World Cup W70 (Round 2)


A vote from a novice still counts as one right? so here they are...

sidd 271 v midgetman01111
Winner: sidd 271

Do Not Disturb v xXLordWardXx
Winner: DnD

Varok Saurfang v Dr-SM
Winner: Dr-SM

qiwenwong v Spartanxeon
Winner: qiwenwong

LowBudget v xxaven
Winner: xxaven

soulmageY v Mystic 666
Winner: soulmage

joelllove v dutchwarrior
Winner: joelllove

cartrasuma v IDontFight
Winner: cartrasuma


I dont feel like voting for the others because my answers will be biased. So queer of me.

But because I know my own skills...

Qiwenwong v Spartanxeon
Winner: Spartanxeon
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