World Domination

Mr. Cringer Pants

I know this is way out of date but was a big fan of w80 and made lots of friends. Very happy to see a tribe called Ben win the world. <3 you all.

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greatest world of recent tw times. (within last 3-5 yrs).



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Came back to check out what happened, firstly congrats to the winners!

I came to play again to find my forums account deleted.. whoever did that sucks. Wheres the customer appreciation?

Also find my accounts password has been changed and TWsupport says it's not mine, they suck too. I still have the same email I registered with like 17 years ago, with screenshots of what email they had the account changed to..hello???

N whoever Albus Dumbledodge, you suck for stealing my account.

My trip back is really short this time o_O

Goodbye again!