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At least you guys learnt the lesson.Around a year ago you guys were so cocky and your behavior was disgusting.
I apologise for my behaviour before, like I said however, I have learnt that lesson, albeit in the way I didn't want.

Its just a game, and I will move on and carry on plotting ;)

I generally invite those who seemingly dislike, to add me on skype to actually find out what I'm like.
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I've been wanting to post for a while congratulating Ben on their victory but I didn't want to interfere with morale for those still in Regime.

It was a solid effort by those that took over in Destiny. We thought they would not be able to turn the tides. There had been so many groups join and claim that they would turn it all around only to fall on their ass. Well it turned out that these guys were the real deal and for that they have my begrudging respect (I really wanted Regime to win this man!)

Inactivity claimed Regime more than anything I believe. We couldn't put players on accounts whereas Dest managed to find and retain players once they found their footing. I believe a big part of this was that they joined in a group together. Because they joined as a group they did not have the demoralizing factor of others being inactive that became an issue late in Regime.

Although I have been ungrateful at times, frustrated at others.. I would like to thank Jen for her hard work all world. She put in a truly marvelous effort. People degraded her constantly and did not treat her with the respect she deserved. She took on a big job and she went to the end. For this she has earned the respect of every member of Regime who played for an extended period. When we joined Regime she took us in and carried our account. When I thought we were going to lose she assured me that this was not the end for Regime. Although we did not end up winning the world she enabled us to play better than we could have ever imagined.

I don't want to start naming names of all the players that I worked alongside lest I forget anyone but much respect to everyone who played in Regime during my time. Players like Jake and Mary who get almost no acknowledgment outside of the tribe as amazing players that actually were key to the survival of the tribe. Without them it fell apart.. Everyone who coplayed me on Vlad is an absolute legend.

There are many others within Regime that have come and gone to make it a fantastic tribe. From it's powerful early presence, to its Gents PnP to it's resurrection under Jen and others. I am proud to have played with you all and it was certainly an experience to remember. All said, I'm glad it's finally over.

What. A. World.
Where's my personal mention? :(

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It was certainly a challenge, Before Paul and Joris and Keegan took over Twisted I was sitting the account as the owner prior vanished whilst being a player that could support it if i wasn't sitting it, I remember being awake for 50 hours ( I had a week off work and I took the account under my wing and refused to let anyone else sit it) and that took a strain on me wondering if me and cam could save the north when it was being completely under fire it took a lot of work and a lot of what ifs and we had the problem of Bot on our front who was constantly hitting us but eventually we bit the bullet on a make or break op & We did it.

I hate Thom for bringing me back into Tribal wars, but if any world was going to get my game back and enjoy it this was the world.

I am glad I met Pav and joris and Paul on this world and played again with my long time friends, Thom,Matt, Mike Jorge and my other half that would only put up with me ( Yes Cam your my other half and could not have done this without you)

I have enjoyed my time on this world, Thank you for bringing enjoyment and a damn good challenge.


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Notice how he said *most* not all. Yes there have been a major overhaul of players - on both sides which tends to happen on drawn out worlds.

In my opinion you new lot are giving the original regime a bad name. Hybrid & foc earned their respect through merit. You capitalized on a grieving tribe & bragged about it. Not that I fault you for capitalizing thats just good timing - but to act like your members weren't complete arseholes and then come and call out one member for "giving Ben a bad name" is ludacrious.

I've read your posts Bob & they are dryer than the Savannah. Like wow can regime get a less robotic spokesman please. Either way unlike you we each can speak for ourselves. If you actually knew Ben you'd know he was a great protector of free speech, who would listen to his tribemates & wasn't afraid to give his opinion even if it was unpopular. It was something I & many others deeply respected him so much for.

You go and insinuate we are disrespecting the name of our tribe & who it stands for because of one 'disrespectful' player. Yet you're just the ordinary human beings who deserve respect so I am gonna end with a final question; Is this same 'disrespectful' player the one you just asked to switch sides ? :eek:

One final thing - in a few years when people look back on this world which has been won in Ben;s name - no one will remember the players or their conduct; people will just see "Ben" as the winner of w80 & I can't speak for everyone but that's all I wanted when the name was changed. He was a great friend & tribemate who dedicated a lot to this game & Dest. In particular - if anyone deserves a world honoured for them it's Ben.
Mine too go Ben
My favorite part

Mine too go be

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I don't care about any of that. you cheated and used an illegal script against me. and the only reason you got my village in the end was because I joined the world again to let you have it. and now you're still spreading lies. that's what pisses me off.
Do you have any evidence of this or is this just the ravings of a sore loser? Cause Jen is pree amazing at TW...

Honestly, respect to Bob for apologizing for past behaviour that is very commendable, as for you Universal, I advise you to take a page from the Book of Bob and take your defeat with dignity instead of throwing around baseless accusations which do nothing but lower your own credibility for the future..... you don't want to become known as the boy who cried illegal scripts lol
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Rob is one of the classiest people to ever play the game. Please remember that, and respect that.

W80 was epic, and I do not use that term lightly. I played it for only a brief time. But if there is ever a book to be written about TW, W80 will have a very long chapter.

And Mary? The best player who ever played the game. Carry on. :)


Sure was fun, bummer that it will end and we are left with church and WT worlds...

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Rob is one of the classiest people to ever play the game. Please remember that, and respect that.
17:16 18/03/2017

Top tribes by dominance
Ben 49.3%
Regime 45.3%

Looking at this if things continue, ~0.4-0.5% growth a week at least. 24.7% more for Regime to get to. 2 weeks to get 1%. ~12 weeks left. ETA 3 months left. Late June Finish prediction.
Apologies for the late update once again,

Top tribes by dominance
Regime 48.7%
Ben 46%

No real signs of growth this week. Credit goes to Ben for doing something right!

Tribe stats
#1 Regime 331.370.753
#2 Ben 306.098.819

Ben have gained 3m points whilst Regime have only gained 40k.

Ben Internal Watch:

killardan, new addition to the internal list it seems.
DVBBS, slowly being internalled.
Te Moja, seems to be the focus for the internals.
Stitch., possible future internal?
amedi, possible future internal?

New update some point this year :)

Keep up the good work guys.
I can go find more if you'd like but i'm lazy...
So I'm gonna try to post like our pal Bob here to keep up with "the classiness of the game." First I'm gonna establish the Regime Internal Watch!

joe finch - Slowly being internalled.
Supa Hot Fire - slowly being internalled.
..William Wallace - slowly being internalled.

Top tribes by dominance
Ben 68.8%
Regime 26.7%

oh and I estimate looking at this if things continue, ~0.4-0.5% growth per day at least. 1.2%% more for Ben to get to 70%. 2 weeks to get 1%. ~2 weeks left. ETA 1 months left. Late November Finish prediction with regime win.

^Personally I think posts of that nature; especially the internal watch lack this 'class' you hold so highly to Bob.

I will have to respectfully disagree - but I did find it commendable for him to apologize.
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First and foremost, congrats to the amazing people who finished the job the others before you couldn't. When I left I could never have imagined the events that unfolded over the following months. The decline of Dest. and the passing of Ben hit me hard. As someone who questions everything I was trying to find answers within myself, what could I have done differently. I found it hard to not blame myself for what happened. Before this world, to me, Tribal Wars was just a game where people with addictive personalities kept drawing me in but it became so much more. I have met some great people whilst playing, losing one of those people only emphasised the fact that this community is made up of actual humans, that live actual lives. Each and every one of us has their own issues. People often forget this, I know I did

Now, I hate bringing up the past but having read through these new posts, there's something i'd like to address

The downfall of Regime came around Feb period, a key north member had a kid, RL > TW so off he went. This trend continued, the disease of RL taking key member after key member, suddenly Regime wasn't looking good on the inside as it was on the outside.
The reason i'm bringing this up is because of how hypocritical it is. When Regime made their initial comeback there were two key factors, Destiny's inactivity and Regime's new blood. If you add to this the fact that the original Dest. were an extremely top heavy tribe with a clear drop off in skill outside the core group, (which most had left the game/tribe at this point) a turn in tides was almost inevitable. All it took was Regime to get their shit together. I'm not taking anything away from the actual comeback as it was pretty impressive. What i'm getting at is the supposed reason behind the downfall of Regime, is the EXACT SAME cause of their opponents initial downfall, yet when we tried to play that card Regime saw it as an invalid move (even though the stats were there to back it up) and now they expect us to accept their claims, oke...

Also, while i'm rambling, if anyone still believes our original council made some dirty moves then you're delusional. By far the "dirtiest" thing we did was merge our allies, everything else was either coincidence or having our hand played for us. Feel free to add me on skype if anyone wants to talk about this (ultimatumx)

Oh and @Bobertini I actually agree that certain people shouldn't be claiming this victory as we all know both tribes have gone through many players, but you cannot deny that for this win to even be possible specific key events had to play out There are people behind each and every stage that deserve some credit

I'm starting to sound like an old man so i'll wrap it up...

I played Summer '16 and while the tribe was average, still had some cool people
Could not put it better myself. I joined w80 pre Gents collapse not expecting much, the world looked fun and Chris told me some cool people played in Destiny. Before long I had somehow made it into a leadership role and was thoroughly enjoying it. I left because I found a job that meant I could no longer no-life TW playing 20 hours a day. Watching the progression of w80 from the sidelines was hard but I knew the tribe I had help build was in safe hands

I know many of the people who've helped see this world out, claiming the victory for Ben, I will be forever grateful for what you have done

Ryan <3


I'll hit you up on Skype, miss the old council chats to be honest. Even with how things ended up.
Social side of this game is more fun than the game itself for me.

Also another note about the initial comeback from Regime was that majority of Dest were very heavily reliant on the main core group fighting on the front. Which I am sure was Coco, Ald, Hodgy, Wallace, DVBBS, Vlad, Khelen. When you lose 3 members of a core group this is what I think was the initial downfall of the current roster due to these core players being the main hitters for Destiny. I have probably missed a account or two but I am pretty sure the above were there. Obviously Ben's death which hit everyone hard not just people inside Destiny myself included.

I know the guys from Ben posting special mentions to the guys who turned it around or were doing everything they could to limit the losses during the bad times. We can see that obviously they worked hard but want to give special thanks to some of the guys in Regime who equally worked just as hard.

Jen honestly gets bashed left and right like any leader would, when a tribe fails its normally down to poor leadership I honestly think she was amazing, the level of confidence she had during the bad times of our account and the amount of sits she had to juggle and still try to run a bleeding tribe when majority of leadership had gone on to better things. You win some you lose some.

Dennis and Hodgy want to thank you guys for sticking by me when I got kicked we were very close, with the same ideals of how the world should be won and worked closely alongside each other against Regime and continued it once we joined Regime. Core was super strong when we were active and I couldn't of asked much more of you guys when you both willingly knew leaving would mean complete removal.

Evil Op, Sam, Bronse, Flo damn you guys are good, loved working alongside you guys in the south and also loved warring you guys back in K64 was very enjoyable and class players. Sam was so good at entertaining the Skype chat :D

Cheesy honestly what a player you left the Bot account which was honestly demolishing very hard in the core. To mine and James' account constantly under immense pressure to help as much as you could. You worked your socks off. Even with poor internet your ability as a player is definitely up there.

James and same as Josiah you have been one of the best co's I've ever had, loyalty you had to me even when you didn't mind the merge as you wanted to get the world done. So glad you stuck with me, even if you don't like dodging I can't fault your play and commitment to our account. The hours you put in on your holidays damn... Why did I ever say no to you back on 77 :( what a idiot! <3

Special thanks to Josiah, Arabela, Hans, Lippa and anyone else that helped or did a stint in the Vlad account.
Also thanks to Mary, Kah, Jake, War, Hassan <3 and Rob even if you did report me... ;)
Was a bumpy road and shame about the end result but honestly was one of the most fun and war packed worlds I have ever had.
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