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Lord Haste

  • World 30 will open Wednesday December 17th, 2008.

Important: It is not possible to join both worlds 29 and 30. We will not delete accounts on one world to let you join the other, please choose carefully.

World 30 is the first English world with the new church.

Both worlds will be running at 1x speed, as we are still making sure all 5.0 settings work.

You will be able to choose your location on both worlds.

Further details on world specific settings will become available later this week.

We wish you all the best and hope you are successful as you continue to play our game.

Your Tribalwars Team

5.0 Change Log

New Church
The church is important for the belief of your army. The units of any village which are not in the range of a church, will be 50% weaker both in defense and offense. Players do not have to build a church in every village, since one smartly placed church covers enough area to boost the belief of all of the villages in its range. A church can be upgraded up to level 3, the higher the level, the larger the radius of influence.

There is an option to check the range of a church on the mini map by clicking on the checkbox "Show belief radius"(PA Feature). A list of all villages influenced by a given church can be found by entering the church. With a Premium Account you can see which villages are not in the range of a church in the Combined-overview, left to the column showing the population. The belief status of any given village is displayed on the right side of the graphical village overview, as well. Every player starts with a village which already has a church. This first church can not be upgraded, but it also covers a wider area then the regular level 1 church. Futhermore, the first church cannot be destroyed by catapults.

The first church in your starting village takes up 10 farm space, all churches after that follow the guidelines below. When you noble a village with a church in it, the church is destroyed.

Level 1:
Wood: 16000
Clay: 20000
Iron: 5000
Farm Space: 5000
Building time (with a world speed of 1): 2:43:33

Level 2:
Wood: 20160
Clay: 25600
Iron: 6300
Farm Space: 7750
Building time (with a world speed of 1): 3:16:15

Level 3:
Wood: 25402
Clay: 32768
Iron: 7938
Farm Space: 12013
Building time (with a world speed of 1): 3:55:30

All worlds will be updated with these following 5.0 within the next two weeks.

  • New graphical village overview:
    New graphics for buildings
    Randomly appearing villagers (Juggler, Guard, Men chatting)
    Workers next to producing buildings will stop working when no more storage capacity available
  • New in-game layout
  • New map style
  • Share tribal forums with other tribes
    At Tribe->Tribal forum->Administrate forum in the column "Access" you can add tribes to share a forum with.
    You can share as many forums as you want.
    Any shared forum will be displayed in the list of forums of each tribe you are sharing with.
    The tribes with which you are sharing a forum are also displayed in the header of each forum, so that the members of your tribe are able to see them.
  • Restart at the center of one's tribe! If a player's last village has been conquered and they rejoin the world, they have the option to start at the center of their tribe.
    This option only works if a player was not the only tribe member.
  • PA-Feature: Show date and status of last attack on map
    The date of the last attack and its result are displayed in the popup when hovering over a village on the map
  • PA-Feature: Show last 10 reports next to village details
    When clicking on a village on the map, a list with the last 10 reports of actions with the village as target will be displayed on the right side.
  • PA-Feature: Attacked villages marked with a symbol
    If you are attacking another village or your units are returning from an attack on it, a symbol will be displayed near that village.
  • Two new bonus villages
    1. Bigger storage
    2. Bigger market capacity.
  • Old bonus villages vastly improved (only new worlds)
    The bonuses have almost been doubled.
  • Paladin item-bonuses have been slightly boosted (only new worlds)
  • Paladin name and item used now shown in reports.

World 30 Settings:

Opening between 15:00 and 17:00 ST

Speed: 1x
Unit Speed: 1x
Morale is based on points and time.
Paladins are active WITH Items
Bonus Villages are active
Barbarians do grow up to 1500 Points.
Gold Coins + Simple Research
Tribe Limit: 60
Church is active

Beginner protection will last from world open until January 1st. You will only be able to attack barbarians, after the 1st it will revert back to 5 days.

New Bonus Items:
Paracelsus' Longsword:
Increases the offensive fighting power of your Swordsmen by 40% and their defensive fighting power by 30%.
Thorgard's Battle Axe:
Increases the offensive fighting power of your Axemen by 40% and their defensive fighting power by 30%.
Carol's morning star:
Increases the damage caused by rams by 100%. Additionally, the wall will be more damaged during the first phase
Aletheia's Bonfire:
Increases the damage by catapults by 100%. Additionally, the defence of catapults increases by 1000%.
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