World 83 Tribe


World 83 Tribe |l|l|l (Barcode)

Starting up a tribe to combat the noob forces of almurph and whoever else wants to make their fun 'ol premade.

Before reading this post, you probably thought... Who is this idiot and what's he doing making a premade. After reading this post you will think "Oh, I know who this idiot is, he will probably fail and just gets lucky with his tribes"

Our common goals:
-Become rank 1 tribe (as always)
-Make a mockery of Muldie325/Tannie/Triscodian and anyone else who likes to have lots of fun on no hauls.
-Recruit up to the max amount (40), enlist fun bashers, but still point out that academy tribes are for noobs
-Make people think that our tribe is easy to war against, let them fail (As seen in Push! W74 and Rhythm W78)
-Dedicate minimal hours of hour day to building pits, logging out, having fun with friends, family, bootycalls and then returning home and making more pits. Then acquiring merges as the world goes on.
-Having the most points + troops but having an extremely low ODA/ODD
-Having fun

Skills needed to join us:
-Have come into contact or know any of these people (Sustephen123, Tynan12, jazza.jake, ghio1, setorines)
-Know how to send, apparently, 250 ms without 1 ms off with this generously insane gap.
-Know how to snipe within 50ms
-Ability to refrain from complaining when fellow tribe members make ridiculous posts on the forums.
-Basic knowledge of a no haul world
-Pledge allegiance to Steve as duke
-Always respect diplomatic decisions. Failure to abide by NAP/Alliance is automatic dismissal.
-Be active on skype

Everyone will think we will fail, but until they challenge our skills, capabilities and strengths, they won't know what hit them

For anyone from world 78 who disagrees with Sustephen123's leadership after 50+ villages, Steve will stay to lead and will constantly be running the tribe since no hauls is much easier to handle tribal wise.

Want to join?
Message "Sustephen123" on skype for details about world start/what the plan is

Cheers to all future posters who are more than happy to tell me/other readers that this tribe will fail ;). It is always said but we always maintain rank #1/2
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Looking for a tribe to join I'm a new player but an adult and active with a sense of humour.


I dont have a tribe but if u dont find anywhere i can inv u to start nearby


Message me on skype if you're still looking for a tribe.


Thank you red I've been picked up by another tribe however best of luck you and your tribe :)