World Tournament - The Competition


The time for a real competition has come. We will be pitting players in 1v1 battles in a double elimination bracket to see which player is the best player of the entries!

Some rules, before we start. These are very important related to how you vote:

1) Vote off what you think would happen in a 1v1.
2) Coplayers are included when you think about the winner.
3) Do not base anything off who has more firepower; assume both players start with same number of villages.
4) Assume that the two accounts have the same amount of online time per day, and timezones are the same.
5) Opinions not required when voting, but they are appreciated, so feel free to explain your point of view.

Can't think of more guidelines, so if you want to enter for round 1, you must say so below. I will post up the round 1 thread after we have 16 accounts and have this thread locked at that point. Only the first 16 who volunteer will be able to join, unless I judge we can get 32 and run it. You must post your account, former or current, on W65 that you wish to judge us by. Only one account.

All votes will be publicly made on the thread. One vote per person. If you use an alias I will know, and I will remove any further votes. I will not vote myself usually, but in the event of a tie I will be the tie-breaker, and will explain my reasoning if it comes to it.

Volunteers so far:

1. Tman93
2. flux0rx1
3. Killer Instinct.
4. sdcz6
5. Bunny Queen
6. Addicted to Love.
7. paolo83
8. fabregas4
9. kugyuuu
10. Azazel Aziz
11. Volvol123
12. Angacam
13. Drop350
14. AnotherOneBitesTheDust
15. Illuminati Puppet.
16. Drunk in the Morning
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Tman93. I wantz in on this. ^^

Edit: First one to post, therefore I should automatically win.


I'll only add players if they post here themselves or mail me in-game on Flameproof, unless we don't get to 16 or have an uneven number. Don't want to have players be entered and complaining to me because they didn't want to be but someone said so.


May as well throw Angacam in too, last world, might as well have a bit of laughs.


14 players so far. If we get 23 or more volunteers by this time tomorrow, I'll extend it to 32 players in the tournament and extend signups another day. If not, I will end the signing up with the first 16, and begin it immediately tomorrow.