World Discussion - 127

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Hello, fellas!

In this thread, you can discuss anything happening in the world 127. Let's talk about everything and use this to know all the tribes of the world.

Let me start...

Who are the favorites for the trophy? I like the kpopers, will them stay on top?


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Smat here, speaking from WORLD 127...

As you all know W127 just started.....

I was having a nice glass of Icey Wine when POP...BOOM..... BANG

I look around and all of a sudden UKU (Kpop fangirls).... appear out of thin air....

Like magic...Then I hear a voice out of nowhere and everywhere at the same time.
Manuv today at 17:08
hey man, yea the relocation tool is great :)

Thus begins a w127 SAGA...

As 30 UWU...>>> Kpoppers appear out of nowhere into a very tight area of 44 at the rim.

Well done Guys...ermmm