World 83 Weekly


The Walk Of Shame


There has been several bloggers over the course of tw. A few has been persistent but many has come short and vanished after a couple of issues. The expectations and enthisuasm has been turned into a sigh. I thought I would crawl back to the cross and ask for forgiveness (vanishing after making a crappy first issue is really not ok in my own opinion as well). I`ll spare you from any excuse by simply saying: "Sorry guys, life happened."


This second issue is a short one, mainly covering the worlds development by a simple topnoblers gif and an interview so I can get started. Hope it is somewhat of enjoyment/use..

World 83 Development - 01 February - 14 April

As the maps I have saved based on these selfupdating maps has stopped updating since 14th of April, there are no later dates. A few dates are also missing due to no update and also a few as I haven`t been near any pc due to lack of time. The last months has been hectic. Still, most dates are covered and gives a good overall view since the 1th of February until now. The coming gifs will be based on the new selfupdating maps from 20th of April and forward.

Current World Map


Current World Ranks


Interview Of The Week

I have had the opportunity to have a chat with one of the more vocal member of the community who is also a great guy. I`ll let him continue.

Luke|HAIM|Halsey: Hello world, I’m Luke; lover of long romantic walks along the beachside, climber of mountains, slayer of dragons, completer of quests, brusher of teeth and studying International Business Management at University.

My tribal wars history, guess I’ll just include the important stuff, Venus/all of those remakes which were lead by Sam who is currently leading NAM. W77 I had a few offers to join tribes, I was in Within for a day or two before joining RoyalE but also had an offer to join NAM and one other tribe which I can’t recall. I joined RoyalE because those guys on W71 were so quiet and I was interested in learning more about them, I didn’t think I’d be with them for two years but that’s where I’ve found myself on this world again. I don’t know what I’d do without GayJan by my side.

I’m currently a member though I have been in leadership before in RoyalE/ANY. W77 I was Baron for a few months until I quit after we rimmed W2V and W83 I was co-Duke here with Kreiger for the first few months again until I decided to start a rebellion but didn’t go through with it. Now after all of that has happened and I’m able to look back the reason I decided to start a rebellion was really quite selfish, me and the rest of ANY leadership have different leadership styles and me being there can be quite toxic. I love my tribe though and would not change it for the world! (inlove)

First off, ANY is basically RoyalE but under a different name and the leadership here this time around is completely different to before with the exception of Krieger and myself when I was a part of leadership on this world.

The reason I decided to be active on the externals this world was to give people a broader picture of what being a member of RoyalE/ANY is all about since so many people had and some still have the impression that Krieger is the Hitler of Tribal Wars I decided to set about that and change it with my biggest effort being how Krieger Stole Christmas.

Krieger is a relatively quiet person around the tribe as are many of the members but over the last two years we have all grown to know each other very well but as I said most members seclude themselves from the outside world and don’t communicate on the externals, etc.. Which I can’t blame them for doing so since its mostly filled with trife.

Though back to the tribe, it is easy to talk about Krieger. RoyalE made me love Academy/Sister tribes, before that I always considered them to be very noob like but if done correctly they can bring huge benefits as we’ve seen on this world and also World 77. The area we chose this world was because it seemed to be the only area with no other serious threats next door and I think we chose well though it is a very similar position to World 77.

The leadership works in the following way, we have a group of council members, Kreiger has the same amount of power as any of the others and they vote on certain topics and issues and then tasks are given out by Krieger or he may complete them himself. The start of this world we didn’t have many threats next door apart from Roman’s tribe which we managed to take care of quite fast and also IMMUNE which we also handled. So we’ve had a pretty easy start up really. Midgame expansion has been because we have no other choice I preferred the war with Horde that was fun and I’m looking forward to future wars with NAM and Sass.

Golden and ANY didn’t have any alliance at the start of the world, the first diplomacy we had together was a chat I had with Bill about a border agreement and we both stated we wanted a powerful ally either side of the ‘here comes the Game of Thrones reference’ Wall.
So as far as I’ma ware of there was no pre world start agreement.

nowitsover: well, I just have to ask this; why oh why all those HAIM gifs? :D

Luke|HAIM|Halsey: Hahahahahaha! Because I realised that if I used a certain type of gif after a while people would either one find them funny or two get really pissed off with them because I’d have to use the same ones over and over again and that has happened, people are either really angry or really happy (sun). Though I love HAIM.

nowitsover: Honorable mentions?

Luke|HAIM|Halsey: Uh firstly I think my co Elliot needs to be mentioned, he calls me dad, I call him son. He sends me pictures of his genitals I send him pictures of plants. You know we have a really healthy relationship but really he’s been a huge help I thought he’d last 1 week tops but he saved our account when I stopped playing and I talk to him everyday. He also modelled yesterday for Burberry on a catwalk so big shoutout to him there! (You can find that here)

Anyway back on topic (lol) 14. Krieger definitely, without him we would’ve lost a lot of ground and he is still holding strong today, killing over 1M Units defending the other day and only losing 1 village. Now quickly going to roll off a few names; JanJanz, The Cat, The Gow, Meanboy, Grim, Josh, Appsolut, Marco, Erndos (Pretty much the whole of ANY and all the family tribes I love everyone!)

Now for enemies, I have to respect Darkx/TW Legend, he lost a lot of villages and points to us whilst in Horde but has remained vigilant and is again in the top 25. Other than him no other names come to mind.

nowitsover: Any opinion on the gameworld and also what the future may hold for your tribe?

Luke|HAIM|Halsey: size of the world sucks pretty hard, level of competition is at a high standard because of the size of the world and the settings of the world I like apart from the 100ms attack gap which is annoying :(

Although I don’t have a crystal ball that predicts the future I can’t see us ever merging into a tribe at any point but we shall see what the future holds!

nowitsover: Luke, thanks a whole lot!

Luke|HAIM|Halsey: Anytime Kim, anytime! :) It has been a pleasure.

This interview was made on Januari. Since then Halsey acct has been internalled due to activity coverage issues and the players on the acct has gone over to 14. Krieger and there along with Neb.


I hope to continue be able to continue regularly incase there still might be interrest. There are more material avaluable and issues to put out there and the world is just getting interesting. Thanks to Bill for his kind rep comment a couple of days ago. Hope to be able to conclude the earlier interview if possible. Also thanks to everyone else around here either have played or still playing I`ve came across. Most of you have been awesome.

The theme of the next issue is


..see you sometime next week.​
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1. Issue
Dear readers..​

I`ll start with mentioning that whatever expectation you might have; lower them right away. In order to put a regular issue out weekly, best to avoid being overambitious and choke later. Also after UBM setting the bar as high as he did, there is no point in even trying ;) So this will basically be a short issue each week presenting the current weeks development of the world.

As I have some attachments to one of the tribes here, I choosed to refrain from posting in any other threads here as well as giving my own opinion in order to have this thread as a public service such. So there won`t be any tribes evaluations of my own. I`ll instead resort to referring to the saying: "One picture says more than thousand words" and let the maps do the talking and ad the major tribes and their associates stats as compliment.

I believe best way to give an as objective view on the events happening is to let those who are being a part of them to give their own view on things. In order to do that, I offer to interview anyone (regardless position, account size or status) who feels that they have anything of substance to contribute with. If we can have a variation of players giving their opinions from different tribes and different parts of the world, it gives a more fair picture of the worlds development.

This being the last no-hauls world and also one of the last worlds without p2w features, it contains a large amount of experienced players even thoe the size total amount of players of the world is small. Some of them for my knowledge plays this as their last world. As the game is designed, it requires a lot of time and commitment compared to many other free time hobbies. So, calling TW just a game is kinda unfair. At least it is more that "just".

Externals at this stage is more of a motivation or mean to keep things entertaining and interesting in a world such as this and have no major impact of the world developments. Most of the remaining playerbase here are kinda immune to "mindtricks" and will stick to their posse. To put it short; there is no agenda. I`m just honoring your efforts and encouraging you to make it fun and colorfull and reflect the time and effort you put here and in externals in general. Might even be fun to go back to later on and read and have a couple of laughs.

Now over to how world looked around the time nobles came out..


Thanks to Alexa02dsa btw for bringing back Nickjers maps and managing & hosting them!

Most of the pre-mades and the earlier events happening in the world has been covered so far in other threads, so I`m avoiding the effort of writing a essay on what has been happening until now. Although if there is a need of bringing up any specific time or situation, I can try to do my best to dig up the information about it if requested.

This is a quick look at how the world has developed as a GIF. A few of the dates are missing due to map update issues and a couple of me being unable to save them due to being away from home, but most are there. In future, there will be Topnoblermaps instead as it shows more accurate where the action is occuring. If requested, I can put them separatelly into this as well but as there has been a large amont of tribes changing colors, topnoblers has been very messy to view until now.



Unfortunatelly as the ranks changes fast in the earlier stages of the world, it might be annoying to watch tribes colors changing constantly. However, it will be more clear from now as there are less tribes and rank changes. I`ll also pm the map hoster to see if the tribes clors can be fixed like in W77.

This is how the world looks atm.

Current Ranks (8 January 2016)


Current World Map (8 January 2016)


Even thoe this sections main purpose is to serve readers with input/opinions/evaluations from different parts of the world, it is a great way to get to know some of the players who are behind the names of the account as well. It takes a bit time to synch times to get the interviews and edit them into readable versions but it is worth the effort. Hope you enjoy reading them.

First off is TD, a member of NAM, also my first interview victim.

TD ®: Well my name is TD, I'm your average 18 year old university student, situated in the Caribbean. As it pertains to tribalwars, I haven't been playing as long as the big names around, started back in w48, played a flurry of worlds from then til now, especially from w70 to now. Won a few worlds, didn't win quite a few, nothing particularly memorable on my resume. I'm your typical Account hopper, well not exactly, but if I remember correctly, this world (w83) is the first actual world where I started and continued playing on my own account, due to this, I've attained a plethora of aliases, though the most recent would be Destrator (w79).

On w83 I play CorpseRevivingShinyBeer, along with my coplayers; Oguz, Klara, and Sam. We've been apart of NAM's core start up from the beginning. We were Originally Beer pong, at start up, but as my co's joined me along the way, in effort to make each feel more apart of the account, we merged a few names, to get the name we have now. I ended up here in NAM through one of my co players who I mentioned early, Klara, I was planning on quit after our tribe had basically won w79, but then after asking me for quite a while, and as a reason to turn down other premade requests :x, I decided to join here. Also because of the fact that I knew quite a bit of people here already who I was once tribemates with on w77 Bacon.

I would describe NAM as a very closely intertwined tribe, where everyone knows everyone, I'd think it'd be next to impossible to get it without some sort of reference. While like any other premade we have our own set of rules, though I'd like to say there is quite a bit of free reign, especially as it relates to externals, as we have our typical trolls, flamers, all the works. Though 'tribe representation' is always a focal issue. As NAM is a premade, we haven't had many member changes, in fact most of the member changes post start up, have probably come from Kurtis being kicked constantly. Through our leadership direction, and inter-tribal cooperation on a massive scale we've been able to easily (may be an understatement), dominate our K and stomp coalitions against us from the get-go. I think our location was particularly interesting, we seemed to have started quite a bit away from a few of the big name premades on this world thus preventing any possible stunting early game.

As it relates to player turn out, its a bit disappointing, the central four K's are just barely filled, so much so that tribes than purposely joined late into the world to escape the core, still ended up smack in the middle of it all. Though like all no haul worlds, there is a culture that attracts a higher player quality imo, when compared to the average world. We can see quite a few names on this world, either brought to fame by there never ending experiences and victories or simples notoriety. So in that aspect, I'd think this world is fitting for a 'last world'. We can see coalitions being made and set in stone, whether out of necessity or past relations, and ofc, the NAM-Golden, on going flame wars always bring exciting to these dull forums. It may seem to be simply harmless but there ha been several complains of immature and unsportsmanlike behavior in the form of rampant down repping of others. Though all in the name of Banter haha. In comparing this world to w77, I feel that world was more competitive as it was bigger, more long lasting premades etc, but the forum weren't exactly reflective of it, past the start up stage.

The world going as expect for the most part, I was only partially surprised at how the premades got cut down so quickly to the few that we have now. Though I have to say k44 is/was the most entertaining bit of the world so far, all the lies and the drama, they should have made it into a live drama. I'm sure many will miss Blood, and their leader AoF, for her lovely.. errr, tribe profile.

Well after NAM had done their selective recruitment of a few Nati members and have proceeded further into the core skirmishes have been becoming more intense. I think its more of a known fact that there have been skirmishes between NAM and surrounding tribes such as ANY F, NBD etc. I can only guess that this world may be going towards a north vs south type scenario. Akin to what occurred on w77. Can't be helped that we've won the last no hauls prior, so we've sort of been dubbed the 'tribe to beat'. Makes it just so much easier to pit others against us. I guess we'll see just how good we are in the near future. Though I trust that with the insurmountable amount of experience we have, we should be able to withstand what's to come :D

nowitsover: TD, thanks a lot for giving this interview (bow)

TD ®: Its been my pleasure Kim :)

Second is Almurph at luxavism account, who probably doesn`t need much of an introduction.

luxavism: Hello :D
I am almurph :p

I'm the so-called Duke of Blue! and what ever names held previous to it's creation. I'm sure many people know of who I am so I'll skip that part but I will start by saying it's a pleasure to be here speaking to you.

nowitsover: it's a pleasure to be here speaking to you too.

luxavism: I was supposed to give up this world due to RL demands but this week I've found time, surprisingly. I was given a weeks holidays from work so I decided to keep going on this world, on this account, for a little longer than planned. I think the fact that this is the last no-hauls as we know it also added to interest in playing.

I joined this world with a couple of friends. Off the top of my head I think five? We've come so far together and every world I promise to make mid game, like every world I Duke in. It's easy really. And that's what we've done. We defeated Freak. This is actually an accomplishment. Espically when done consistently over a number of worlds. We joined as a small group in a premade and have moved on together from that and made some new, great, interesting friends who wanted to be part of the fun. The reason I continue to play this is because of them. That's why I'm currently playing this time demanding, life ruining addiction of a game like this. However, Blue! isn't your conventional tribe. We're here to have independant fun with a group of friends and that's exactely what we have done and hope to continue to do in the future.

nowitsover: Regarding the premade part; did you have any preparations when it comes to diplo agreements or such which you might wanna reveal?

luxavism: I wish! I had made an external post, which sadly, didn't recieve the support I'd hoped. I'd even suggested some of my closer friends do their own thing as I wanted them to enjoy W83 with previous friends they've become closer to over the duration of other worlds I became absent on. It's a real pity. I also had the struggle of falling out with close friends to the extent that they were now enemies.

The premade we joined with was destined for disaster, it could have turned out okay if we weren't batteling for our lives with Freak. In the end my core of five, came out stronger, as expected. But it did weaken us severly. We joined with Barcode last minute. Little did I know how disasterous that would turn out. We should have joined as our core group of five and possibly joined another tribe down the road but I knew we were strong enough to carry through the toughest of challenges and that's what we did. Just with a few more casualites than anticipated.

This tribe was never planned to operate as a conventional tribe, and it's not. We've all good enough friends at this stage to trust eachother in just about any aspect of the game. We all pitch in where we can and communication and cooperation is at the forefront above anything else other then having fun. Diplomacy, recruitment and just about everything is split up and I am by no means a Duke at this current stage, I don't even have the privs. I'm viewed as a friend who knows what's happening and helps out where I can. Over the last while I've had less and less of a role but that hasn't affected the functionality of the tribe whatsover. Things are doing great.

nowitsover: So, you are back and the acc is alive?

luxavism: Yes, my account is back. I am back today and doing a lot more work in the tribe once again. The account will do fine. First day back with great power of the day. I know that doesn't mean much but shows my intentions.

nowitsover: Nice to see you`re remaining. You guys have kept things interesting so far, I`m sure there will be more of that sort.

luxavism: Glad you mentioned that. We've kept things interesting. We always do, however we're determined to remain our independant Blue! We have our diplomacy, we have our strict recruitment policy in place (how we like it). Looking forward to continue with strong group how it is and leave the drama behind.

nowitsover: How`s NBD front?

luxavism: Things are going well. Last I checked we're up 64 caps against them which is truely great. We've been hit by Golden, we've been hit by them, yet the momentum is on our side and we hope to continue that. We haven't run many/an OPs as such yet but we're finally in a position to really give them more of a challenge now that things have settled down. Their Duke Sage69 has an agenda of force internalling smaller players for his core groups gain which seems to be taking away their focus. From what we've heard this has caused some rifts too. They core group have also chosen to hog a lot of tribal def which has allowed us to cap from players that don't recieve the same protection of themselves.

nowitsover: you have been in NBD so you have quite of an insight of how it works; anything you might want to share outwards?

luxavism: Nothing too insightful but they quite vocal internally. Espically towards us in terms of not accepting us. They have their cliques and that will definately hurt them. Leadership is very poor. It's Sage69 and that's it. Everything is very disorganised and it's not clear what's happening the majority of the time. I didn't get to know very many people while I was there but there is nothing special about the tribe. OPs which are ran have no landing time and on one particular occasion I saw they say "nuke and cat first, worry about nobling later". They also don't help their weaker players and there's a lot of new players to the game. Account sitting? Good luck finding a sitter. They will continue to struggle with inactivity and capable players. Internalling is their solution and I'm sure we'll see an awful lot more of it!

NBD core works together best. They don't seem to be very well respected and struggle. From what I saw, these guys didn't have much to offer. There is a clear divide and even leadership structure doesn't account for these guys.

It's not a fun place to be. On the social side, there is none. It's all about TW whenever there is conversation. Something I certainly wasn't expecting. I'm sure this can be seen through the lack of forum presence also.

nowitsover: Thanks for the information. May I ask about your current diplomatic relations?

luxavism: Up North we have UWR. At the start of the world were nobled out by NBD. To our West we have Chills and Frozen. We are all busy with different things which suits us. We have plenty of expansion room with NBD and any dealing's with any of those tribes so far has been pleasent. For the most part we all dominate our respective K's and that's where all our individual focus lies.

It has been reported back to me that their are rumors that we were going to merge into NAM. Bizzare. That was addressed previously. It is known that rumors have been spread that certain tribes have planned to hit others but that's what our enemies are trying to encourage. Since our founding we've made sure to make it very clear what our focus is and we'll stick by that. We've been respectful and they have to us too so there is definately some sort of relationships formed both formal and informal. Unfortunately I cannot comment further on these specific tribes but will gladly comment on others. Unless there is a certain question you have in mind? I'll do my best to keep it short and concise and answer it directly.

nowitsover: It is informative enough and sufficient as it is - Thank you!
What is your own personal opinion on the world in general atm?

luxavism: I'm gonna just try make this as compact as possible and include the main tribes (and their associates). The world has been rather interesting. I believe there are two great super powers in the world. I'd include Sass and NAM as one and Any, Golden and NBD as the other. I'm not sure how much work was put in prior to the world but I feel a lot more relationships were formed prior to this world starting. I feel these tribes were always going to be working with eachother in one form or another. I'd add Freak into this too but they got rimmed. I'm sure there's other but I'm not informed about them.

Externals wise I don't think it matters how things go. Everyone is dead set on who they want to work with and nothing is going to change that, unlike other worlds where external image is everything. H0llys personality is to show off a nice guy personality but really he is doing things on this world I'm not sure he' do unless the stakes weren't as high. Nam don't care for the most part but for certain things I do see them contain themselves somewhat but that's gone out the window with the whole #H0llyCondonesCheating epidemic.

Overall, I feel Golden, Any and NBD have the numbers game. NAM are definately worse off and at times SASS have shown some weakness. NAM are at a disadvantage because they are so far away from their ANY front nobling is harder. All in all it can go to either side. Nam are war ready and using their skill and those players love a fight. Golden are swaning arounf letting others do their dirty work. Will this mean they have more energy for end game? Or will players get bored and quit?

And interesting question to also be asked is if NBD fall, and they probably will, do Golden join in, or do their recruit NBD core, or what happenes?

It's very early but these are all questions and scenarios we should all be looking out for.

In relation to Blue! we had no choice to war NBD. We wanted to work with them and see where things went and H0lly from the start wanted nothing to do with us. Will be interesting to see if these decisions will be regreted in the future :)

K44 has always been the dramatic continient. There are four important tribes up there other than NBD, Golden and some of NAM have now squeezed into. NBD used to be the main power house and hold onto that title, barely. They are rank 1 by a couple of thousand. We hold more villages than they do in the K. We started off with just 4mil points. Now we are pushing 7mil. Of course Golden have a lot of villages in there too but I expect things to get more interesting there and I think everyone will be looking to contest this K. Things are about to get even more interesting, the world is finally starting to fight and we welcome the challenge and hope to continue the trend.

Thank you very much for the interview. I'm delighted someone has taken on the role. It was sorely missed!

Usually I can give my full opinions and that's what I love about my posts usually but I pushed the limits but unfortunatly I have to withold certain things. I still gave it a bash the best I could.

nowitsover: It was very kind of you to participate in an interview and contribute with info as well as your view on the world. Kinda covered all in a very well expressed way. Huge thanks!

Interview date: 6 Jan 1016

Regarding the interviews; everyone is entitled to their own opinions and speaking out outloud within the boundries of the forum rules. There is as mentioned no agenda or any specific purpose of picking anyone to talk. Also regardless abilities, account size or history, everyones tw experience is actually as important even thoe it might not have the same amount of effect of the worlds outcome. So I kindly request that you go easy on anyone being interviewed on any specific issue (unless there isn`t a major flaw).

There are some unfinished interviews to put here later on; looking forward to complete them as well as getting others.

As usual, anything that is being said in an interview is not going to be passed over to a third part or published unless the object gives an ok. Also anyone revealing any kind of info who doesn`t wish to be known, won`t be revealed.

DisplayOnly is one of the forums most appriciated posters with his unorthodox approach, funny videos and humour. I am kinda dull myself and I am quite thankfull for his contributions here in order to spice this thread up (bow). Please give him a rep for his effort as well.

As it has been mentioned, the no-hauls settings are no more. Disp put his 2 cents here about the issue. Enjoy! :)

When TW introduced No-Hauls & When TW announced it`s end.

The communication between community and TW about what settings we prefer when asked.

I have been awfully busy these last few days with unexpected amount of work irl and a bit of tw-related tasks at the same time. Skipping the Stats Section for this issue in order to wrap it up for this time (as those will be added in a couple of days in the next one anyway) and promising to give a richer issue next instead, new interviews and all the other usual.

Thanks for those who has contributed and offered to contribute! See ya`ll soon (prefer not to set an exact date & time). Be sure to send feedback in any way you prefer if you find it necessary. Thanks for reading.

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first issue updated. More coming soon with the next issue this week. Thanks.


Damn that video was hilarious! Now I think I should actually get some sleep...