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    In the recent years we have seen a trend where game developer makes more games that are multiplayer. More singleplayer games tend to have a multiplayer or a co-op option. The reason for this is that people like to play together, people enjoy playing a game for long periods of time because of good company and teamwork.

    This lead me to think about how you join worlds on tribalwars. you join solo! Most of the times you can choose northwest, northeast, southwest or southeast(Some worlds you cant unless they stopped with this). Even if you join lets say Northwest, its random where in the northwest you spawn. You could spawn 20 hours++ away from each other, and even if you have another try its not a 100% chance of you land near tribe.

    What if you can join a tribe before you enter the world? Then you can spawn closer to the tribe you prefer to be in.

    How I imagine it could work: One guy join, make a tribe and then he can invite players to join it. Players If they then choose to accept will spawn near members in the tribe.
    -You cant join random tribes, you have to be invited.
    -You can turn of/block this feature in login lobby so its not possible to invite you.
    -Players can enable/disable to recieve either email or app notification when they are invited.
    -Can't be invited if already spawned in the world.
    -If you don't choose to spawn in under a week, your acc is deleted/join as a solo account.

    Optional Pros/Cons:
    -You would be locked to said tribe for 30+ days.
    -You can't respawn again until after cooldown period.
    -There would be a limit to how far/close you spawn a tribemember; Could be random or player could choose how many tiles away: 5-8-15.
    -There is a limit to how many you can invite(10-20)
    -For every 4 or 9 members invited you have to take in a new player to mentor(add on the existing mentor program).
    -Premades can land inbetween each other. Wont detect or avoid spawning near other premades.


    Another idea is about recruit a friend feature.

    Instead of recruiting a new account/player you can choose to invite an existing player instead. Obviously by inviting an existing player to this spot you revoke your right to earn free premium when player grows above 500.


    I think both are good ideas that could help keep the game alive. It makes it easier for premades to join worlds, friends to play together, as well as helping new players being able to play with same people again. as for premades it wont change much from what already is happening on worlds today, it will just make it easier for people to play together.

    You have an opinion about these suggestions? or something you'd like to add? Post a reply and start a discussion!

    Edit: This feature exist to an extent, however several players I've talked to havent noticed or seen it. Those who has avoid it as it doesnt work very well. Maybe it just needs a rework.

    ~This post was worked on and brought to you by Zordos and bobertini
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    Inno provides you with a relocate item that can be used 48 hours on 1 speed after you join. You can chose to 'relocate' to someone who is on your friends list (i.e. a tribemate) and it randomly puts you within a 8-10 field radius. This is how my last few premades have gone about and its largely been successful and i plan to use it in the future for serious premades as well. Not sure who you are talking to or why its not working for them.

    The issue with your suggestion is that there are only limited number of ways that people can spawn unless they pre-register to spawn when the world starts. At the beginning the world opens up immediately and you can spawn anywhere in the 'core'. This is the only time that your idea could work as later on in the world the only direction they can spawn is on the rim edge itself or inwards from the rim.


    premade spawning.png

    Premade tribe yellow is in great shape and has a good well rounded cluster as they can spawn in all directions due to pre-registering. However premade tribe blue can only spawn on the rim or inwards. Obviously they cant be spawned by your premade system further out than the rest of the world. This will naturally spread them out on the rim or force them to be located directionally towards the core where due to the speed of world development these days there is a strong possibility they will end up next door to people who started 1-2 weeks before them. I mean you could say well okay thats the price they have to pay to start as a premade but then people just wont do it as there is no point in gimping your start-up for no reason.

    Im not really sure how this issue can be 'fixed' as its just the way the game works. But kudos for thinking of new ideas its good to have conversations to help improve the game
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