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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls I give you the official blog for world 84. This will be my first time doing the blog but what you read will not only be my work, but a joint effort from players in different tribes around the world. This will not only help us keep the content neutral but it will hopefully get more players involved with the beautiful thing that is PnP. The first thing we will be looking at is some early predictions and interviews from some of the early top tribes. Later in the world we will bring you the latest war stats and politics going on in game. For those of you who have not came across anything like this you should check out the UBM blog from world 80.

Introducing The Team:


My Name is Darren, I'm from Northern Ireland, I'm still relatively inexperienced as far as external forum posting goes but by no means inexperienced when it comes to the game itself. I have been playing for 9 years now and seemingly cannot get away from this game and it's community. My profession is structural design engineering, but currently I have went back to college to higher education.

I believe it should be recognized that humbly addicted tw players are their own ethnic group that work hard on a daily basis to make their continents a better place. Therefore we should have special driving licenses (for attack tagging) and most importantly our own national anthem.

Feel free to add me on skype: darren.wilson.54

Hello my name is Brad. I’ve been around this game for years and have witnessed some amazing blogs, some blogs that are so biased that the blogger believes the lies themselves. I will post on a neutral ground as best as I can, but if you do something that is absolutely ignorant the world will know. A little about my personal life: I am a cop, but in school to still to receive my law degree. So I do look at stuff with more of an analytical approach than anything. I am the duke of Mental, but that will not effect the way the blog is written.

My goal for the blog is to bring back the life of the externals. I do not want it to be a flame fest, but I want to see some great PnP when war declarations are done. I believe this world will be fun due to the vast differences in this world. I have already spoken to the top tribes on the world and to be honest it is hard to pick a tribe that stands out more than the other. We will discuss a wide variety of topics and will be more than happy to have feedback from you guys/gals.

If you wish to talk to me about something more privately add me on skype: Schweady_balls


My name is Keith, I'm from Scotland. New to all this external stuff but will give anything a bash. Was out of the game for a long time and just got back into it recently. Here for good now. I work as a medic in the army and somehow still manage to find time to get on. Even if it means walking around a field searching for a signa
l in the middle of the rain. I'll try to be unbiased but anything aimed at Godz I will agree with as long as it's slagging him off. If I come across as a idiot it probably means I'm drunk. I enjoy getting hate mail so feel free to direct all of it at me.

Skype: keith-john-robertson


Undead Billy Mays Himself:

Hi Kids

I'm here to class up the joint a little bit. I'll be assisting these fine Gents with blog writing over the next few issues. I'd like to think of myself more as a consultant for the world 84 blog. I currently blog on world 80, I was probably the blog so biased i believe my own lies that Brad was refering to. Brad, Godz and myself were frenemies on world 80 so I'm looking forward to helping out with the world 84 blog. In the real world I'm a graphic designer which has helped me in my pnp and writing over the past played worlds.


Blog Rules:

As before the rules will be the same for the blog...

1. There will be a dedicated Blog discussion thread. Please use that for all comments. It will make the moderators job a lot easier so we don't have to move comments.

2. Always feel free to include suggestions for improving the blog either in the discussion thread or by private messaging.

3. The content of this blog in no way shape or form reflects the thoughts and feelings of Innogames or any Tribal Wars staff members.

4. This blog will never attack any player's personal life. Any likeness to anyone's situation or circumstances is purely coincidental and should not be taken as any sort of personal attack. Don't get butthurt if you make Facepalm of the Week.

5. Talk! Respond! If there is no discussion about the events we cover then we are either doing a crap job at it or the world isn't interested. Conversation is what drives us to bring what we do to the external forums and keeps us motivated to take on this task.

Coming Soon...

Early Game Predictions and Top 10 Tribes Analysis...

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Before going into detail and reviewing the top 10 tribes, I thought I would open with a question... based on the map above which colour would you pick for your tribes starting position?

[spoil]My Answer would be Dark blue, ignoring the one or two wild blue dots dark blue in my eyes has the nicest starting position on this map, yes white is nice but we got to remember that white is two tribes.. white will naturally become a target fast due to it's size and amount of members, it also covers a huge area for 83 villages, supporting early on for this tribe will be challenging due to the vast distance it covers and the amount of other tribes it shares a boarder with, you could say it has a boarder with 4 of the top 10 tribes which for anyone is not good.

Dark blue however has just two fronts with top 10 tribes and has an easy journey to the rim to form an early backline, blue also has a nice spread for 37 villages.



The Early Top 10 Tribes..

We want to know your thoughts on the following tribes, bringing new info to light if possible. We want to know how you see this world playing out over the next few months atleast.



Looking at K44 we don't see an awful lot else in the top 10 other than the why family..

I decided I would start of by interviewing one of their members to find out a little more about them...



Why Family

Interview with Bliksem:

First of all I would like to ask where Why has came from, is it a new tribe we are seeing for the first time?

Why?? and Why!! used to be the MILF family of tribes, which stood for "Mommy I Love Farming". We then had a vote internally for a change of name, and WHY stuck. We are not a premade tribe, although some of our players have played together before in other tribes.

What is your first impressions of the tribes leadership and are you confident they can direct Why to victory?

It is really too early to really see what a tribe's leadership is made of, because there is not really much happening in the world at the moment. In this beginning stage, I would judge a tribe's leadership by the amount of NAPs and alliances they make early in the game, and with whom they are made. Doing too many diplomatic arrangements is premature in my opinion, and take away from the food you have to eat to sustain your tribe. A lot of tribes are all bark and no bite during this stage as they vie for their spot in the world. Based on that sentiment, with our tribe only having two selective NAPs, shows me that leadership is levelheaded. Within WHY, however, we also have a partial democracy, where items that can benefit from a democratic approach, be dealt with that way. The key is to balance between knowing with what things to be democratic about and which things are better off being decided between the leadership in private.

When was it decided Why would become a family tribe and what was the reasoning behind it?

Active recruitment of decent players caused us to quickly become close to the maximum number of members for a single tribe, and so the academy tribe was born. I have been playing TW on and off for almost 9 years now, and decided to stay in the academy tribe, as this is where I can do the most good, as I am a natural teacher.

Was this a mutual decision and do all the members agree with having a family tribe?

This was one of those decisions left to the tribal leadership - knowing when to make a decision about having a family tribe is a decision that I believe leadership should make, and they did. If I were to make those decisions, I would've done them for the following reasons:

* Some players eventually fall out, as they lose interest in the game, or get farmed into quitting, and having an academy tribe to feed into the main tribe where the best of the academy can join the ranks of the main tribe. While this does bring another level of management to the game, it further shows strength of leadership if the main tribe's leaders keep the interests of an academy tribe in mind as well.

* There is also the fallacious belief that there is safety in numbers. Who would want to mess with two of the biggest tribes in the world, right? This game is very much psychological, and the players or tribes establishing dominance early usually stay in dominance over the less experienced players and tribes, as long as their leadership is solid. Only the experienced players see through this facade and remain a danger, but the panickers usually fall for this and gets eliminated.

Who do you consider Why's biggest threat is in the early game stages?

It is too early to really have a big threat. Early wars are a waste of resources and energy - rather do precision strikes where needed. This does not mean that there are no tribes that we keep our eyes on. Identifying a potential threat is almost as important as actually dealing with that threat when it arrives. Obviously, the top tribes after the dust settles will be those tribes that we observe closely, as well as smaller, tighter tribes who are in the middle of our central operations. Again, it is a psychological game, and getting into the heads of those tribes' leaders and members would determine whether they are a threat in the long run or whether they are fodder for our armies. Watch this space.

Bliksem did touch on his tribes attitude to diplomacy, seemingly they are taking their time and not getting caught up in to many diplomatic relations early on. However in tribalwars there are pros and cons to every decision a tribe makes and in the Why family situation I believe some early diplomacy would be the right thing to do.. being the biggest tribe often brings the most enemies in my experience family tribes tend to be targeted first.

Having a border with 4 of the other top 10 tribes is risky, especially if two of them find you and you only standing between them and the rim.


I think why's relaxed attitude to diplomacy could cost them in the future especially being what they are, if they are not careful they could end up with a 5v2 quite early on...

Being rank 1, not premade and a family tribe... to some people that may spell mass recruiting regardless of experience.

However my over all impression of Why is good they seem to have taken their image seriously in the way they responded to my questions, over the first week or so I was worried when seeing their ODA wasn't enough to hold rank 1 if both their tribes were added together. Since that they seem to have improved holding rank 3 and 4 which isn't bad considering their relatively quiet side of the world.



Moving on....



K45 is shaping up to be quite and interesting continent, with so many of the top 10 tribes having a stake in this continent it will be interesting to see how the diplomacy plays out, I can see TBD having the greater influence due to it's nice position and spread. Tribes like RoH will be under pressure to find an ally early on, it has fronts with 4 of the other top 10 tribes and really doesn't have much of an area to itself.


We had tried to bring you and interview with TBD but seemingly 3 days to answer 5 short questions overwhelmed their representative.
However we will do our best to give an outsiders opinion on TBD and hopefully we will get some interesting responses and possibly some info in the discussion thread.


Sitting at just rank 9 for ODA, personally I find that a little disappointed having recognized a few familiar faces who are well known for they aggressive approach to start up, however maybe this is a new game plan we are seeing in a bid to keep a low profile in such a contested continent, although shying away is no fun right ;)


Wielding just over 100 tribe changes at this stage compared to other tribes that is pretty average, what concerns me however is after all these changes how come they still allow some very slowing growing players amongst their ranks, I mean yes points isn't everything but showing an interest is..


What are your thoughts on TBD so far... is their name, (Too be decided), infact a true representation of their tribes direction?

Since preparing this review on TBD some new info came to light which answers a few of my questions but raises a few others...



Do you agree with TBDs internal farming?


TBD you cannot hide from us, we are the externals ;)




Where has -RN- came from, is it a new tribe we are seeing for the first time?

Ronin (-RN-) is a new tribe and was created from TROF and SROF. The Duke of TROF, bartspreekt, was power hungry and had no knowledge of the game. I was sick and tired of being asked to do things from the Duke and was always asked what I would do. I was given the title Baron but never baron privliges. This upset myself (dawg810) and Smellyhaggis. Many of the players in TROF were not happy with the way bartspreekt was handling issues and he was asking the other barons what to do consistently. I was fed up with it and asked Smellyhaggis if he would like to make a new tribe. At this point we had almost 7/8 of the tribe backing us and they followed. We were ranked 3rd that same day after forming the new tribe. Everyone was active and we had experienced members joining. So we created a sister tribe called More Ronin (-MRN-). Before More Ronin! We were approached by some of the best taken in the K, as they recognized us as the driving force.

How is the tribes leadership holding up and are you confident they can direct -RN- to victory?

Our tribes leadership is outstanding and we are active. dawg810 and Smellyhaggis are co-dukes with jericho as our baron. We also have multiple leadership roles in the tribe that we will not disucss. I am confident that we will be victorious and we will be dominant.

What is the one thing that makes -RN- stand out from other tribes?

I think one thing that stands out about Ronin is that we are active and willing to support anyone who needs it in a timely manner. Nobody is selfish and everyone works as a team. This will go far and everyone likes how leadership is handling issues. We put most everything up for a vote to get the tribes input. We need everyone to feel they have a say and this makes everyone happy.

Who do you consider -RN-'s biggest threat is in the early game stages?

Ronin right now doesn’t have any real threats.

Are there any early conflicts that we should know about happening in K45?

Right now Ronin is at war with NATO and NATO2. We are enemies with TROF and SROF. Since we are dominating our K NATO is giving in and joining us. We are becoming stronger and taking over our K. Since we are dominating and due to superior leadership, NATOs best have joined us.

-RN- Duke

First impression..

Hmm, modestly is not with this one at all, I mean for a tribe to have already had a disagreement which has resulted in an overthrow yet considers itself to have a 'superior leadership'... all tribes have their differences but leadership is designed to work together not fight over power...

'Ronin right now doesn’t have any real threats'....Well there you have it K45 as good as a war declaration seemingly the rest of K45 is worthless XD...

Whats is your impression on the NATO war do you think -RN- really was that good?? Or do you think they recruited to prevent it getting out of their control... honestly I don't think the stats back it up!





Another representative who found the idea of the interview mind boggling, so unfortunately we will not be able to bring you an insight into the tribe as much as we would like...

The Position:

Map wise RoH faces a great challenge, they are surround by four other top 10 tribes, they will need to play their diplomacy right and find away to make their own area without ruffling to many feathers..

Sadly I do not see this tribe going to far due to their terrible positioning, I can see it getting torn apart early on or it's members going their separate ways.. but please prove me wrong... if everything in this game was predictable I think we would all stop logging in!

One thing I will say is if they make it past the early game stages and manage to form an area of their own, they will be a force to be reckoned with. I can see some very skilled players amongst their ranks... however I also see their future cryptonite, Lord Batan ;)



Not a bad ODA considering their position hopefully they're are being careful and not starting to many wars!





Well I will announce that K55 has by no stretch of imagination been quiet early on.. first of all it was Mental and Antx in early conflict in a bid to remove threats and open up some good farms... however neither side would fold and it soon became apparent the conflict was pointless... A week or so into the world and POC appeared shooting to the top in OD and well not making very many friends so I thought I should add them on the map... POC was founded by everyones best friend Black flags an ex Mental player who decided he wanted to become duke of mental... When rejected he decided he would try and duke Obp and to no surprise he was dismissed pretty early there to.. Not long after forming POC black flags declared on mental but seemingly with little planning as mental received little more than a few fakes...





Where has Antx came from, is it a new tribe we are seeing for the first time?

Anthrax began on world 80. I played Tribal Wars under a different name back on world 10-12 mainly. I was active some other worlds but 10-12 was my main focus. I quit for many years and then returned very late game as a rim village on world 78. In worlds 78 and 79 I met quite a few players that I worked well with. On world 80 we decided to form a tribe.

World 80 went well mostly. The guys we had in the tribe were extremely active and quick to support.

However we were smashed between Bugz and Roman. Roman being the top tribe most early game. We fought between the two of them and eventually most of us joined into Bugz. Eventually we realized Bugz was a lost cause and many of us ended up in Gents. Who was then the number one tribe also.

This tribe switching was coordinated, and I remained in contact with all the old members. So on world 82 we started again. World 82 we are still going and have been holding quite well. Again we have the number one tribe against us (Jager on 82) but have been pushing back quite a bit against them.

Now we are on world 84. Half of our tribe is old members we have had for awhile, and the other is made up almost entirely of personal alliances we had with members and allies from previous worlds. Everyone knows each other quite well for the most part.

As Duke of Antx what do you plan to do to makes Antx a stand out tribe?

As stated before we all know each other for the most part very well. This group is extremely active and willing to help each other. Which makes my job easy.

I have never been one for making a huge fuss outside of tribe just to get our name known. We have focused offense and defense within our tribe, and very good forum conversations. There are enough dukes, especially on world 84, that go out of their way to send messages all over the place just to make their name known. Really its pretty pathetic.

But anyways. I guess the real answer is my tribe itself, all the people involved, make this tribe what it is. Solid crew. I am just here to make things flow in a coordinated manner. We have some great members. I give credit to them.

As a K55 player myself I am aware of Antx's early game conflict, do you think this has damaged the tribes morale?

The early conflicts did not hurt the morale at all. In fact it strengthened it if anything. I was originally going to take a back seat role this world. But after seeing the rally all the guys made in response to early attacks I was determined to do what I could.

We are far and beyond the number 1 tribe on ODD. Which is not bragging rights by any means. You don't want to be the most attacked. But we are. And my guys have kept fighting. We also are in top 10 on ODA. So in between being bombarded we have managed to stay organized and maintain our offense.

I am proud of our members. They are fighting the odds.

Who do you consider Antx's biggest threat is in the early game stages?

Well that seems to change daily. But considering we are at war with POC I guess I have to say them.

Thing about POC is they recruited massively members from other tribes in a very quick fashion. They have no loyalty. As soon as they begin to take losses they will quickly lose their members. That form of recruitment is a recipe for later game fail. We all know it.

And for my final word. Who here doesn't believe Black Flags of POC to be the most annoying person they have ever met? Just saying. You all know its true. :)

Thanks for the interview. And thanks to the community like this that makes Tribal Wars a great game.


I will be honest, my first impression on Antx wasn't that great until I attacked them, they defended as a team and not one of them went barb no matter how many times we came back... Both sides has since came to a mutual agreement and that is that no one likes black flags :p..


Ranked 4th for total OD shows this tribe isn't a push over and plans to stick around...

The one thing I really like about this tribe is it's shown the ability to fight a war of attrition early on without quitting. While talking to some other tribes in the world I have already heard talk of disagreements. With Antx though you get a sense of unity and friendship which will serve them well in this game.




I have the pleasure of covering one of the already #trending world 84 tribes based on some forum love. This is one tribe that everyone is going to have an opinion on and because it's home to our world 84 blogger, he asked me to do the breakdown for the article. Just to give a brief history of how I know the Mental bunch -- I was enemies with a group of their players on world 80 where a lot of the animosity on the forums has spawned from. It's not surprising with the settings being so similar that the world would draw in some of the drama that took place. Even Godz here, would attempt to talk smack every once in a while, but it just goes to show you that if you don't take the game to personally, an enemy on one world can be ... well we shall see.


Currently ranked 6 on world 84 sitting at 32 members. One of only two tribes that are not above 80% capacity that currently reside in the top 10. Mental has had a bit of a revolving door of members so far hitting triple digits on the tribe changes. This will be a very talked about stat due to the history of Gents on world 80. This is both fair and unfair to the tribe and I'll explain why.

When you look at early world scenarios not coming in with a full pre-made roster and strict recruiting policies it's not outlandish to see so many tribe changes. Compared to the rest of the top 10, only one tribe (Tyrant) has a respectable tribe-change stat line. Mental is not the highest on the list, and not the lowest but just slightly above average based on the top 10 in the world. Finding a good core of active players can be difficult when you aren't 100% sure of who you are recruiting. My advice would be to implore a more strenuous recruitment process so that you are more certain about the players in your tribe. On the not that big a deal side - It looks like they have an active bunch of players after weeding through some of the players that didn't quite fit the tribe.

Mental currently ranked 3rd in ODA and 2nd in ODD

These numbers are not surprising in early world for this group of players but alarming. I am a big fan of early world ODA. Own your area, clear out threats, and farm away. The ODD is where I'm bothered. What that looks like is a big target on the back which can be a hindrance in early world play was a conflict with ANTx, an rival that would not lay down easily. Now at war with POC, that is two early world conflicts during a crucial growth period as nobles are coming out. It is very hard to remain unnoticed without a strategy to do so.

The forums

An early target on the forums based on a thread opened by the Scientist (who is a friend of mine). The intent of the article is very clearly to be an anti-Mental piece wrapped to look like it's a fair but opinionated observation. I think some key things were said in the interview, primarily the things learned from the issues on world 80. Mental are dedicated to changing the strategy, or at least improving the strategy to avoid pitfalls from past worlds. Gents on world 80 was a very dangerous tribe in early world. Their mistakes didn't start happening until a few months in so I don't see them succumbing to pressure early on. I personally didn't have any problem with how the article was written. It did bring up some observations based on history, (recent) but Im also of the belief that this is a very capable group that can learn from past failures.


Mental will be a top ten tribe for at least the first four months of the world barring a meltdown within leadership. Both dukes are skilled and just need the proper motivation to become dangerous again. The only reason im putting it out four months is I'd like to see the world develop more before placing my prediction any further than that.





K54 is going to be very much between two tribes Note and and WSP, although what will 4A do on this world will it remain core until challenged or try find way to the rim..



The 3rd and final tribe that wasn't capable of coming up with a response to their interview, in fact the representative for note has quit...


Someone must have sent him a death note....

For me note is a bit like Why if not worse, it is very spread and supporting will again be hard for them in the early stages, I think if it came to the worse with WSP we could see Note fall pretty quickly...

This tribes diplomacy is unknown to me and any info on that is more than welcome as I think it will play a big role in this tribes survival, as is the same story with many tribes in the early game stages...


Sitting down at 19th for ODA this tribe does seem to be keeping a low profile early on which for them may not be a bad idea but the question is can they perform when it counts!




Gets my vote for best CoA​


Where has WSP came from, is it a new tribe we are seeing for the first time?

The tribe, yes. The players, no. Many of the players in the tribe is highly skilled players. The tribe is brand new and I know many of the tribe members haven't played alot togheter. But with the loyalty and sacrifices everyone shows and does for the tribe it doesn't make us weaker, that we've never played togheter earlier I mean. I'm not the only one in the tribe suprised to see how the tribe worked out as well as it did!

How is the tribes leadership holding up and are you confident they can direct WSP to victory?

The tribes leadership is exceptional! They play all their cards right, leading the tribe very effective and has done an amazing job the last two weeks.
So yes, I'm very confident they can lead this tribe to victory. But they can not lead it to victory without all of the tribe obeying orders and helping them. So briefly summarized, yes, the leadership is good and I also believe they can direct us to victory.

What is the one thing that makes WSP stand out from other tribes?

To be honest, I don't know. But I've heard that many tribes don't have as good leadership as they need to have to win, or maybe the lack of loyalty. But I feel that WSP is in the lack of nothing right now, and I hope it stays that way.

Who do you consider WSP's biggest threat is in the early game stages?

Well, right next to the tribe cluster and the rest of the tribe for that matter, there is none. Let's see what happens later in the game :) But currently none (as I know :p).

Are there any early conflicts that we should know about happening in K54?

Well, if you really want to know, we had a conflict with KAMIV2. Went to war and it was basicly won 5 hours later. Greatest conflict we've had so far! Maybe I'll have something more exciting next time!

I'm sorry if my english is poorly written! As you maybe understood I'm not either british or american!

Have a nice day,
Kong Harald

Newly formed and working well, sometimes a change of the people you work with in this game helps, a fresh start is always good.. and from my talk with Kong Harald I get the feeling this tribe has a good future.. I have high expectations for them but leadership will be key here and have to work hard getting to know it members..


Looking promising sitting in the top 5 for OD..



Last but not least 4A the core daddies, will they survive?

Where has 4A came from, is it a new tribe we are seeing for the first time?

4A originated on world 64 as Aces. It has multiple appearances since then and has now come to be known on several worlds as 4A.

As the Core tribe what do you think is the best strategy to survive?

The best strategy for any core tribe really is to secure the core of your own tribe while maintaining a clear escape path to expand outwards. Decided on a direction for growth is an early key to success

Who do you consider 4A's biggest threat is in the early game stages?

We dont feel we have any real threats in our immediate area but there are a few tribes such as POC not too far away that pose an eventual threat.

Are there any early conflicts that 4A has been involved in early on that we should know about?

The only conflicts we have been involved are scuffles with some smaller tribes in our core while trying to clear them out.

Judging by the tribes OD they seem to be treading carefully which is wise at the core, I would like to know what direction they do plan to go and which tribe they see as their highway to the rim...

My only concern here is the amount of dead weight in their tribe..


A big thank you to all those who did interviews and took part in the blog!

Any stories you have for the next blog don't be afraid to contact me on Skype or ingame humor always helps ;)


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