World Cup


Well, no thread about this :p

So who's your favorite team?

Who will win?

Germany FTW <3

sergeant hammer

Since im a commonwealth member, im supporting england, although i doubt they will win. I like the look of argentina.


My money's on Germany or Netherlands. I love German trance and Dutch space pies :)


im betting on the netherlands also ^^ they are good.
idk about argentina.. messi doesnt come to his full strength there.
i wonder what italy and brazil will do tho


Group A- South Africa, Runner up Mexico. I actually think that they have a slight chance to win, I also want them to. However Mexico has a chance as well.

Group B- Argentina, Runner up South Korea. Argentina is a great team as well as Nigeria, but this year, to go separate, Asia will go well this time. ^^

Group C- England/US.

Group D- Germany, Runner up Ghana. - No contest for Germany, Ghana played quite well.

Group E- Japan, Runner up Holland. - Asian teams for the win! Holland looked nice today.

Group F- Italy, Runner up Paraguay. - Italy, defending champs. Paraguay seems like next best.

Group G- Brazil, Runner up Ivory Coast. - Brazil is a good pick, Portugal vs. Brazil, see who wins it. North Korea vs. Ivory Coast. ^^

Group H- Spain, Runner up Switzerland. - Spain will win, Switzerland is the only other pick. :p