active gains, only 16 internals and 32 barbs. The account has the largest number of daily awards, 2 for the attacker, 4 for great power, 1 for plunderer and 14 for the looter!!

Dr. Pickles
Even though Dr. Pickles has nobled 104 barbs :icon_eek: he is still third on the list of players with most active gains. He is ranked number 2 with 339 total villages. I have a mixed feeling about two stats, the highest number of barbs taken and also lack of any significant daily achievement. However with 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] highest ODA I can forgive you those barbs and probably you have excluded the awards from your profile as it is hard to imagine that with over 10 million ODA you haven’t got attacker of the day at least once.

Another account with impressive stats, 163 active gains while only 5 internals and 47 barbs. The account has been awarded the plunderer of the day 5 times and the looter another 4. Whendogsbite definitely knows how to farm. He is classified 397[SUP]th[/SUP] in ODD ranking which is quite low comparing to the average but it is difficult to say whether it is a good or a bad thing.

The Devil Monster
We also have The Devil Monster with only 1 barb and 31 internals leaving him with 153 active gains. He is 5[SUP]th[/SUP] in this category but also has 5 great power of the day, 2 attacker of the day and 5 plunderer of the day awards.

Players from those 5 accounts are the elite of tribal wars. You are showing the world how this game should be played. It is a real pleasure to see that people without access to internals are often also limiting their barb captures but still can be in top 15. (Dr. Pickles excluded, as he is the real king of the barbs)

I couldn’t help myself and I had to present you with statistics of the top 3 accounts in barb and internal nobling and those having the least gains from active players. I don’t think any comments are necessary.

Also a quick comparison of the top accounts and their daily achievements. LichLord3, anantrocks, Jovis, Thinblueline and The Devil Monster are really impressive. On the other hand DVBBS, Dr. Pickle, CocoMajestic and LOOK have no achievements at all.

I hope you enjoyed my stats and the short commentary. I encourage more people will join the UBMinions and keep our official blog alive. As always I welcome everyone to express their opinions under The World 80 Official Blog Discussion Thread.


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Death of the Gentlemen


Well rather than completely change what I wrote. Some of what I wrote when i started this article a few weeks ago ... happened. Again Gents changes what I have to write as I write it. I however won't give into terrorism and change the way I do things just because they went and did something silly and disbanded. Old info is in bold :)

It's been a while. I honestly felt that my purpose in writing the blog had diminished for a foreseeable future based on the way the world was turning both in game and externally. The forums had started to become filled with hate and became a bickering match. I too felt that for the time in which I have been away from the blog, I wouldn't be able to write without an obvious agenda so I decided to step away and let a few others bring their perspectives in to play. The world has started to make a major shift and i believe now is the time for the blog's return. The tribe everyone loves to hate has started to crack under the pressure. We will look at the reasons that still the current rank one tribe won't make it to see November in a position of power. When I say position of power I am insinuating that they won't even be a top three tribe by then and may be lucky to even have a tribal tag. There may be comparisons made with other tribes on this world, there may be some opinionated comments made. Lets all be honest though, you don't tune in to hear me spew boring stats or worthless interviews without allowing my experience as a player and external personality speak to the subject matter. We will go back and look through the history of Gents, where they went right, where they went wrong, and how things might have been done differently.



The first time i spoke about Gents in the blog it was a prediction that Gents will become the dominant tribe in the southwest. This was all based on limited information, before I had introduced myself to ThinBlueLine and other members of Gents. I simply liked the organization, growth rate, and spread of a tribe and compared to other areas on the map, they seemed to have the best potential for dominance. I had done a little research into players, their reputations and I was impressed. Gents truly had a great start to world 80. Dating all the way back to Invictus, I was contacted by a member of Gents who had some concern for the way certain events were unfolded which is the first time i really became involved with Gents. It's fairly common knowledge, or at least it's been stated that I introduced Gents to Jager and attempted to unify two tribes with a similar goal, to take down Invictus. Over the following days/week Brad had masterminded an exodus of Invictus' largest accounts and the rank 1 tribe was no more. It's not that I was surprised, but i was impressed. In doing this he did put Jager in a very tricky situation. At the time not overly relevant but plays part in a turn of events later in the world. This was the first of many tribes picked apart by Gents but this one was a great strategic move.


This was an excerpt from another early blog article asking ThinBlueLine about their early moves after declaring on a tribe named SBAR. Gents easily disassembled SBAR and moved on to their next phase of gameplay which would turn their eyes on MvDC. This story may be seen differently from alternate perspectives, but I can relay what I saw happen. Gents and MvDC had an ... odd relationshp? MvDC was somewhat of a typical early world power tribe. Bane, the leader of MvDC wasn't exactly the shining example of a people person and lacked in strategic diplomacy in world 80. Without going into too much detail, his methods alienated some players to the point in which they felt they needed to leave. The tribe basically split into three different tribes, One led by balian (account), another formed Lust with Eldhewen, and then a group left to join up with Gents. ThinBlueLine had his group ready to depart prior to the news becoming public. This is where Gents should have stopped recruiting. If memory serves correctly, this propelled Gents to the top spot in the world.

Map from last week in May 2015


We can't get too much further without talking about Bugz, Gents one true one way street ally. Soon after the MvDC split, Bugz started to gain some note in world affairs. As far back as I can remember the two tribes being mentioned, they have been allies... I guess you could call it that? This was another relationship that was completely one sided in favor of Gents except for the little bit of help here and there with a little defense, or some account sitting. It's quite interesting that Bugz lasted longer in the world than Gents did. I've talked with Kirk on many occasions and told him this would probably end up being the case. Kirk and Brad had a ... love/hate/hate/lovvvhate relationship. Upon ThinBlueLine's exodus from the world, he sent his last remaining troop towards the now rimmed Kirk. More on that later

In total - Gents had a great first few months to the world. This was the point that if Gents could have stabilized and not played revolving door of tribal merges that they could have remained the most dangerous to the rest of the world. Although this isn't the biggest Gents was, this was their peak. It seemingly went all downhill after this.

To be continued...

The New World


In the demise of one power a new era has taken hold. Once a world plagued with mass recruiting, tribal merges, loud and obnoxious banter on the forums -- now returned to a more old school feel. The largest member base of the top 5 (FBI) only holds 75% of the tribe limit capacity. Regime, Destiny, and Sin have consistently held less than 50% of the capacity for their lifespans. Member count is far from the most important stat in the world. I personally like the lower member counts because seemingly more effective in coordination and effectiveness. It is possible to have a larger tribe 60 or more members where every member is effective however the problem is, statistically it's very very unlikely. I will warn people against filling up their member base because it always seems to go awry. 3 of the top 5 tribes I understand place a certain level of importance on in game skill and growth, however personality and teamwork is what creates the glue for these powerhouses.

Rank 1: Regime

Regime is now the oldest tribe in the world, beating out Bugz by a day or so. As my own tribe Ill try not to paint a picture of perfection as no tribe is perfect. Radical Dictator recently posted in the forums to quiet a few trolling statements about Regime's "lack of engagement". Currently ranking first in points, Opponents defeated, (1st in ODA and 4th in ODD), average points per player, and total villages. Regime's old school methods throughout the entire world have proven to outlast the newly adopted styles of merge and move on. With less tribe changes than the total tribe limit, Regime has been able to operate the first 6 months of the world with relatively small amounts of member adjustment. Back in the prediction threads Regime has been seen by many as a favorite to win the world. There is quite a long way to go for any tribe to make that claim with less than 5 percent separating the top 3 tribes in world control.

Rank 2: Destiny

Destiny has had a long and interesting road. Not every group finds it's way from the word go. Destiny has seen a revolving door of leadership since Ctrl and Sabre merged two smallish tribes to form Ruffs. It seems that since Emille went AWOL that leadership is in good hands. The current leadership at Destiny was able to make great progress towards Gents and was a major part of the destruction of the former rank 1 tribe. At a point, Destiny held a frontline with Gents that spanned across 4 or more continents. At this same time they lost their biggest account Bailain in Iblin to Gents. Rather than panic, give up, or merge, they approached the situation with class and came out on top. Destiny's next move will be the most important move they make in the direction the world shall take. Sandwiched between Regime, Virus, and Sin, this tribe has to play their cards perfect to make it out on top.

Rank 3: FBI

FBI is world 80's newest top 5 tribe... sort of. FBI is made up of former Gents players along with some new faces. After ThinBlueLine hit delete to the rank 1 Gents, some members joined Sin, some joined Destiny, and then the remaining group is now part of FBI. As a brand new tribe it would be unfair to call them a rehash of something that didn't work. Talented players exist within the ranks and some of those that were former Gents council, unhappy with the way things were being run. Regime vowed to continue it's mission to eliminate Gents even as the group reformed as FBI. They will be a tribe worth watching to see what they can do in a tough spot of terrain.

Rank 4: SIN

Might just be the current sexy tribe on the world. Sin put a hammering on Gents when entering the war. They took advantage of a great situation that was laid before them. With Gents making 3 big enemies it was impossible for them to defend on 3 fronts and had to have been overwhelmed by the quick progress Sin made into the Gents lines. The tribe has shown great leadership, patience in planning and is in a great tactical spot for the world. Currently Sin will be engaging the rank 5 Virus so we will be watching the stats to see if Sin will have the same level of success that they have seen in war.

Rank 5: Virus

Hope you enjoyed your time on the world. I'm kidding, Virus is not the most strategically clustered group on the world but seemingly holding their own right now since the declaration against them from rank 4 Sin. Ahead in the stats over the last week by a village is a surprising stat. After this war sees week 2 and 3, we can get into a real breakdown of how Virus is doing in it's war efforts. Great job so far!

Side 1:
Tribes: SIN
Side 2:
Tribes: VIRUS

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side: Not Including dropped players

Side 1: 17
Side 2: 18
Difference: 1


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 118,617
Side 2: 152,844
Difference: 34,227




Props to Sin and Dest. for actually doing the work and killing off Gents. I'm surprised regime is still around, unless their aim is to win the world with minimum conflict all world. What a fun way to play, I'll be truly bored if such a passive tribe like regime actually ended up winning this world.

I no longer play w80, purely because of its nature of hugs and lack of interesting wars. Gents war was pathetic they just rolled over when being attacked, and seemingly were extremely drunk or had already given up with the organisation of their attacks.This being said I don't think regime, valor or gents deserved a win. Any accounts need covering in a regime war? Hit me up on mail here.

Criticize all you like, I think wins should actually go to those who deserve it.

Oh dear, where to start. Firstly Radical Dicator addressed some of these points in a very professional manner but for the sake of driving home the point, i'll probably repeat them. I too give props to Sin and Destiny for having great success against Gents. They performed wonderfully against a large at one time dangerous tribe. No problem with your first sentence here. Second sentence -- What an interesting view, full of stupidity but interesting none the less. Are you truly surprised Regime is still around? Regime has been at conflict for more days that it has not been at conflict. Passive is the opposite word that i would use for Regime's playstyle. Rank 1 in war caps, rank 1 in opponents defeated, those are hard stats to ignore when spewing bullshit.

I think it's a silly notion for you to determine who "deserved" the win. The team that killed Gents is a matter of opinion. If you ask 5 different players from different tribes including Gents, you might have 5 different answers. Some Gents player believe that Gents killed Gents. Not a single member of any of the involved tribes has claimed that their tribe was the reason Gents fell, at least that I'm aware of. Every tribe and every player involved played a part, some larger than others but all important. Some of those players were in Gents, those that refused to support a system that was in many eyes ruining the world. Others were in tribes gone, and then obviously there are the standing tribes once Gents disbanded.

As to your statement about covering accounts Regime is at war with - by all means please do.

Once maps are working again on TW stats ill be able to add to the blog a bit to show positioning of the top 5 tribes and will cover the next 5 tribes in the future installment along with continuing the Death of Gents. They were the rank 1 tribe for a long time and provided the world with a purpose. They deserve our respect for that :)
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Rank 1: Regime

Regime is now the oldest tribe in the world, beating out Bugz by a day or so. As my own tribe Ill try not to paint a picture of perfection as no tribe is perfect. Radical Dictator recently posted in the forums to quiet a few trolling statements about Regime's "lack of engagement". Currently ranking first in points, Opponents defeated, (1st in ODA and 4th in ODD), average points per player, and total villages. Regime's old school methods throughout the entire world have proven to outlast the newly adopted styles of merge and move on. With less tribe changes than the total tribe limit, Regime has been able to operate the first 6 months of the world with relatively small amounts of member adjustment. Back in the prediction threads Regime has been seen by many as a favorite to win the world. There is quite a long way to go for any tribe to make that claim with less than 5 percent separating the top 3 tribes in world control.
Rank 2: Destiny

Destiny has had a long and interesting road. Not every group finds it's way from the word go. Destiny has seen a revolving door of leadership since Ctrl and Sabre merged two smallish tribes to form Ruffs. It seems that since Emille went AWOL that leadership is in good hands. The current leadership at Destiny was able to make great progress towards Gents and was a major part of the destruction of the former rank 1 tribe. At a point, Destiny held a frontline with Gents that spanned across 4 or more continents. At this same time they lost their biggest account Bailain in Iblin to Gents. Rather than panic, give up, or merge, they approached the situation with class and came out on top. Destiny's next move will be the most important move they make in the direction the world shall take. Sandwiched between Regime, Virus, and Sin, this tribe has to play their cards perfect to make it out on top.

Re-reading this blog throughout the week for me really put into perspective just how great this world was. At the end, I think this world has ended very positive. The players who played all the way through, picked it up part way, we were all apart of this story.

I unfortunately work full time, but if anyone wants to organize to finish this blog, I'd love to chime and help or interview as I did previously. I have no where near the time necessary to play another World. World 80 was my last, and I think it was a sendoff for many people from this game as the world develops past this old school statistics and timing formula.

I think light needs to be shed on this world. I think that the passing of Ben has made World 80 more than just any world for me, and I played A LOT.

This is, in my opinion as someone heavily involved throughout the early, mid, and late game.. the Best Tribalwars World Ever. (And yes, I know I wasn't there for late late game, but life happens)

The world is over. All secrets can be said, all those people who played, if even for a moment, can remember that they were a part of this EPIC world.

No more smear campaigns. No more toxicity.

Let's send Ben off with love by finishing the World 80 blog and spreading love.

Message me if interested, I reply very slow as life is real, but this isn't a game anymore. We lost someone beautiful from this community, and reading through this blog made me realize that it isn't about the blog. It is about retelling the Tale of World 80 to live forever on the internet.

And if someone identifies with Ben's storyline and memory, I am here to talk to you, I promise.

Otherwise, my experiences in World 80 was one of the best in my online life, and I'd argue that Ben's passing united not only Ben to win, but everyone who logged into this world.

Much love to this community, to everyone I have had the chance to talk with, and to all the people that reach out.

Thanks for reading if you did. It is your choice anyways LOL



On the ben as a player note he was the top war account in the world, he i honestly think pretty much gave dest the boost, i know exactly when he was attacking because accounts quickly got rl busy, but he was a top guy and i enjoyed every moment i fought him. Its not everyday il say someone is better than me but he really was by a country mile

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Due to a departure from the game and Skype, i didn't find out about Ben until well after the sad events took place. It upset me very much, I considered him a friend. I really enjoyed talking to Ben no matter what was going on in game. He shared a lot of what was going on in his personal life and a lot of it was good. We would be bitter enemies in world, we would be talking psychology and shenanigans while sending attacks at each other. He was a real catalyst for a lot of the storyline throughout the development of this world. I was very happy to have contributed to this narrative.